Common Injuries from Truck Accidents

Driving on the high way at high speeds next to a huge cargo truck can be stressful, as they tend to take up more space that typical vehicles, and we intuitively understand that they can cause much more damage than small cars. If you have been involved in a an accident that involves a truck, click URL to learn more about hiring an attorney. Read more about common types of injuries that occur during truck accidents below.

1. Bone Fractures and Breaks

After being subjected to all kinds of pressure upon impact, many people involved in truck accidents suffer from bone fractures and breaks. Plenty of victims have had broken arms, legs, hands, feet, and ribs, and there are just a few examples of the types of bones that can be broken in an accident.

Breaks and fractures require expensive medical examinations, such as X-Rays and casts, and some require surgery or resetting. These medical procedures can end up costing you thousands of dollars, which is why you should enlist the help of an attorney to get compensation to cover these costs.

2. Spinal Injuries

Spinal injuries are among the most severe injuries a person can suffer, as the spine house major nerves that control the movements of our limbs. Many people become partially or fully paralyzed after suffering from spinal cord injuries, and this can greatly affect how you life your everyday life.

Spinal injuries also require extensive treatment to heal wounds, and many victims of spinal cord injuries have to undergo occupational or physical therapy for months or years.

3. Burns

Trucks often carry highly flammable materials, and your car is full of gas and oil that can also easily catch fire. Some victims recieve large and severe burns after being in an accident that can cover a tiny fraction of their body or burn nearly every square inch of a person’s skin.

Burns are horrific and painful, and they can require skin grafts and other surgeries that can quickly add up.

4. Internal Bleeding

Sometimes injuries aren’t immediately obvious after an accident, though they are still incredibly serious. Internal bleeding comes from inner wounds that bleed on the inside instead of outside. Internal bleeds can negatively affect the function of other organs, and you can end up suffering from major blood loss.

Even if you don’t see any visible injuries, it’s best to get medical attention if you suspect you may have internal bleeding.

5. Head Trauma

Another potentially invisible condition that can come from accidents is head trauma. Head trauma can cause temporary or permanent damage to the brain, affecting sight, speech, and other motor functions. Some people who suffer from head trauma may also experience memory loss or changes in personality.

Head trauma is incredibly serious and requires swift medical attention.

The Bottom Line

Nobody anticipates being in a truck accident and suffering from these injuries, but it’s important to be aware of some of the negative physical affects a person can suffer from after an accident.

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