Boebert Town Hall Scheduled, Cancelled Before You Even Knew

UPDATE #2: The Montrose Press reports:

Boebert, R-Colorado, had apparently been scheduled for an event here, word of which began circulating online Friday evening. But by Saturday, the event had been canceled and the host site, Circle 3 Cowboy Fellowship, reported receiving a phone threat before the cancelation.

“The congresswoman was planning on stopping by a small private event,” Ben Stout, communications director for U.S. Congresswoman Lauren Boebert, said in a provided statement.

“This was not an official town hall organized by her office. It became clear that there was not adequate security for the number of people that were planning to attend the event. The congresswoman looks forward to meeting with members of the community in the future.”


UPDATE: Shannon Watts of Everytown for Gun Safety makes a couple of irrefutable points, and thanks for the link:


Late yesterday, the Montrose Mirror posted this announcement from Rep. Lauren Boebert of a town hall meeting set for today with basically no notice:

But this morning, the word is that Boebert’s first-ever town hall as a sworn-in member of Congress, which would have been a big news event after Boebert’s historically chaotic first few weeks in office, has been cancelled due to an unspecified security threat:

Now you know as much as we do, folks, but we’ll update as more information becomes available. We certainly do not condone threats against any elected official, and in this moment perhaps it’s even okay to take a measure of comfort in Boebert’s robust security.

Stay tuned–if you miss twelve hours, apparently you miss a lot.

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  1. Genghis says:

    Can't get past "Circle 3 Cowboy Church." Say what you will about the "my invisible magic sky daddy can beat up your invisible magic sky daddy" crowd, but they're certainly adept at bringing the unintentional lulz.

  2. unnamed says:

    That just makes the nature of her cyberbullying of David Hogg look even more pathetic.

  3. 2Jung2Die says:

    Why couldn't LOB and Marjorie Traitor Greene just handle security themselves?

    • notaskinnycook says:

      Maybe Two-gun Tootsie was afraid of being outgunned.

      • kwtree says:

        I expect that the “threat” consisted of inquiries from reporters,  and opposing groups and individuals. 

        I did find a cute article on what to expect from the service at the Circle 3 Cowboy Church. 

        Following Charlie’s whinny of adoration for “The Old Rugged Cross,” Pastor Rick Williams said, “That’s a hard act to follow. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a horse praising God. Well, bless her heart!” The pastor, who works for Telluride Express, uses his drive time to spend time with the Lord. The pastor opened with prayer, which was punctuated with a whinny. The pastor said, “I got an amen out of her!”

        And a Google map search shows a barn, a corral, and outbuildings, as described.

        It does put the Four Seasons Landscaping parking lot press conference in perspective. Maybe they had the same advance team. 

  4. MichaelBowman says:

    She should have phoned up her opponent for the 2022 cycle if she needed some enhanced security this afternoon. (I don't think you'd want to mess with anyone who would take on Erik Prince).

  5. JohnInDenver says:

    Wait … Boebert needs a "security team" ????????????

    And looking at the venue … 2 hours ago, a pastor's post said

    Congresswoman Boebert"s congressional office has postponed the town hall meeting scheduled for today. There is no event at Circle Three today.

  6. MichaelBowman says:

    Maybe she got wind MTG got a call from der Führer this morning and she couldn't risk being tied up with constituents in case the Monarch of Mar-a-Lago is drunk dialing after lunch? 

    • unnamed says:

      81 million AMERICANS are not loyal to him, because they hate him for being a wannabe dictator.   I'd say she's high on her own supply, but that makes me think if she actually had a supply she uses, it might actually improve her demeanor from where it is.

      • MichaelBowman says:

        MTG now has the full support of Trump – which may put her on the pathway to the Republican candidate v. Warnock in 2022.   Poll numbers from the University of Georgia show GA Republicans are slipping into a precarious position: 

        AJC poll: Republicans in dicey political territory in Georgia

        Adding to the Republican struggles, a narrow majority of Georgians backs the Democratic-led effort to convict Trump on impeachment charges of inciting a violent mob to invade the U.S. Capitol — a stark contrast from the lopsided opposition to impeachment in an AJC poll the last time he faced a Senate trial in 2020.


