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January 31, 2021 11:09 am MST

World's Smallest Violin Plays For Scott Gessler

  • by: Colorado Pols

We regret to inform readers that the rampaging scourge of “cancel culture” has struck home this weekend in Colorado politics. Word of this sad development comes to us via former GOP Secretary of State Scott “Honey Badger” Gessler, who is running to be the next chairman of the Colorado Republican Party and reports via Facebook that he himself is the victim of this crime:

So yesterday I got cancelled!

Jaws agape with faux indignation, we read on:

MailChimp refused to send out my email for the Colorado GOP chairman’s race, because it talked about election integrity. [Pols emphasis] We need to fight back against this outrageous, anti-speech control. How? First, NEVER use MailChimp for your email services…

You guessed it, folks! Scott Gessler ran afoul of commercial email provider MailChimp’s policy, which they are of course perfectly entitled to, against letting their private platform be utilized to spread seditious bullshit about the 2020 elections. Now, for those of us who know Gessler from his years-long campaign claiming without evidence that “tens of thousands” of people voted illegally in Colorado elections in the early 2010s, which ended in such embarrassing failure that it helped sink Gessler’s primary bid for governor in 2014 as even most fellow Republicans considered him toxic, this comes as no surprise.

Former Secretary of State Scott Gessler.

But because we are eminently fair in this space, here’s an excerpt from the missive that failed to pass MailChimp’s muster:

Dear Fellow Republican,

We must recognize that serious election fraud took place. While working as the election expert for the Trump campaign’s post-election lawsuit in Nevada, I reviewed affidavits from people who witnessed vote-buying, illegal voter registration, and shoddy signature review. It was outrageous! As the election expert for the Trump campaign’s Pennsylvania lawsuit, I analyzed procedures that openly invited voter fraud. And hundreds of witnesses in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and other states filled out sworn statements documenting voter fraud.

But there was almost no time to investigate after the election, and nearly every court dismissed the election lawsuits without looking at the evidence. If a special counsel could spend over $20 million and 18 months investigating the Russia Collusion Hoax, why can’t we meaningfully investigate election fraud? I believe that a full and complete investigation will prove widespread election fraud. And maybe even show that President Trump rightfully won the election! [Pols emphasis]

We’re fair, but the disclaimer definitely applies:

And, well, yes, after reading these two paragraphs of Rudy Giuliani hair dye dribble we do have a good sense of why MailChimp declined to allow their private commercial platform to be used to send it to thousands of Republicans in Colorado! Scott Gessler, whose bogus crusade against non-existent illegal voters flatlined his political career six years ago, is fully back in 2021 as a Donald Trump “dead-ender,” on the lam like other Trump legal luminaries Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, and yes, Colorado’s own Jenna Ellis from the big bad censorious world of facts and evidence and critical thinking.

Where Rep. Ken Buck tried to back Colorado Republicans away from Trump’s toxic election disinformation, Scott Gessler–and for that matter his principal opponent in the race for Colorado GOP chair–are in full embrace of Trump’s “Big Lie.” For Gessler, it’s the continuation, or more accurately a resurrection, of a decade-long campaign to pretend Republican electoral defeats are illegitimate. This is, among other things, very bad for Republicans who would like to reckon honestly with their problems.

We’re sorry to say, MailChimp can’t stop Gessler from becoming the next chairman of the Colorado GOP.


11 thoughts on “World’s Smallest Violin Plays For Scott Gessler

  1. There was no evidence to look at that would have changed the outcome of the election.  The anecdotal evidence he highlights were a joke and the lawsuits by state AG's were dismissed because one state can't tell another state how to run an election.  Any good lawyer would understand that.  Badger boy must be on hard times running for state chair of a party that is floundering to define what it is that they stand for besides grievances.

  2. Amazing there are "hundreds" of sworn statements … and NONE of them were accepted by a court — including several with federal judges appointed by Trump.  When asked directly about "fraud," the *resident's attorneys appeared to bend over backwards to avoid saying there was fraud. 

    So, we have the *resident's appointee saying this was the most secure election ever; several federal law enforcement officials and a former attorney general agreed.  State election officials and governors signed off on their state's tally — I've not heard a single one claiming significant problems.

    Seems to me that if "there was almost no time to investigate after the election," there is plenty of time now — only thing missing would be making a difference in the outcome of the election.  There still would be cause to prosecute those who committed the fraud.  Republicans have majority control of several state legislatures … they could allocate funds for investigation if they wish (last time I checked, STATES were responsible for the conduct of elections outside some federal standards, and Gessler isn't complaining about any of the federal standards). Trump raised lots of money for legal efforts about the election — so money ought not be a barrier.  Rudy Giuliani doesn't seem to have other pressing appointments and there are several former White House staffers who do not have jobs lined up. Heck, Gessler could abandon his effort to be a state chair and take the lead in pursuing all of the problems in the election.

    1. It was quite amusing at times to watch the differences between what they said in press conferences and what they said in court. Because judges and bar associations take a very dim view of presenting blatant falsehoods to a court. Thus, most of these attorneys were a lot more circumspect when before a judge and didn’t want to repeat the outright lies for which they had no real evidence which had filled their pressers.

      From there of course, the Faux News Big Lie Machine then spins this to ‘never able to be presented to a judge’. The Big Lie Machine always has another Big Lie ready when the last Big Lie falls flat on its face. We’ve seen this story before, in Europe 90 years ago.

      1. Has anyone seen Gessler's sworn testimony in court? He's a slick one; won't jeopardize his law license by swearing falsely. He's a high-powered corporate lawyer, and knows better.

        Of course, making ridiculous statements on fund-raising appeals is completely OK in his mind.

        I'm fine with honest, peer-reviewed election fraud investigations; they always seem to find Republicans committing the fraud.

  3. Sorry Scottie, nice try — really — but I’m sure your feeble attempts at crazy-lite aren’t gonna’ impress or win any fans among today’s Colorado QOP activists . . .

    . . . IMO your only hope is to out-Q Q-bie’s nutty favorite — might wanna’ brush up on your space-aliens and solar-powered lasers, and maybe pick up some dead animal horns and skins? How ’bout some biker tats? Run with that honey badger what brung ya’ . . .

    . . . and don’t forget to shake your QOPer booty! WWKGD?!!*

    (*Kimberly Guilfoyle)

  4. Republicans are of course against government regulation of private business. They are typically aghast at courts stepping to tell business owners what they can and can not do.

    So, it is of course quite entertaining to watch these same Republicans now insist that private business after private business must be highly regulated to make sure every right-winger gets to say anything they want, without any standards of proof, and that essentially every action by these businesses needs to be reviewed on First Amendment Issues.

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