CO’s US Reps/Senators Ignore TSA Body Searches. WHY?

Colorado Democratic US Representatives Perlmutter, Polis, DeGette, Markey, Salazar and Senators Bennet and Udall have not offered a single word in our defense regarding TSA’s body searches. Do they care about our rights or will they continue to Ignore Colorado Voters and treat the Constitution as just a piece of paper. Will Republican Rep’s Coffman and Lamborn stand up for us? Will Obama?

Democrats, Independents and many Republicans gave Obama and Democrats Total Control in Washington.

We have waited 2 LONG YEARS for Obama to Right the Wrongs. Sadly it seems that Obama is to the Right Of Bush on obeying our Constitution, Bill of Rights and on Prosecuting High Level Officials who violated our Federal Laws such as Torture and war crimes.

Colorado Democrats in Washington Have Failed to Protect Us from officials who would violate our Constitution, Rights and Laws.

Homeland Security Chief Napolitano is now suggesting that we will have to also suffer these indignities on Trains, Buses, Ships and at Sporting and Entertainment Events and at all Federal Buildings. I and my family are native Americans. I served six years in the US Army. I have a clean record. Why do You or I have to Prove We Are Not Terrorists???

Canada is not adopting US style body searches because as Transport Minister Strahl said “Canadians have a right to be “treated properly and respectfully at airports”.…

Obama’s TSA daily forces 308 Million Americans to prove we aren’t terrorists because 19 foreigners attacked us many years ago. Now American men stand impotent as the genitals of our wives and children are viewed, pawed and groped. I AM A 46 YEAR DEMOCRATIC VOTER AND I AM WAITING FOR OUR STATE’S DEMOCRATIC DELEGATION TO DO SOMETHING TO CAUSE ME TO VOTE FOR THEM IN 2012.

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Join us.

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  1. redstateblues says:

    hurts my eyes.

    • Car 31 says:

      Hey, Kennedy – get over it.

      • wade norris says:

        a blogger points out the obvious problems with the TSA’s new policies and how our freedoms should be more protected under a democrat than a republican and so far, you guys are just piling on…

        At least the sensible people at Saturday Night Live get it…

        • redstateblues says:

          Another diary, another embedded video.

          Wade, you and JHK have a lot in common. Mostly formatting.

        • Car 31 says:

          So Obama is

          to the Right Of Bush on obeying our Constitution, Bill of Rights and on Prosecuting High Level Officials who violated our Federal Laws such as Torture and war crimes


          And the new security procedures are a violation of what enumerated Constitutional right for Americans?

          Is it the constitutional right not to be felt? The constitutional right of privacy? The right to anonymity?

          What rights are we giving up?

          The right to not be inconvenienced? The right to stuff bombs in our underwear? What about the right to bear arms?  

        • MADCO says:

          and you jump in to defend his myopia.

          As a political football it does not matter.

          If President Obama ordered TSA to cease and desist the scans and searches, the right would howl about security. If he allows Secretary Napolitano to keep her job and continue scanning and touching, the right will howl about how invasive and pointless it is.

          In the former scenario, and perceived security risk or threat will be tagged as D failure.  In the latter,  it is being tagged as D’s don’t get it. (And what’s the point if we’re going to allow the underwear bomber to lawyer up?

        • nancycronk says:

          Thanks for posting, Wade.

    • jpsandscl says:

      there does come a point where we have to wonder why are we doing all this. We will put ourselves through all this degradation, and the terrorists who really are out there to get us will simply look for where we’re not scanning, like the tens of millions of parcel freight that goes through the system unscanned every day. Those packages with real bombs made it to America despite scanning everyone in America who tries to walk on an airplane. But it would be prohibitively expensive and cost FedEx and UPS billions of profits to secure that system, so let’s just keep looking the other way.

      • droll says:

        we’ve stopped our lives, given away our freedoms, and let the terrorists win.  All for the illusion of safety.

        What’s interesting to me is that it takes someone under a bra to make people notice.

        Fortunately all anyone has to do to avoid losing this particular freedom is not fly.

        Unfortunately this seems to be another example of giving the people what they want.  It’s a raised tax.  Everyone (the majority is “everyone”) screams for 100% safety, but no one likes the process.  Want your city to have parks?  Pony up the cash.  In spite of JHK’s bold, most people seem to think this step “necessary” anyway.

        Mark Ruffalo and I have something in common now!

  2. RedGreen says:

    Maybe then people will get it.

  3. coloradowahine says:

    You either stop things from getting on a plane, or you stop people.  The alternative to invasive searching is invasive questioning.  I’m okay with the searching.  Five years ago a friend working for TSA said they regularly found box cutters, knives and guns in passenger’s carry-on bags.  That was 4 years post 9/11.  JK, I think you need a new cause.  There are probably a few other violations of our civil rights worthy of protest.

  4. MADCO says:

    At the airport there should be four lines. And two kinds of airlines.

    1) Don’t care- search me, search my stuff, question me, scan me, whatever.

    2) Only scan- no touching.

    3) Only touching – no scans.

    4) Nothing without probable cause.. No scans, no touching, no questions.

    Then the first kind of airline would be essentially what we have now- inspected and regulated by the federally funded FAA, federally funded air marshals  and security, luggage inspections, etc.

    The first three lines would get to fly on this type airline.

    The second type of airline would have no gov’t support except access to the airways and runways and FAA control only necessary to manage the first type and civil aviation. No air marshals, no security, no baggage checks, etc.

  5. allyncooper says:

    I just toss my “homeland security device” (a .41 magnum) in my car, pack my bags, and hit the road Jack….

  6. wow

    Seems like some of you bring a new meaning to the concept – “My Party… right or wrong”

    • droll says:

      Seems to me that while playing the fringe lunatic part, the actor could belong to either party.

      I’m so far left on national security that I’m right (big brother stays out of my business, please).

      What I don’t do is make a good case for psychiatric screenings instead of body ones.  Instead I have to go and counteract this kind of crap to fight for limits of the “it’s for national security” excuse for all kinds of much larger violations.

      Much like you bringing up unquestioned party loyalty; this isn’t really even in the top ten of things to argue for or about.  But at least your comment wasn’t completely nuts.

      Now, does suggesting that you aren’t nuts count as my good deed for the day?  Or like that and an elevator hold for will balance me out…

      • RedGreen says:

        Ali makes a good point. There are plenty of Obamacrats poo-pooing complaints about recent innovations in TSA screening who went ape shit over intrusive surveillance perpetrated by the Bush administration.

        And all the right-wing Drudge readers who decided now was the time to get mad about airport security were nowhere to be found when a Republican president authorized warrantless wiretapping on a breathtaking scale. Not to mention indefinite detention and other policies that would have set off the right if Obama had proposed them.

        There’s ample hypocrisy to go around.

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