  7. JohnInDenver says:

    Diagnosis of the current situation by Lucian Truscott IV at Salon:

    Republicans are no longer a political party. They’re a mob.

    The Republicans in the House and the Senate knew who put them in their seats, and they knew if they wanted to stay there, they had better do what was expected of them and vote the way the mob wanted them to vote. That's why almost immediately after the Capitol was cleared of insurrectionists, both houses of Congress reconvened and seven Republican senators and 138 Republican members of the House voted, in effect, to overturn the election of Joe Biden and hand it to Donald Trump. 

    They couldn't vote against the will of the mob that attacked the Capitol and stole their private documents and rested feet on their desks and destroyed their place of business — the seat of government of the United States — any more than they could have voted against the man who sent the mob there, Donald Trump. To hell with the Constitution, to hell with law and order, to hell with the cops who were out there defending them and getting beaten by the mob, to hell with the sanctity of elections, to hell with representative democracy, to hell in fact with everything but Donald Trump. 


  8. unnamed says:

    After seeing the second update I almost think this whole thing was a publicity stunt to engage in projection.


    Al's, I thought she could defend herself because she was the militia and she was always packing heat.

    • High Valley Lurker says:

      I’m surprised they didn’t claim an attack from the antifascists. Usually they blame everything on antifa.

      But yes, scheduling an obviously poorly planned event at the last minute, before cancelling and making loud claims about ‘security threats’ is a very old PR trick. But, its usually from minor groups trying to get attention, not from a sitting Congressperson.

  9. High Valley Lurker says:

    I wish someone would ask Boebert if she would swear to accept the results of future elections.

    So far, I can’t think of many Republicans who have stated that they will accept the results of the next election. And certainly not the Q-uacus.

  10. davebarnes says:

    I think the church is lying about the phone call. All Trumpies lie all the time.

    Personally, I think Qbert scheduled the event and then her staff said: "do you know how many people in CD-3 hate your guts and will show up to ask hard nasty questions? You will look like more of a moran than than you do now."

  11. Diogenesdemar says:

    That “church” really could use a building fund . . .

    . . . or a building fundraiser (“Glory to god!”) . . .

    Property Overview – 11.532 acres zoned General Agriculture in Montrose County. 2 outbuildings located on property: livestock barn with electricity and hay barn. Property also has livestock corral. Located just west of Hwy 50/North Townsend Ave.

    . . . or, maybe even a building?

    (Not sure how they planned to keep the pork sliders warm . . .)

    A hastily arranged and poorly announced one-hour “town-hall” in a livestock barn . . .

    Auspicious start.

    I can easily imagine that “security” concern being Q-bie threatening to Glock some of her crack staff? . . .

    . . . Heckuva job, Fluffy! Stay the course, please . . .


    • JohnInDenver says:

      One of the aspects of "Cowboy Church" I've seen before — use buildings that are already there (for ag purposes), not build something new.  So, barns, machine sheds, county fair buildings, grange halls … I think the standard is "does it have power for the band's amps?" and "can we do SOME sort of seating?"

      One west of Sioux Falls met outside in pleasant weather, inside a farmer's barn for spring and fall, and in a meeting room at a highway motel in bad weather. 


  12. This about as disappointing of a post I’ve ever seen on here. I get it – Lauren will be criticized because she’s a Republican. That’s fine – it’s part of the partisan rancor, that borders on irrational. 

    However – an event was cancelled because the congresswoman’s team is concerned about security – and certainly concerned for the safety of others. 

    I received a death threat when I was running for state house 12 years ago. The matter was immediately referred to security agencies and I was on ice, until the matter was investigated. At one point, I also had a swatiska spray-painted onto a prominently placed campaign sign in Edwards. Same protocol applied. 

    For those of you who haven’t received a death threat – that is the protocol. Lauren has balls of brass – she’ll go to spread her argument. But she’s not going to do that at the risk of others. 

    To criticize such decision-making is infuriating. And you’re certainly doing no favors today to any Democrat that would want to run against Congresswoman Boebert. I wish some time was taken to question why security threats are happening at was is supposed to be a peaceful town hall.

