CO Revenue Resolution Dies

Perhaps someone else can find something that I can’t.

The annual non-binding resolution that declares and certifies the revenue estimates will not pass at all this year.

House Republicans refuse to budge on their rejection of the estimates set by people who do so for a living in favor of their own random guess. Senate democrats refuse to spend anything less than every dime they expect to make (even though the budget has had to be re-cut each year since 2007 due to the estimate being too high).

So for what I believe is the first time in at least the last decade, if not ever, the resolution will not pass.

They aren’t even bothering with a conference committee because neither side intends to compromise even a little.

Let’s give a big cheer for all that bipartisanship we were promised when the session started.

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  1. Awen says:

    But the House decided to adhere to its position BEFORE the conference committee, rendering the need for the committee moot. Senate Democrats claimed this morning that they were willing to discuss the matter with the House, but never got the chance.  

    • droll says:

      Dems suggested other alternatives to go about this.

      Then one demanded to know where the made up number came from and why it was deemed the best one. No answer came. Debate broke down.

      I also object to this being about Democrats needing to “spend every dime.” Not only would I recommend listening to the debate on this resolution, but also researching every other budget debate back into the mid 70’s. Then we’ll talk about who spends.

      I’m not even blaming the entire GOP in my little head; just the power tripping new Speaker. The biggest problem I have with the Dems right now is that they’re playing straight into it.

      And yes, Awen, the conference committee games were stellar. (Sigh) At least we pay for this crap by the day, right? 😉

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