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March 16, 2021 12:28 pm

Boebert: "You Can’t Petition Your Government, You’re An Insurrectionist If You Do"

  • by: Erik Maulbetsch

(Yikes – Promoted by Colorado Pols)

At a Republican party meeting in Montrose last night, Congresswoman Lauren Boebert appeared to defend those who stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, saying, “We already see in Washington, D.C., you can’t petition your government, you’re an insurrectionist if you do that.”

Boebert’s jaw-dropping statement came towards the end of a longwinded diatribe on “cancel culture,” which began with a Biblical analogy about the persecution of the Hebrews before comparing them to modern-day Democrats she claims want to cancel both Christianity and the Bill of Rights.

“So what amendment is next?” Boebert asked rhetorically. “We already see in Washington, D.C., you can’t petition your government, you’re an insurrectionist if you do that!

The office that I sit in, in the Longworth Building in our nation’s capital isn’t my office. That’s your office. You pay for that office and Nancy Pelosi won’t let you come and petition your government. Speak to me in your office, how disgraceful is that?”

Boebert’s office did not immediately respond to an email request for comment. This article will be updated with any response received.

UPDATE: Following publication, Boebert’s Communications Director Ben Stout issued the following statement:

“Rep. Boebert’s remarks were not referencing the events of January 6th, which Rep. Boebert has repeatedly condemned (see her tweet where she said, “I support…the rule of law, and denounce all acts of violence.”)

Her remarks last night were criticizing the fact that Americans are not allowed to meet with their elected representatives since the Capitol is still surrounded by razor wire. The U.S. Capitol Police (USCP) informed the Sergeant at Arms (SAA) on March 15th that ‘there does not exist a known, credible threat against Congress or the Capitol Complex that warrants the temporary security fencing.’”

Boebert’s mention of her office and Speaker Nancy Pelosi was in reference to the ongoing security measures in place around the Capitol complex, due to the threats posed by extremists who believe the conspiracy theory that the election was stolen from former President Trump. The National Guard troops currently stationed in D.C. are there at the request of the U. S. Capitol Police, the law enforcement agency responsible for security at the Complex. The request to extend the deployment follows the discovery of a plot by “Three Percenter” extremist militia members to attack the Capitol.

Stout also noted that the above plot was intended to take place on Mar. 4, and that yesterday’s letter from the USCP indicates there is no longer an immediate threat against Comgress.

During Boebert’s campaign, she not only expressed her support of the far-right militia movement, but coordinated with them locally, requesting and receiving “security help” from militia members at campaign events.

Following the storming of the Capitol on Jan. 6, during which the Congresswoman and her mother were both inside the complex, Boebert faced considerable criticism for live-tweeting the location of House members, including Speaker Pelosi, while armed insurrectionists marauded through the halls of Congress.

Federal law enforcement continues to investigate cell phone records showing communication between insurrectionists and some elected officials inside the Capitol on Jan. 6. Presumably because of her tweets, Boebert is one of a handful of Republican lawmakers whose names are linked to the investigation, but she has denied any involvement in the attack.

U.S. Rep Lauren Boebert addresses Montrose Republicans, March 15, 2020

Video of her entire speech to the Montrose Republican Party was posted to Facebook by the Montrose Daily Press. The event was hosted by the Turn of the Century Saloon in Montrose and attended by a near-capacity and almost entirely unmasked crowd.

The Boebert campaign circulated an announcement of the event to local Republican groups, but then asked them not to share it on social media “for security purposes.”


16 thoughts on “Boebert: “You Can’t Petition Your Government, You’re An Insurrectionist If You Do”

  1. “I support the rule of law and denounce all acts of violence.”

    These are words used by every tin-pot dictator and fascist strong man everywhere.

    Meaningless words…A Boebert specialty.

  2. She’s going to keep going to bat for the insurgents until the bitter end. She wakes up every day wishing that their coup had been successful and hoping that their next attempt will be. Until she is held responsible for her ties to white supremacist militias and investigated for her actions related to the insurrection, she will just keep speaking up for them.

    She said it herself: “I am the militia.”

  3. A friend sent me the Montrose Daily Press video, but I cut it off when she started in about “God's plan for our country…especially western Colorado.''

    The strong stomach I'd developed in years as a reporter either isn't as tough any more or the bullshit has gotten too deep.


