Congratulations, Sen. John Hickenlooper (D-CO)

At noon today Eastern Time, it became official:

Tune in at 11:30 this morning to watch the ceremonial swearing in, which is the one for the cameras and posterity. Also, Sen. John Hickenlooper’s official Twitter account @SenatorHick is live.

Please join us in giving Sen. Hickenlooper a lovely 48 hours of honeymoon before Wednesday.

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  1. unnamed says:

    Congratulations Colorado!  You now have two Senators again!!!

  2. davebarnes says:

    Where is Smiling Cory®?
    We cannot let him become invisible—even though he is irrelevant. He needs to be hounded to his grave.

  3. 2Jung2Die says:

    I stumbled into the "wrong" type of social media thread a couple days ago, and it turned out a lot of people posting (if they're real people) don't think Hick actually won this election either. Are we sure it's not too late to overturn?

    • Duke Cox says:

      The only question I have is whether it is Senator Hickenlooper going to DC…or Senator Frackenlooper.

      I am betting on the latter.

      And before anyone starts squawking, I voted for him, but Colorado would have been much better served by Senator Romanoff.

      Prove me wrong, John.

      • davebarnes says:

        He won’t. John is as delusional as Joe in thinking that he can “work” with the GOPers.

        Only mass incarcerations in FEMA Reëducation Camps can help us.

      • MichaelBowman says:

        Let’s hope our newly-minted senator is the yin for #pewpew’s yang:

        • Two Dog Night says:

          I have the feeling she will find out what the gun laws are in D.C. and the Capitol in the first year, or less.  She is like others who end up needing a lot of attention from the Speaker and others to keep them out of jail.

        • Sunmusing says:

          I am racking my feeble brain, to try to figure out how to get qbert to quit before she does too much damage…I am deeply ashamed of my neighbors in Delta county…they voted for this abomination…qbert must be held accountable…always…the only thing I really fear, is the retaliation from those around me, if I speak out publicly…not so much for me, but for my family…these qberts, and so-called republicans are cruel, and uncompromising…they don't care for anyone other than themselves…It may not be worth the two years, but I don't think I can stay silent for that long….

          • Diogenesdemar says:

            " . . . I WILL carry my Glock to Congress."

            Qbie won't be long; even her choice of sidearm is an embarrassment to real Coloradans.

          • kwtree says:

            Hold her accountable by pressuring her to hold town halls. She presents herself as a woman of the people,so hold her to that. When she votes against a public health option, when she votes against funding for renewable energy, when she votes against a path for citizenship for immigrants, all of these are against the interests of her constituents. Make her defend that. In public.

            • gertie97 says:

              Boebert won't need town halls. She'll ignore everybody except carefully selected Republican-crazy idiots, who are thick upon the ground in these parts.

              Not meeting with the public worked fine for Gardner in Mesa/Delta/Montrose counties.

            • Duke Cox says:

              Fat Donnie from Queens does not have a monopoly on narcissism. Watching Calamity Jane do her stand-up routine indicates much.

        • kwtree says:

          Unsurprisingly, she’s also lying and distorting about crime in DC. DC government tracked crime of all kinds for decades, and looking at the data, homicides are up, but stayed low under Obama, have increased steadily under Trump. Hate and bias crimes are way up under Trump, of course.

          But all property crimes in DC have trended down by about 19% for years. 

          It will be interesting to see how carrying a Glock in DC “protects her family” back in Rifle.


    • JohnInDenver says:

      He's sworn in and got the pin.  Might even know where his office is.  No need to learn how to spell R-E-C-A-L-L :  it doesn't apply to Senate or House members. 

      Next time to provide meaningful input about Hick as Senator is 2026.  Until then, it is a matter of convincing him of the best thing to do. 

      Or I suppose he could quit, when he finds out Romanoff was correct in pointing out Hick was "telling everybody he would be a terrible senator and wasn't cut out for the job."

      • Duke Cox says:

        I don't think he will just quit, but he may bail for a different gig. Anything that builds his resume for president, which is the real goal.

        His determination to "not be a socialist" and "work across the aisle" tells you he will only be slightly more effective as a legislator than Calamity Jane. If he thinks he can charm his way into Mitchs' heart, he is as delusional as davebarnes suggests.

        • JohnInDenver says:

          I'd estimate the chance of Hick running for President again to be slightly less than Cory running. 

          • Duke Cox says:

            Maybe he will surprise me and be a great senator. I hope so. I hope he will look at our nation and its problems with compassion for those of us who don't own mineral rights or don't run a large corporation…or own a bank.

            I am sure our senior senator is introducing him to all the right peope, even as I type.

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