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March 22, 2011 7:21 am MST

You Couldn't Make This Stuff Up - At Least She's Not Your...whatever she is.

  • by: MADCO

Radiation is good for you.

Oh, wait – yes you could

Radiation is not good for you.

Arsenic is not good for you.

Mercury is not good for you.

What’s in fracking fluid anyway?


25 thoughts on “You Couldn’t Make This Stuff Up – At Least She’s Not Your…whatever she is.

  1. Since we finally have someone with sense, send her over to manage the clean up locally. She’ll go in with a hardhat and a clipboard!

    After that she could counsel Chernobyl thyroid cancer patients and then show us how the town can be thriving again.

    Completely serious now: What was the point of her being interviewed on this? It’s not a political pressure situation. Dunno, maybe the way Billy got to squeeze in how “the establishment” doesn’t know what they’re talking about… It’s almost like a legitimate news show. Almost. Only without news or legitimacy.

    1. If one squints she could be just a tiny bit right. There is this thing called the “radiation paradox” where people living in areas with slightly elevated levels of background radiation (like Colorado) are actually healthier than people living in areas with less background radiation. The thing is that this is far, far, far, far lower than what one would be exposed to standing next to the damaged power plant. And different than ingesting radioactive iodine. And it might turn out to be a statistical mirage since it has not been as thoroughly studied as one could hope before putting ones life on the line.

  2. We do treat cancer with radiation…so radiation isn’t all bad (and the medical community is well aware of this). Other non-scientific claims (radon caves have a following as having therapeutic value) should be eyed warily for spurious claims.

  3. Seriously, Ann Coulter is the Atari/Kaypro/Parachute Pants/Banana Seat With Sissy Bar of the Conservative Movement — the game has passed her by. She’s doing whatever she can to be noticed, and she’s failing.

  4. This means that smoking is good for you as well!  Smoking can lead to various kinds of cancer, which will lead to increased doses of radiation through treatment methods.

    Aaaaand, if I live in an apartment or home with higher than normal levels of radiation and smoke there, according to Ann, I’m good.

    This woman is a life saver! I’m so grateful for her insights.

  5. is not what’s surprising here.  I mean, we’re talking about Ann Coulter. The fact that she cites (multiple times) the New York Times, that MSM commie rag, as a credible scource?  That’s downright shocking!  What’s the Wacko Limbaugh/ Beck/Tea Party Right to make of that?!?

    1. You don’t say the New York Times is generally wrong, you say it’s biased against you.  That way, you can cite it and it gets extra credibility (even that biased paper…)  but if other people cite it, it doesn’t mean anything (of course they’d say that…).

      Getting the general population to believe the entirety of mainstream media is “biased” was a stroke of genius.

      1. Still think the hatred of the NYT in particular is so visceral among the Tea Party set and the general feeling that radiation is bad for you so well accepted by the public that this may be an instance of creating a WTF moment on the wacko right.  

        Even O’Really seems to be struggling lately with how far some of the wacko faves are going as he tries to continue to appear as some semblance of a serious journalist. Claiming fears of certain amounts of radiation are overblown by hippy anti-nuke peaceniks is one thing but he was definitely thrown by Coulter’s embrace of radiation as great stuff.  

        Beck and Fox are now reportedly set to part ways  I think the Becks, Coulters, etc. may be fracturing the wacko right because their constant quest to go even more extreme has brought them to a point where they are so far right it isn’t even recognizably right  sometimes anymore and is causing serious WTF talking point confusion.  

  6. But it fits in with the concerted effort the nuclear power industry is putting forward right now because, as we know, the growing nuclear disaster in Japan ain’t good for their industry.  She’s probably on the payroll of one of the industry groups – just doin’ her job.

    She should have testified with the supporters last week in Pueblo.  Probably not enough money to get her there.  

  7. Radon levels untested in some schools

    Written by Rebecca Jones

    Mar 22nd, 2011. | Copyright В©

    As many as half the schools in Colorado may be out of compliance with a 1991 state law that required them to test radon levels in their buildings and keep documentation of those tests on file.

    Fortunately for the staff and students in these schools, radoniation  is good for you.

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