    1. Summary of Boebert’s speech, 3/15/21

      Everything I do is to benefit you and because God told me to do it. Everything Democrats do is bullcrap. There are other Republicans in DC that God likes, too.

      The bills Democrats pass are disgusting.

      Equality Act is unnecessary b/c “all men are created equal” under the law. Call me “Congressman Boebert”. Equality Act will end girl’s sports in America. They’ll all get their skulls broken like MMA fighter Fallon Fox’s opponents (UNTRUE) Equality Act will “replace Mom and Dad with bureaucrats”. Refusing to inject your child with hormone blockers will expose you to charges of child abuse. (UNTRUE – the bill prohibits discrimination in employment, housing, and public accommodations based on sexual orientation and gender identity. )

      1.9 trillion Covid ARP bill.

      Is for Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, their friends on K street and Wall st. Less than 9% goes to anything Covid health related. (FALSE) They passed it through reconciliation. Budget committee (she’s on it, why?) didn’t touch it. Implies she’s on budget committee as God’s agent to “touch everything” and spread prosperity. Creepy.

      Senator Bennet has an election coming up. Tell him you don’t want the Equality Act. Tell him “Hell NO” to HR1.

      HR1 “For the People” Act. Takes away state’s rights, gives it to Feds. It’s a DC takeover of our election. Your tax dollars would be funding politician’s campaigns (it reinstates old public matching funds check-off on IRS forms for Federal elections only)

      She invokes hated female Democrats (Nancy Pelosi, AOC. It’s like “Don’t hate me because I’m female – hate them more.”)

      LB is in Freedom Caucus. She saw the US Mexico border in Arizona. Trump built 100s of miles of wall. (Well, 452 miles.). If we allow unaccompanied minors in who are being harassed and trafficked in Mexico, than we’ll inevitably enslave and traffick them here. No mention of the baby jails under Trump.

      Trump loved you and wanted to protect you. US Capitol surrounded by miles of wall with razor wire. National Guardsmen in her office crying. “This is not what I signed up for”. (investigate – true story? doubtful) Defund police, then shred 2nd amendment. 1st amendment is being shredded by “cancel culture”. “I refuse to bow to the cancel mob”.

      Boebert preached: Bunch of biblical citations showing that God doesn’t like “cancel culture”. Democrats want to cancel Christianity, Jesus, God.

      Boebert on the Constitution

      The insurrectionist/ petition government “ quote detailed in this diary.”Petitioning” government usually involves a petition, not guns, beating up police, erecting a gallows, looting the Capitol. Unsurprisingly, Boebert doesn’t address that.

      4th amendment Members of Congress illegally searched and seized before they enter Congress. (metal detectors)

      She claims 19th amendment and female suffrage is next to be “canceled”.

      Then we’ll start quartering soldiers. Watch out!

      There are many procedural slowdowns we can do. She will object.

      Paean to her staff: Clarice Navarro oversees 29 counties in CD3. Really?

      End of video

      1. Sweet White Prosperity Geebuz.

        The greatest of all #cancelculture achievements has been the transformation of brown Jesus who healed the sick, fed the hungry, clothed the naked and told the rich to give away all of their positions into a gun totin’, *ussy-grabbin, scorch-the-Earth-to-get-rich, homophobic, bigoted, racist white man.

  4. G.E.D. practice math quiz:

    True or False — “self-declared” = “well-regulated”?

    (Hint: If you cannot guess the correct answer after three or more attempts, a mis-translation of this question is available from Ben Stout.)

      1. Thank you – you are right.

        But every citizen and worker who is represented by someone who will have town halls should be showing up and asking. Over and over and over.

        If the electorate is willing to have them blow up, that is one thing. But when the electorate just is not aware, that is another thing. 


  5. “Ummm?, . . .

    . . . (oh yeah!, now I remember,) . . .

    . . . We have a very important, ummm, “petition delivery”? — that’s it — Petition delivery for Rep. Pew-Pew!!!?”

  6. It seems obvious to me this message has a clear purpose. It is an effort to redefine the words “petition” and “insurrection”. And, hopefully, thereby muddy the clear distinction between the two. Does it make sense? No.

    But this is Calamity Jane Boebert we’re talking about here. Rules do not apply to a holy warrior on a mission from God. Sense is overruled by divine inspiration. That which is fantasy becomes reality.

    The woman who represents us in congress is insane.

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