What you can do to fight for progress this week (November 23)

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After the most contentious and hard-fought election of our lives so far, the incredible staff at ProgressNow Colorado took a couple of weeks off to rest and recharge. I hope you too have had some time to pause and reflect on the historic victory the 2020 election represents, nationally and here in Colorado.

We always knew Trump wouldn’t go graciously, but he’s going. The presidential election was closer than some of us expected, but objectively speaking it wasn’t close at all. Trump lost the election by over six million votes and counting, and President-elect Joe Biden closed off every path Trump had to victory in the Electoral College within hours after polls closed. To everyone who signed up to mobilize to Protect the Results, thank you. After everything we’ve been through, it’s important that we stay vigilant until Trump is officially locked out of the White House at noon on January 20, 2021.

Here in Colorado, progressives triumphed once again. Colorado voters turned out against Trump in absolutely historic numbers. Cory Gardner, the biggest mistake made by Colorado voters since the “bad old days” of TABOR and the anti-LGBT constitutional amendments of the 1990s and 2000s, is headed for early retirement. Colorado voters affirmed the principle of “one person, one vote” and passed a landmark paid family leave system after years of trying, and retained the biggest progressive majorities in state government since FDR was President. Colorado is now a progressive state.

Now it’s all about staying safe. Over the next few months, the COVID-19 pandemic is expected to continue to result in tremendous economic and social hardship, and the possibility of an unthinkable tragedy this holiday season if the current skyrocketing rate of transmission is not brought under control. After everything we’ve sacrificed to keep ourselves and loved ones safe from this virus, we have to persevere just a little while longer until the good news about vaccines against the pandemic becomes reality. Your personal choice to wear a mask, keep your distance in public, and celebrate the holidays virtually instead of in-person is what will make the difference.

With the transition to a new administration in Washington and progressives victorious in Colorado, the nature of political engagement shifts from “resistance” to partnership in progressive solutions to the problems working families and communities face. But the fight to leave our state and nation better than we found it is not over. Next week, we’ll be back with more great ways to fight for the values that underpin our engagement. We couldn’t have achieved this victory without your help, from the events you’ve attended in person and virtually to your financial support for our many campaigns in 2020.

Until then, thanks again for everything you’ve done, and will keep doing, until the better world we know is possible is a reality. See you next week.

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