    My concern is that we seem to be indirectly cheerleading those who make violent threats against conservatives – I find that absolutely disturbing. 


    • kwtree says:

      I’ve gone to many town halls in small towns. You pick a central, largish space with plenty of parking and inside seating, that everyone knows how to get to. You ask police to stand by, and you get volunteers to stand outside and screen attendees for “trackers” ( aka press people who might take  video of an inept quote). 
      Polis was brave enough to attend such an event at the Country Steak Out, with angry folks out to recall him. Who’s got the brass balls again?

      The announcement from Boebert’s team didn’t say “violent threat”. It said “security threat”. That says “ fear of trackers and/ or picketers” to me. 

      • Diogenesdemar says:


        Hell, considering the source it could also just as easily be armies of space aliens with solar-powered lasers?

      • Genghis says:

        Back when Polis ran for Congress, I voted for Fitz-Gerald at the CD-2 assembly and in the primary, knowing full well that Jared's $$ advantage would likely assure a primary victory despite Joan's overwhelming support among assembly-going Dems.

        After winning the CO-2 seat in the general election, Polis won me over at one of the many town halls he held in the run-up to passage of the Affordable Care Act. The meeting was stuffed with astroturf wingnut provocateurs who did their damnedest to disrupt things, up to and including actual, literal shrieking. Polis handled everything they threw at him with rationality, civility and professionalism. It was impressive as hell.

        As you pointed out below, it's all about playing the victim for the Colorado Qcumber. The notion that Boebert would take part in a public event that transcends preaching to the choir is laughable.

    • Diogenesdemar says:

      Kind of poetic, huh? . . .

      . . . I mean, after Q-bie poo-pooed pew-pewed and cheer-led the deadly threats and acts against Democrats of January 6th, and in the lead up to Ttump’s insurrection? Her deep brass-balls (and mush brains) concern for the safety of others has been well on display. And, I think we all know just how important adherence to institutional safety protocols are to Rep. Boebert, she’s quite the little stickler, huh?

      (I won’t speculate where on the political spectrum the threats made against you may have originated from . . .)

    • Duke Cox says:

      Gotta disagree with you here, Miguel. I have seen photos of her wearing a shirt that says "I am the security". She has no one to blame but herself. 

      After campaigning on guns and gunny braggadoccio, this sort of thing looks really contradictory and amateurish. Hard to defend.

    • unnamed says:

      While the specifics of the threat are not known, if they were violent threats or death threats, that is never okay.

      That said, I have zero sympathy.   She was cheerleading an insurrection, cyberbullying a person who lived through a deadly school shooting for his activism, and yet will block constituents if she gets a tough question, not a violent threat, a tough question.  So, sorry, not sorry.

    • MichaelBowman says:

      Meanwhile on the other end of the Colorado River:

      Shocking’ threats against Gavin Newsom and family pour in to California businesses he founded

      The tone and the verbiage of some of these death threats are shocking,” said the representative, who asked for anonymity due to security concerns. “They are very black-and-white death threats to our employees, to Gavin, his children, his wife.”

    • Sunmusing says:

      I have received death threats as well…It scared me at first, but then I realized WHO made the calls, and I called them out…First to the police….then to the person…there was never any legal action taken, but I made it known that I will NOT be intimidated by some moron with a phone….Boebert is a coward…a corrupt and stupid person who managed to use her sex to win the election…SHE is a nothing person…Child Protective Services need to be called to make sure her kids are safe…Qbert seems to hang around suspected pedophiles…oh, she married one…Qbert must go…where? anywhere but Colorado…

    • Gilpin Guy says:

      Your concerns about Democrats loving violent solutions to political differences as much as Republicans do is duly noted.

      It is also possible that one of the consequences of being a liar and a bully like Ms. Qbert is that she has no credibility when she makes statements that can’t be corroborated independently.  An Occam’s Razor explanation would be that Ms. Chickenshit doesn’t have any more guts than Cardboard Cory in facing questions by non-Trumpers so when she found out that non-Trumpers would be in attendance, she pulled the plug on her ‘Trumper Cheerleading Party/Townhall’.  In applying your logic, prove me wrong.

