Lamborn Hates Earmarks (Except When He Doesn’t)

As The Colorado Independent reports, Republican Rep. Doug Lamborn is claiming to have seen the light on earmarks:

Colorado Republican Congressman Doug Lamborn has come out strong this year against earmarks. He joined the Tea Party caucus dedicated to fighting government waste and he enthusiastically signed onto the GOP House pledge against earmarking, or the practice of tacking on projects to legislation in order to deliver tax money to favored constituencies and causes. Lamborn wrote an editorial for his hometown Colorado Springs Gazette against earmarks last Saturday, a feel good Thanksgiving treat for the Gazette’s conservative readers.

He left out the fact that he has been earmark crazy since he arrived in Washington in 2007.

According to records posted at Citizens for Government Waste’s “Pig Book” website, Lamborn has been a major dealer in pork. He voted for more than tens of millions in earmarks, mostly for defense projects, one of which has become infamous in anti-big government crowds as a particularly egregious waste of taxpayer money.[Pols emphasis]

Whether it’s happening locally or with Republican members of Congress, this “Tea Party” rhetoric is increasingly at odds with, well, reality when it comes to the actions of Republicans who espouse “Tea Party” beliefs. We’ve said it before, and we’ll keep saying it: This isn’t going to turn out well for Republicans in 2012 and beyond as it becomes more and more obvious to the “Tea Party” supporters that Republicans aren’t actually paying attention to them.  

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  1. Wrong Way Corrigan says:

    The republicans have had a spend but don’t tax philosophy for years.  Maybe the Tea Party can change that.  For the first time in awhile, there is some real conversation around spending. However, until the GOP begins to realize that spending cuts are only part of the solution, and that the last thing we need now is tax cuts, we will have more and more of the same.  

    I hope Doug sees the light on this.  My guess is his earmarking will lie-low for a few months, and then return with a vengance.  

  2. Half Glass Full says:

    If the Republicans end up being more of the same, and they still have the Tea Partiers’ support, then we’ll know what the Tea Party was about all along:

    Starts with “R.” Ends with “ACISM.”

    • Diogenesdemar says:

      is something other than than a manufactured echo chamber for Republican talking heads . . .

      (There is no way that the Republicans could do anything that would cause general tea party dissatisfaction.  To presume so gives the ‘baggers far, far too much credit for independent thinking.)

      Next, let’s pretend that a new technology for burning unicorn farts will meet all of our future energy needs . . .

      The Bronco’s are undefeated? . . .  

  3. Majority Moderate says:

    That beings said, however, he has been (with the exception of Defense projects – more on that in a second) consistent on NOT supporting Earmarks for his Congressional District.  Just ask Colorado Springs Utilities, The Colorado Springs City Council, or the El Paso County Commissioners how frustrating it has been to get him to support some Federal dollars in the Pikes Peak region, only to have him turn a deaf ear.

    He is, to his credit, a staunch supporter of the Nation’s military and he has been supportive of the Senior military leadership in Colorado Springs as they request additional dollars.

    I’m curious: which project is being referred to as “particularly egregious waste of taxpayer money”?

    • davebarnes says:

      “Lamborn this summer led the charge to preserve a controversial program to develop a second alternate engine for the F-35 fighter jet”

    • Colorado Pols says:

      Kind of support Colorado Springs in general, no?

    • gaf says:

      and we want small government, we want the federal government to quit spending money and balance the budget. But, by God, better give us those military dollars right here in El Paso County because…….well, just because we want to do our part for our country, you see…yeah, that’s it. It’s our sacrifice for our country…

      How we have Hickenlooper wanting to help with that “sacrifice” by pushing for increasing military spending in Colorado. As I commented when his transition team held a meeting in Colorado Springs, it seems to me that making Colorado more dependent on the military at a time of pushes for federal budget cuts has a downside.

      • Hugh Jidette says:

        Every one tut tuts about the deficit continuing to grow – except jpsandcl – but no one means to really cut spending that impacts them.

        Two years ago when the CPI formula said there was no COLA for OASI and other federal beneficiaries people went nuts about no COLA.  It happened again last year.  It will happen again next year.

        Let’s get serious about our debt means let’s have someone not me get serious about our debt.  Raise taxes? Ok, but for the other guy.  Cut spending? Sure, but not in my neighborhood.

        These aren’t new problems. I’m not for one second thinking they are original observations on my part.  Hence my campaign platform.

  4. Barron X says:


    Congressman Doug Lamborn talked the talk when it came to stopping earmarks.

    But he made himself a protege of Jack Murtha, rather than actually walking the walk.

    Lamborn sponsored or supported earmarks for a couple of Murtha’s bogus “Intelligence” contractors in Johnstown, PA.  He rationalized them as being for “defense.”  In fact, those companies were shell corporations that didn’t do any real work for the Government, Intel or otherwise, which was not unheard of for companies that Murtha took under his wing.    

    I don’t recall any of the names of who got Doug’s earmarks, but MZM’s story involving Duke Cunningham is typical:

    Admittedly, a couple of his earmarks were for El Paso County firms that do real Defense-related work.



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