Even More COVIDiocy, Councilman Wayne Williams Edition

Here’s a photo of former Secretary of State now Colorado Springs Councilman at-large Wayne Williams, in cozy maskless proximity with his friends Suzanne Taheri (you probably know her as Suzanne Staiert, former deputy Secretary of State and failed 2020 SD-27 candidate), and the ubiquitous Lynn Bartels, Williams’ former spokesperson and a longtime local media fixture turned Republican comms pro and Colorado Springs Gazette columnist.

They all had takeout at Suzanne’s house yesterday! We hope it was tasty, and thanks for supporting local businesses like Dominion Voting Systems. It’s a funny joke unless you’re one of the many fellow Republicans who aren’t laughing.

But wait a minute. Doesn’t Suzanne Taheri live in Arapahoe County, where the Senate district she wan for this year is located? And isn’t Arapahoe County on Safer at Home Level Red on the state’s COVID-19 public health restriction dial? We’re asking this rhetorically because the answer is yes, just like El Paso County where Councilman Williams lives is also on Level Red restrictions. And the guidance from the Tri-County Health Department serving Arapahoe County on getting together at a friend’s house for takeout during Level Red restrictions is not ambiguous:

Now look, folks, it’s 2020–and if everybody in this picture is shacking up in the same domicile for the next 14 days, that’s completely cool with us. Otherwise, unfortunately what we have here is yet another elected official casually disregarding public health orders while the third and deadliest-yet wave of the COVID-19 pandemic crests in Colorado. As readers know, another municipal elected official from Colorado was enthusiastically dragged across front pages and cable networks nationwide over Thanksgiving for this.

Like Bill Engvall says, Wayne Williams, “here’s your sign.”


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  1. kickshot says:

    “We hope it was tasty” while they still have a sense of taste (for flavor, that is. There’s no hope for the other sense of taste. It’s long gone and never coming back.).

    • Conserv. Head Banger says:

      It's all OK. Let them party. If one or more catch COVID, they can show their inner strength by just toughing it out instead of taking up a precious hospital bed. After all, when the going gets tough, the tough get going.

      • harrydoby says:

        Not to worry – according to this Wyoming medical expert, this is all just a commie plot.

        WYOMING HEALTH OFFICIAL CALLS PANDEMIC A COMMUNIST PLOT. CASPER, WYO. » A Wyoming Department of Health official involved in the state’s response to the coronavirus questioned the legitimacy of the pandemic and described a forthcoming vaccine as a biological weapon at a recent event.

        The “so-called pandemic” and efforts to develop a vaccine are plots by Russia and China to spread communism worldwide, department readiness and countermeasures manager Igor Shepherd said at the Nov. 10 event held by the group Keep Colorado Free and Open.

        Shepherd was introduced as and talked about being a Wyoming Department of Health employee in the over hour-long presentation in Loveland. — The Associated Press

        • kwtree says:

          Since this "Commie Pandemic" presentation was in Loveland, the usual wackadoodles of Weld and Larimer counties were probably in attendance, including Vickie Marble, Lori Saine, and the Weld County Commissioners.

          What's really sad and ironic about this is that Weld and Larimer Counties still have some of the highest coronavirus rates in Colorado, with hospitals packed, deaths rising, and no end in sight.

          However, nobody's talking about "After the election, it'll all go away," anymore. So there's that.

        • RepealAndReplace says:

          Communism in Russia? Really? Was this dude cryogenically frozen in 1989 and just recently thawed out?

  2. RepealAndReplace says:

    "and if everybody in this picture is shacking up in the same domicile for the next 14 days, that’s completely cool with us"

    That is a very disturbing image.

  3. Sunmusing says:

    Go figure….Ol' Wayne and I had an email argument back when he was SoS, about him sending my/our voter information to the infamous Voter Fraud Commission headed up by the crook from Kansas…after the court shut it down, the fuckers sent the information to the RNC, where it was used to solicit donations…for the republican crime syndicate…yeah, there were legal ways to do it, but I told the guy, I thought it was a bad idea, and I didn't trust him…and I was correct…

    Wayne Williams is a republican, and an enemy of democracy…

    • kwtree says:

      Littwin had a good take on this. 
      All Williams had to do was say to Kobach,” You want Colorado’s voter data? Buy the CD like anybody else, mofo!” 

