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March 31, 2021 06:42 AM UTC

Wednesday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“Everything’s got a moral, if only you can find it.”

–Lewis Carroll


20 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Thread

  1. On Cesar Chavez’ birthday, we should celebrate the man who brought union organizing to farmworkers, the people who feed us, although they were and are mistreated and marginalized. 

    He also showed us the power of the consumer boycott, which we are about to use again to press for voting rights in Georgia.

    We cannot seek achievement for ourselves and forget about progress and prosperity for our community… Our ambitions must be broad enough to include the aspirations and needs of others, for their sakes and for our own. – Cesar Chavez

    And, at the end of International Women’s History Month, we can celebrate Chavez’ comadre,

    Dolores Huerta, who at the age of 91 still works tirelessly for social justice.

    Every moment is an organizing opportunity, every person a potential activist, every minute a chance to change the world.
    Dolores Huerta

    Thanks to those who helped to change the usual Daily Quotes quota of 90% dead white guys to 33% women and people of color for Women’s History Month. We now return you to your usual programming of davebarnes’ early morning choices.

    1. Delores is an amazing soul. She’s gotten very interested in hemp and how it can create jobs. She’s been an inspiration to the inner-city kids at Los Angeles Trade and Technical College where they’ve started a hemp track in their curricula. I spent an afternoon with her there not long ago, an experience I won’t soon forget.  

  2. This is what years of Republican governance of the state has brought us…oh, wait, who will Hick and Jared find to blame for this?

    Colorado air pollution control managers ordered staff to falsify data and approve permits “at all costs,” whistleblowers say

    The whistleblowers say the alleged halt to modeling required by the federal Clean Air Act is part of a yearslong pattern of unlawful state actions, all of which increased health-damaging nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide pollution in Colorado. Loose permitting also pushed the state deeper into “non-attainment” of U.S. air standards that will result in new industrial and driving sanctions, the state employees claim. 

    The alleged policy change by Air Pollution Control Division leaders is “the latest and most concrete instance of a pattern of unlawful conduct which is directly responsible for Colorado’s precipitous decline in air quality in the last decade,” according to the employee complaint, filed Tuesday with the EPA’s Office of Inspector General in Washington, D.C. 

    The complaint includes a sample list of “unlawfully issued permits” to Colorado industrial operations that range from asphalt plants, to coal mines, to oil drilling pads, to meatpackers, to a gold mine. The complaint goes further to say that not only were they blocked from modeling in permitting a gold mine, but one of the state modeling specialists was “ordered to falsify data” to avoid the model predicting a violation.

    1. Why do you think Hick, Polis, Bennet, and any other Democrat elected will react badly to federal workers going to the federal inspector general, to say the Trump-era federal bosses interfered with federal standards?  Are you going to suggest they favored such subversion? 

        1. My apologies … needed to read more deeply. The reference to a complaint filed with the Inspector General of the US EPA through me off. 

          Troubling that state employees either do not have access to a state complaint process or do not trust that process. 

    1. There are at least a dozen blatant lies and distortions on the “About” page. 
      I couldn’t find the “Donate” button, but that will appear soon, no doubt. The grift must go on.

      I’d love to know the backstory on the “Rainbow Paratroopers Greet Commander Bone Spurs” photo gracing that page.

      Update: So it was apparently taken at the commissioning ceremony of the ship “Gerald R Ford” on 3/2/17. Still doesnt explain *rump’s fake Navy jacket or the rainbow jackets.

          1. The round patch is the ship's insignia, all ships have them, like squadron patches. The other patch reminds rump he is CinC. Jacket was a presentation I'm sure. A VIPs get one on a formal visit.

  3. So I haven't seen anything on the status of the Recall Polis effort to I went in and discovered that it's now a Recall Polis Redux. It's been updated now to Recall Polis 2021. Apparently they're starting all over again because the courts have "stonewalled" the extension efforts. They're re-gearing their efforts because they have a new improved plan that can best be summed up as flimflamfutsyargabagathistimeitwill work. This plan will convince all true Patriots to sign the petition and they'll rid this once great state of the liberal marxist gay governor.  They're blaming the failure on all the Polis minions who infiltrated  their noble effort with their disinformation and of course Polis's draconian anti american lockdown covid restrictions that were in place about 4 months before they even started collecting signatures.  They're not tolerating dissent very well and booting anyone who questions their efforts. It's a fun read if you can tolerate a whole lot of gas lighting but make sure you can take a hot shower after you go there. 

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