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February 02, 2021 11:26 am MST

Boebert: I Don't Follow QAnon But Absolutely Believe the Deep State Is on the Prowl

  • by: Jason Salzman

(Crypto-Q! – Promoted by Colorado Pols)

Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (R-CO) is still trying to stop people from thinking she’s a crazy conspiracist.

She’s “not a follower of QAnon,” she insisted Friday, but “there’s absolutely a deep state.”

Does that make you feel better about her?

Probably not, but her assertion is useful because it shows how far around the bend Boebert has spun herself.

She literally followed multiple QAnon channels on YouTube until she won the GOP primary in her campaign for Congress. Then she deleted her YouTube account.

So the QAnon part isn’t true.

As for the deep state part, who’s gonna feel more comfortable with Boebert because she “absolutely” believes in the deep state?

And she says it all the time, which is disturbing when it’s a conspiracy theory she’s repeating.

In multiple interviews, Boebert refers to “more than a thousand pages” relating to government workers who are “actively seeking to undermine” the president. (I could never figure out what she’s talking about, but presumably, these government workers are now resting peacefully with Biden in charge.)

The final blow to Boebert’s campaign to convince us she’s not a crazy conspiracist comes when you hear more of what she has to say on the conspiracy-theory topic.

Here’s the latest, from Friday’s Steffan Tubbs show on KNUS radio in Denver.

Boebert: I have been on the record multiple times saying I’m not a follower of [QAnon]. Gosh, I haven’t even wanted to engage with it since, you know, all of this started. I had a conversation with my mom, and she was kind of telling me about this deep state that was taking place. And I said, Mom, this is real. We have the I.G. and the A.G. who have more than a thousand pages of investigative work with people working in the government who are actively seeking to undermine our chief executive. And these are the things that she was bringing up. And she put it in the light of Q and I was like, no, there’s absolutely a deep state and this is what’s going on. Look at the investigative work the IG and the AG have put forth. So that conversation got out, and I was labeled a Qanon follower. But you know what? This is a page straight out of DCCC playbook. They have done this with every single member. I’m here with the chairman of the Freedom Caucus, Andy Biggs, the most solid guy in Congress, and he’s being labeled a Qanon follower. It’s boring, it’s old. It’s all they got. And so they’re trying to run with it to try to make us seem radical or whatever they want to say. But I don’t know; I’m over it. It doesn’t matter how many times you set the record straight. They’re still going to run with it. They’ll twist it however they want. So let them have at it.

Often, I’ll read something twice to try to understand it better, but in this case, more reading leads to more confusion.


9 thoughts on “Boebert: I Don’t Follow QAnon But Absolutely Believe the Deep State Is on the Prowl

  1. C’mon, Jason, . . .

    “Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t!”

    . . . Rep. Boebert’s simply ammoQdexterius — what more do you need to “understand”?

    Consistency is the hobgoblin of consistent thinkers.

  2. I'm not certain what is the most extreme statement among the word spew from Boebert, but this one caught my eye:  "I’m here with the chairman of the Freedom Caucus, Andy Biggs, the most solid guy in Congress,"

    How solid? 

    The siblings of Republican Rep. Andy Biggs wrote in a letter to his hometown newspaper that Biggs is “at least partially to blame” for the violent riot at the U.S. Capitol this month and should be removed from office, The Arizona Republic reported Thursday.

    Biggs is one of former President Donald Trump’s strongest defenders in Congress and was among dozens of Republicans who challenged the certification of electoral votes from Arizona and Pennsylvania on Jan. 6.

    The organizer of the pro-Trump rally that turned violent that day has said Biggs and two other Republican lawmakers helped him plan the event — a claim that has been denied by a spokesman for Biggs.

  3. All good liars use a seed of truth at the core. Trump and Boebert both use this trick. There is a deep state in this country, and it is not a recent development.

    If you read some good history of the 1960’s, there was clearly a deep state at that time. One example is that a lawyer named Pepper wrote a book called “The Plot to Kill King” that is fascinating reading. He knows the case because he was the lawyer for the King family when they convinced a jury and won, repeat won, a wrongful death civil trial that there was a conspiracy and James Earl Ray was a patsy. Fascinating book. And unlike modern Q-theories, it is not evidence-free. It is evidence that convinced a jury.

    Or, read about how the FBI worked to discredit Dr. King. The democratically elected leaders were supporting King and the civil rights movement, while the FBI was working behind the scenes to try to blackmail and intimidate King into silence. That’s well known and documented. And neither of the official stories about the assassinations of the Kennedys, both of which changed the course of this nation, neither of those stories passes the smell test.

    Lots more besides that. The deep state was alive and well and strong in the 1960’s, and there is no reason to suppose that it has gotten any weaker since 9/11 and when Cheney and the Republicans ‘took the gloves off’.

    All good liars use seeds of truth at the core.

    1. Sorry, Lurker, but the King Konspiracy theory is sheep dip.

      I can't link on the Fire tablet but google King Wrongful Death and you can read the Justice Department report on those theories.  The civil verdict that so impressed you was for $100!

      James Earl Ray killed Martin Luther King.  Lee Harvey Oswald killed John F. Kennedy.  Period.

      Otoh, the FBI harassment of King, under the orders of Jedgar Hoover, is well documented.

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