      Williams also tried to placate the business community by lowering fees  like his predecessor, Scott Gessler. He  wasn’t quite as corrupt or nakedly partisan as Gessler, but voters ultimately decided that they’d prefer transparency and competence from their SOS, which we have in Jena Griswold. 


    • kickshot says:

      Unfortunately being registered to vote in CO has become a serious threat to your privacy. Phone banking has become a major campaign tool, pandemic or not, and those companies who provide the technology that enable massive outreach via texting and calling at the touch of a button are harvesting and reselling your information too.

      The only way around this that I have found that might work is to rescind your voter registration after an election and reregister when the next one comes around.

      It seems that the place to do this in CO is  https://www.sos.state.co.us/voter/pages/pub/withdrawLookup.xhtml

      • kwtree says:

        Genuinely curious, kick shot- how can you tell whether the ads and appeals you’re getting are from the voter database, or from every other political/ social interaction you have? 

        I know if you donate to a cause, similar cause advocates will contact you. Same thing with donating to a candidate through ActBlue or whatever.  When you “like” certain pages on Facebook or Twitter, organizations take note and follow up. * My nephew does this “analytics” for a comfortable living. 

         ( *being a dinosaur, I don’t deal with Instagram, multiplayer games or other modern social platforms, but they have their own data harvesters) 

        I’ve bought a few county-level voter data CDs for campaign work, and they all stipulate and make you sign off that you won’t monetize it or abuse the voters whose information you have. Are you saying folks are breaking that promise and selling voter info on the open market?

        • kickshot says:


          As a D PCP this past cycle I was informed that our party outreach would be taking the form of phone banking using a software package called X from company Y. Also genuinely curious I looked up the user agreement for X from Y and found a stipulation that any data fed into the call database could be harvested by Y  for their own purposes.


          There is usually no way to connect any spam phone call or email to any instance when you provided your personal information to anyone but it is easy to note the crescendo in spam calls and emails around the election season and onward based on the themes that the organizations center around.


          The filetr list on my email client now has a couple of hundred rules in it to just delete the incoming email. I never even see it. I have been careful in designing the delete rules and haven’t missed a relevant email yet.


          Likewise w/my phone. My greeting warns the caller that if they are not on my contact list I will not pick up the call. That if they need to talk to me, leave a vmail w/a a callback number. Apple watch provides a single gesture to route calls to voicemail very quickly and easily.


          I will be canceling my voter registration this week. It’s an experiment but privacy and time are valuable enough to me that it’s worthwhile to try this out.

          • kwtree says:

            I’m also a PCP. Folks who “temporarily” canceled their voter registrations were a big headache to reach out to a couple of years ago. All the other measures you have in place should be sufficient to firewall your privacy, without unregistering. I would not ever encourage anyone to do that. I’d ask you not to as well, but I think you just did. . 

            At least, with Democratic-affiliated organizations, the quality of information they’d be getting would be higher than “Ancient Aliens” / Q continuum level. Someone on this forum asked incredulously not long ago how anyone in Colorado could have voted for Kanye West. I think you now know. 

            As an alternative, ask your local Democrats not to use Company X to contact voters, since they apparently sell the data to company Y. I will. 

            • kickshot says:

              When I signed up for PCPship the county party distributed newsprint flyers of their party endorsements on county-level races and local issues. Many people to whom I delivered those told me that they waited for this info to combine w/bluebook, etc before they voted.

              This cycle they decided not to do that outreach due to the pandemic (though it still could have been done even w/social distancing). Instead they went with the data-harvesting phone bank.

              They didn't ask for my input then. They wouldn't appreciate it now. This is not the first time they have violated their own platform w/respect to privacy concerns.

