McBride’s Comments Raise Questions About Recall Effort

(More recall shenanigans. – promoted by Aristotle)

The campaign committee seeking to recall DPS board President Nate Easley failed to file a campaign finance report by the deadline, yesterday. The committee has claimed to be running a full-fledged petitioning operation to gather 5,363 signatures by March 29th. The first report by the committee supporting Easley on Feb. 16th showed $16,275 raised, with no expenses listed.

The comments of John McBride, who registered the committee, should be cause for concern:

“We don’t have any money to file anything,” said John McBride, the lead petitioner in the recall effort against Easley and the registered agent for the committee Take Back Our Schools. “We don’t have a bank account yet. All we have is people power.”

The committee must file a report regardless of whether any money was spent or donated. I find it a little hard to believe that any money supporting the recall has been sitting in a sock drawer since the first filing deadline and that a petitioning effort hasn’t generated any expenses, whatsoever. Petitions, pens, printers, organizers, phones, clipboards, websites and database access can’t be purchased with people power. And if there have been expenses, how are they being tracked without a bank account? The lack of accountability or organization from the committee is shocking.

This comes on the heels of a diary that thoroughly debunked the purported reason behind the recall effort and included proponents of the recall using highly questionable tactics to intimidate bloggers.

The cost of a recall effort may set DPS back about $100,000 if the recall doesn’t coincide with the mayoral election. The district is already facing a $23 million reduction in total program funding next year.

The opponents of the recall include Gov. Hickenlooper and former mayors Frederico Pena and Wellington Webb.

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  1. droll says:

    Defense should sue for plagiarism. Or does the “people power” v “grassroots community” make enough difference? Could you sue yourself for plagiarism anyway?

    What’s the sound of one hand clapping?

    How free to file is a free report?

  2. Ralphie says:

    Take Back Our Schools’ Committee Registration form says they have a bank:

    Financial Institution

    Institution Name: WELLS FARGO

    Institution Address: 2559 WELTON ST.

    DENVER CO 80205

    You don’t suppose he’s lying, do you?

    • Middle of the Road says:

      McBride said he tried Wednesday to set up an account with Wells Fargo but that the bank was unable to find the committee ID number, which is listed on the secretary of state’s website. He said he planned to talk to state staffers today to straighten things out.

      If you can make sense out of what he’s saying, do let me know, because I sure can’t.

      McBride registered his committee on February 16th. Why he would wait until the last minute to do the most basic legalities is also beyond me.  

    • GalapagoLarry says:

      You don’t have any money. And you’re trying to open a bank account? And banks usually, kind of, sort of, maybe like to see $$$ up front. Hmmm. I’d say, Lying. Big time. No, stupid. No, lying. No, stupid. No,… Oh, what the hell.  

  3. c rork says:

    For promoting this and MoR for all the background material.


  4. ajb says:

    Has anyone ever seen then in the same room together?

    just askin’

  5. c rork says:

    to hear who all is bankrolling this effort, how much money they have, who has donated and what organizations are taking part.

    None of these questions have been answered and I think people deserve a little accountability and transparency, especially when this effort is to recall someone. Its a pretty rare thing.

    How long are they going to hold off on releasing their financial records?

    I think the first question the average voter asks when they hear “recall” is “what did he do?”. There really isn’t a clear answer here because the “conflict of interest” story doesn’t hold. If Easley being on the DSF board is a conflict of interest worthy of a recall, its only fair that Guerrin Green go door to door to recall Andrea Merida for being a Romanoff staffer.

  6. MADCO says:

    You all remind me of a dog I used to live with.  That hound chased his tail relentlessly until he was about a year old.  Then he kind of stopped – but not really. Sometimes, for no real reason, he would get excited about actually catching it and for several days would spend every waking moment eying it sideways or in full chase.

    There is nothing to see here.  The only defense that matters in Denver now is the reborn Nuggets’ and whether the Rockies will be able to throw out stealing base  runners and turned the DP.

    Nothing. To. See.

    No money. No expenses. No in kind contributions.  Nothing at all. Really.

  7. Chuck Crowley says:

    You guys are such a joke.  As you know I’m not savy at this at all.  I’d love to share with you the SOS confirmation of the issue committee filing.  It says “your committee’s first disclosure report will be due on 4/19/2011.”  We didn’t know any different until the Ednews piece this morning.  As far as costs, I’ve bought three cases of paper at thirty dollars each and I have a copier at home.  I suppose I should figure on toner and staples when we do a report.  As far as the Easley money raised, how much of it is from board members of the DSF?  Still believe there isn’t a conflict of interest?  Maybe not legally but how about morally?  Do you have morals?

    • GalapagoLarry says:

      Hell, no, I don’t have morals, except good ones. This isn’t about morals.

      Ethics? That’s another thing altogether. Law? that’s another thing. Yes, you should report your toner and staples, when (if) you do a report. And if you’re contributing such toner and staples while using your home or office, you should report that, too, excluding the time you get up to take a crap. (Which you’re full of.)

      Savy (sic)? You guys have as much savvy as you have reason for this whole recall effort. Sounds like a personal vendetta, nothing more. There’s been nothing about policy differences in this whole mess.

      Denverites aren’t going to buy your hooey. Drop it. You don’t have a chance. You’re wasting your money. Oh, that’s right. You don’t use that stuff. Whatever.

    • droll says:

      doesn’t know what his own committee is doing and doesn’t speak for it? Interesting.

      Obvious. But interesting.

    • Aristotle says:

      Why don’t you, you know, SHOW how this is so immoral? And then tell us how moral you thought it was of Merida to get herself sworn in early, just to take part in a vote her side had no chance of winning?

      Morals? Don’t make me laugh.

    • Ralphie says:

      Go to the SOS site and look at the committee’s page.  It says your first report is due March 3, and gives you the start and end dates of the filing period.  If your committee existed during this period, you have to file.  If your letter says different, you have grounds for an appeal, so file one.  But you are technically in violation, you need to file that report, and then you need to appeal the fine when you get a letter from the SoS.

      Good luck.

    • MADCO says:

      I don’t know you.

      Perhaps you are a CPA. Perhaps you are a lawyer. Perhaps you are an unemployed truck driver.  

      I’m not going to advise you on how and what to file.

      Who are you and what is it you think you need to file?  Are you filing or yourself? or some “committee”? If committee, which one? What’s your part of the committee?

      As for blasting away at the CoPolsters asking questions, raising eyebrows and generally pissing on DeFense Denver and or Chuck McBride – if you support the recall, why?

      Are you aware that the estimate is that a recall will cost DPS over $100,000? Do you believe this is a prudent expense?

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