3 Fields of Law To Consider for Law Students

When many people think about a law career, they picture someone in an expensive suit firing questions at witnesses in a courtroom. However, one of the perks of pursuing a law career is that there are many different areas of the law to pursue. These are three of the many options you can consider.

1. Criminal Law

Criminal law Jacksonville NC is the field of law you often see featured in popular television shows and movies. Criminal law focuses on determining whether violations of the criminal code have been committed and prescribing appropriate punishments for offenders. Attornies who work in this field primarily serve as either prosecutors, who seek to prove that the accused committed the crimes they have been accused of and defense attorneys, whose job is to provide a defense for the accused. However, some attornies in this field may also do work that involves research or other tasks.

2. Environmental Law

Environmental law involves the treaties, statutes and regulations that affect the environment. Attornies practicing in this area may work on behalf of government agencies, individuals or advocacy organizations. Cases in this field often involve natural resources, land use disputes, pollution and public health issues.

3. Immigration Law

Immigration attornies assist people who are attempting to become naturalized citizens. They may also provide services to asylum seekers, refugees and undocumented immigrants. Because immigration policies often shift dramatically based on which political groups are in power, immigration attornies must be prepared to stay on top of shifting political landscapes and changing immigration laws. In addition to knowledge of the law, it can also be helpful for people seeking a career in immigration law to be fluent in multiple languages.

The legal profession is extremely diverse. These are just a few of the many law fields you could choose to pursue.

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