      • kickshot says:

        More info:

        On the online form the second step is an affirmation that states:

        Warning: If you withdraw your voter registration, your record will be removed and you will no longer be able to vote in Colorado.


        But there is a pdf you can download, fill out and send to your County Clerk, It states:

        "Self-Affirmation: I affirm that the voter registration information provided above is true and accurate to my best knowledge. I hereby request withdrawal of my Colorado voter registration, effective the date that this form is received by the County Elections Office. I understand that I will no longer be eligible to vote in the State of Colorado unless I re-apply for registration."


        Big difference.

        I am going to contact the SoS' office about the difference.

        • kickshot says:

          Calling the SoS was a brick wall of denial.

          Their response: "Drawing different inferences from the two different sets of instructions is my fault."

          Jena's competence has not permeated her staff.

          • kwtree says:

            You’re a high-info political nerd. I trust you will re-register for your next local election. 

            But please don’t counsel low-info regular folks to do this. They’ll unregister, and not re-register ever. 
            In fact, they spread voter suppression propaganda that is probably Q or foreign in origin, to the effect that  the coming COVID vaccine will “sample your biometric data” and store it as nanoparticles in some kind of cryptocurrency vault. Just a bunch of big science-y words mushed together. 
            The woman promoting this claims to be an expert on women’s health. Facebook removed the post for misinformation, but my friend is still spreading it. I told him it was nonsense and that the “expert” is fake, asked him to stop spreading the post. 
            But he would absolutely un-register to vote if he thought nanobots were violating his crypto-biometrics. 

            • kickshot says:

              Your example of misinformation and its dangers is fair and probably (unfortunately) accurate.

              The devil's advocate wonders "So what's the downside of having Q-adherents unregister and then forget to re-register?".

              Alternatively, the SoS could make their instructions agree and campaigns could stop using tools that shred the privacy of everyone they put in their call database.

              The campaigns generally spoof the number that they call from so that you can't call them back but they have no problem putting your personal info (and the SoS just sold them a lot of it) into the pipeline to the Malaysia scam collectives.

              • RepealAndReplace says:

                I’ve said that all along. No one should EVER be denied the right to register or vote. OTOH if low information don’t bother, I’m not going to shed any tears. (Q Anon, I’m looking at you morons.) there comes a point where the quality of the vote should matter.

              • ParkHill says:

                Q is a disinformation scheme designed to confuse and devalue facts and established (i.e. real-journalist) news sources.

                QANON, Brietbart and Steve Bannon are not trying to get Qanoners to unregister, they're trying to cast doubts on the electoral system and get Q-ideas into the wider populace in the hopes that OTHERs unregister.

                The war isn't over the votes of educated voters (they are voting Democrat). The war is over the low-info voters, which Cambridge Analytics noticed were abandoned by the Democratic Party.

                • kwtree says:

                  Thank you, PH. If people are low-info, it is the responsibility of higher info folks to share facts, evidence, etc. It doesn't always work  well, but one has to try. I freely admit that's my teacher bias talking.

                  Hence, I'm still texting my low info friends about the anti-vaxxer crap. (Here is the debunked version).  If they continue to believe this nonsense, they may not get vaccinated once it's available.

                  I hear we're looking at a vaccine shortage due to some poor decisions this summer. If we give the Trump crime family credit for a longer term vision than immediate profit, we might see that depressing demand for a future vaccine among the lowest information people would tend to um….(looking for a nice way to say it, not finding it) would tend to ensure that more of them sicken and die from COVID. 

                  Since they tend to be poor and minority people who vote Democratically, it's a win-win from the cynical GOP uber alles POV.

                  But Trump clearly doesn't care about the welfare of even his loyal base voters – he breathes disease on them, leaves them to freeze in the dark after his rallies, and leaves them uninsured and broke in the middle of a pandemic.

                  So the most charitable interpretation is that it's nonpartisan indifference to suffering.

                  Fighting back against that indifference with information and caring is our duty.

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