Congrats Colorado! 100 Million Jobs On The Way!

That’s apparently what Sen. Charles Grassley of Iowa thinks the state of Georgia is set to lose after Major League Baseball relocated the All-Star Game from Atlanta to Denver’s Coors Field earlier this month:

Which sounds downright calamitous until you remember that Georgia has a population just north of 10.6 million, meaning it would be physically impossible for Georgia to “lose 100 million jobs” unless every man, woman and child in the state was working, you know, ten jobs. In that case it seems like we’d be doing them a favor.

As for Colorado, population 5.75 million? No summer vacation for you, obviously! You’ll be taking on dozens of jobs apiece in addition to what you’re doing now. Those peanuts and Cracker Jack aren’t going to hawk themselves.

We couldn’t make the jokes if a United States Senator hadn’t said it, folks.

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  1. MichaelBowman says:

    Grandpa Chuck The poster child geriatric for term limits is really owning the libs! (he’s been in elected office since the year I was born).  

    From his communications director (today): 

    “I need a senator willing to wake up before dawn, own libs, cook ribs, work all day, own more libs then go back to Iowa to visit all 99 counties.”

    So God made a Grassley.

  2. Gilpin Guy says:

    What he probably meant was the Georgia economy is going to lose a $100,000,000.00 which is about what Colorado is forecasting to reap the benefit of which just goes to show that voter suppression is a loser.

  3. skeptical citizen says:

    There is an ass in grASSley, just as there is evil in nEVIlle

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