Not Safe For Work (Colorado Senate Excluded)

Via Wonkette, the testimony from opponents of Senate Bill 172, the civil unions bill, got a little graphic yesterday. Yikes, Grandma! We had no idea you were so icky.

Alright, Grandma! “The anus is an exit.” Fine. Now please pass the gravy, before everyone else at the table–including the fellow conservatives who look most embarrassed of all–loses their appetite. In these situations, it’s good for someone to step in and whisper “you’re not helping,” but let’s face it: she wasn’t really there to help.

You’ve got one in your family, too. Admit it.

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  1. droll says:

    mixed with a complaint of unwed mothers. Grandma doesn’t know how babies are made.

    I don’t have one of those, but the rest seems familiar. She is aware that you need a bird and a bee for a baby.

  2. onebigrepublican says:

    This lady has spent a lot of time thinking about anal sex.  She probably has had to take it a few times.  She seemed as though she was speaking from experience.

    OBR thinks that all people are created equally and that civil unions are ok.  I don’t think that those unions should be called marriage, because marriage does have a definition, but everyone should have the right to love and commit to the ones they love with all of the rights that come with that.

    This lady is a wacko.

  3. VanDammer says:

    luv it!!  She’s a gift to everyone against right wing holier-than-thou family values nutjobs.  It’s great when ignorance gets exposed … hell better when the ignorants take the mic themselves.    

  4. ProgressiveCowgirl says:

    Yet another self-parodying right winger…. someone more photoshop clever than me want to take a stab at getting a crazy screengrab we can all caption?

  5. Fidel's dirt nap says:

    what else is there ?  She has all the bases covered.  My day is complete.

  6. Ellie says:

    and Ellen Roberts vote is over at Colorado Independent written by John Tomasic.

    On Roberts:

    She said the fact is gay couples in Colorado are sharing their lives and raising children and that the state presently fails to provide a legal framework that protects those citizens as partners and parents and their children in the case of divorce, death and injury.

    Somehow that seems a lot more relevant than the unbelievably inane words of “Grandma.”

  7. Middle of the Road says:

    One that doesn’t involve obsessing about the anus and fortification.  

  8. allyncooper says:

    Opinions are like assholes – everyone has one.

    Speaking of anal pores, did Ted Haggart slither up from the Springs to testify what Jesus would think about SB 172 ?

  9. Cordelia Chase says:

    With an argument as well thought out as that, she should be going to the Supreme Court!  LOL

  10. nancycronk says:

    Someone didn’t set the timer when she started and five minutes into it, she asked, “How much longer do I have?” We all cringed when the timekeeper turned the timer on for the 3 minutes she was supposed to have.

    I also enjoyed the (ordinary) people who said they were there representing Jesus Christ or Joseph Ratzinger. There really was a representative there from the Catholic Church archdiocese, but he didn’t say Jesus or the Pope sent him.

    Also loved the one who came there to warn us proponents of our sins “out of love”. Guess he didn’t realize we were gay and straight together, in alliance. His truck outside was pretty interesting: a large billboard truck (Vegas-style) that said “Gays will burn in Hell”.

    I may be a Jew, but something tells me Jesus would not approve of the hate-mobile. Just a hunch.

  11. GalapagoLarry says:

    She knew all her preacher friends would be turned on by her “dirty talk”.

  12. MADCO says:

    So, the logic is – if we don’t allow gay marriage or civil unions, somehow, no one will have anal sex?    But if we do allow gay marriage or civili unions, then suddenly everyone will start having anal sex?

    Well, ok, not everyone, just the men.

    I can’t take this seriously- except that it is serious.

    But it’s not about sex.

    It’s not about what you do or don’t like when it comes to sex.

    It’s about civil rights and equality under the law for everyone.

    …truths… self-evident,…all… created equal, … endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights..  life, liberty … pursuit of Happiness.

    Or something.

  13. MADCO says:

    Isn’t the vagina an exit too?

    Until it’s not, of course.

  14. NeonNurse says:

    I had made a comment this morning on this vid’s appearance in that one mysterious n*wsp*p*r, but it didn’t show up and I thought I’d been spurned. Happily, no!

    Quoting me: “I wonder if her neighbors think it’s strange that she always goes in her house via the front door, but only leaves from the back door? Oh, wait, she enters and exits from the SAME door??? SINNER!”

  15. Voyageur says:

    such as the featured speaker in this case, the anus has to do double duty as both an exit and an entry.

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