      • NOV GOP meltdown says:

        I think you explanation is what most likely happened Gilpin Guy. Mrs. " I am the security " found out she might be in for some critical questions and got all snowflaky and ducked out, and ginned up some bullshit security issue to cover her ass.  I guess that glock doesn't do a bit of good after all – its nothing more than a prop in a very stupid show.

    • spaceman2021 says:

      Seriously?  This is the woman who flaunts/violates Capitol security measures to ensure she can carry her steel pacifier, and yet she claims security concerns when it's clear she's going to have to open her mouth and speak to constituents.  Cry me a river

    • JohnInDenver says:

      We (at least those I'm reading and I) are not "cheerleading" for anyone making threats of physical harm.  There are unclear circumstances. 

      1. Boebert's office announced the event, saying travel arrangements precluded additional notice. 

      2. Boebert's office says "Circle 3 Cowboy Fellowship, reported receiving a phone threat before the cancellation." 

      3. Boebert's office also said " “This was not an official town hall organized by her office. It became clear that there was not adequate security for the number of people that were planning to attend the event." 

      4. Meanwhile, a church leader said "Congresswoman Boebert"s congressional office has postponed the town hall meeting scheduled for today. There is no event at Circle Three today." No mention of a threat. 

      It either is Boebert's first town hall or it is not … take your pick. 

      No one mentions the sort of threat … so people here are speculating what "threat" might mean. The Rep's office says the host got the threat.  The host doesn't mention getting a threat.

      Then, there is no reference to referring a threat to any local, county or state law enforcement agency or to Capitol Police.  There is no law enforcement agency talking about plans for security.  There isn't any indication WHO was responsible for arranging security. 

      • gertie97 says:

        Not to worry. Calamity Jane has some of Gardner's people working for her and they'll get this fixed. Next time, there will be no public mention of CJ visiting a town until several hours after she's dropped in to meet with a meticulously selected group and then gotten the hell out of dodge. Then a news release will describe in glowing terms how she visited to listen to (her GOP) constituent concerns.

        That's how Cory did it.

    • Gilpin Guy says:

      I have to ask.  Do you think that Donald Trump won the 2020 presidential election?  Asking for a friend.

  13. CDW says:

    She was feeling left out because AOC …

    Color me sceptical. We have a rough idea of who threatens AOC so until I see evidence that qbee threats are authentic, I will assume her cancelling this non-event was to provide ammunition for  her grandstanding gun 

  14. High Valley Lurker says:

    In my lifetime, I’ve noticed that the people who openly pack a gun generally lack ‘guts’. If they had guts, they wouldn’t need the gun.

    And, when someone openly brings a gun to a political meeting, they are saying that they know they lack the skills to logically convince the audience of their views. The only reason for a gun at a political meeting is threat and intimidation.

  15. High Valley Lurker says:

    Wyatt Earp For Congress.
    “Check your gun at the city limits.”

    If you don’t obey, I’ll whack you over the head with my gun and throw your ass in the city jail.

  16. kwtree says:

    Boebert is really cultivating this victim persona. Check it out.

    She says she'll have a town hall, at a distant location on private property, for which it would presumably be possible to lock out unwanted constituents.

    Also, a place really possible to make "secure". There's fencing around the property, she's got throngs of militia  bullies who like to dress up in camo and carry their AR15s on their chests.  They could certainly keep out picketers and folks they identified as press "trackers".

    It wouldn't be a good look for a sitting Congresswoman to have that kind of security outside her town hall venue, but hey, that's the image she ran on so she owns it. She doesn't seem to feel at all obligated to represent the 51% of people in CD3 who didn't vote for her.

    Then, she got some kind of "security threat", which I would guess is that press wanted to show up and, you know, cover the event, and constituents wanted to show up and disagree with her. She couldn't handle that, and so tweeted the following just to show that the libz can't own her:

    • Gilpin Guy says:

      She should let professionals handle her PR.  That is such a bunch of BS word salad random thoughts but she is trying to emulate our former president for incoherence.  Ugly abuse of the English language.

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