TSA BLINKED! Opt Out a Win more than Media admits

The TSA Opt Out protest did not fail. It worked beautifully as TSA obviously Changed It’s Body Scanner Policy for the day. Reports from around the country indicate that TSA primarily used the metal scanners. It appears that at many airports the body scanners were turned off. Passengers were directed mostly to the metal scanners and did not have to make a choice between the body scanners or a pat down. The Media’s own reporting appears to indicate that. At some airports the body scanners were only used if other methods indicated a problem.

TSA BLINKED!  But the fight continues.

You should know that “citizens participating in Opt Out Day” were told that “The Safe and Legal Way for Airline Travelers to Protest TSA Scanner Radiation Is To Just “politely” Opt for the Pat Down. Don’t make a fuss. Be polite to the TSA people-They are just doing their job”, so no one literally would know that they were protesting while in the screening line. They just made a choice not to be harmed by the radiation of the scanner. The Opt Out Protest was a very low key personal effort in the first place. It took place each time an individual made a decision not to be scanned (the media didn’t see or care to see these individual acts of defiance).

The truth is that TSA changed its procedures on Wednesday to marginalize the Opt Out protests and the Major Media who wanted it to fail from the get go are pretending absolutely nothing happened. This is at least a small victory in the fight to preserve our 4th Amendment rights against being searched without cause. One day protests are very difficult to make successful, but

Opting Out is Working-KEEP IT UP right through New Years Day.

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  1. droll says:

    And you seem to be either exaggerating or lying.  I just heard on the morning news that most people at DIA just did what was fastest.  Same at LAX.  There was no special delay, meaning that even if you’re right and a ton of people DID protest, it didn’t make a difference.

    Was your goal delay or not?  All this has accomplished is making people think we’re all OK with a pat down.  I’m not.  Laws and hands of the law should stay off my body.  It’s a girl thing apparently.  Thanks a lot, jackass.

    • re: “All this has accomplished is making people think we’re all OK with a pat down.  I’m not.  Laws and hands of the law should stay off my body.”  No the Media is trying to do that.  We are correcting that misinformation.

      So, even though you are against the unconstitutional searches you are also against those that make the effort to protest these invasions of our person.

      Perhaps You should join in the protests.  

      We could use someone of your caliber.

    • redstateblues says:

      I thought that

      It is the Airline DELAYS that will change policy

      But yeah, enough goal post shifting and enough HTML encoding and it’s a VICTORY

  2. ColoDem Di says:

    Only a few travelers will require additional screening beyond the normal process we’re all used to.

    This gives recommendations on how to dress to avoid the extra layer of security.


    • redstateblues says:

      that’s not PROTESTY enough.

    • droll says:

      That wasn’t a joke I used before.  It was honest.

      A banana and some melons would be less fun this way.  But more showy!

      Hilarious that in the airport no one looked at her at all.  Go LA!  I thought the guy at the end checked her out, but it’s a depth thing.  He was actually just in front of her and looking at his bag.

      • ColoDem Di says:

        but it sort of takes away the element of suprise for the unsuspecting TSA agent.

        It does seem odd that the other travelers were oblivious to a woman in a bikini in an airport.  I suspect she’d get more attention in DIA.

        • Aristotle says:

          probably few people even saw here. She would have been pretty much obscured and blocked from view from all the other passengers except the ones right there next to her. Also, I think most passengers just try to get through the screening as quickly as possible and concentrate on remembering all the metal objects, shoes, jackets, laptops, etc that we have to put on the conveyor belt to be looking around to see who’s scantily clad.

    • EmeraldKnight76 says:

      The only time you are subjected to pat downs are if you refuse the scanners or the scanners set something off.

      When travelers get on an airplane to visit their families or for business, they want to feel confident their airplane will be as secure as possible.

      What I find unbelievable is why those who are offended by TSA practices insist on flying? There are other, less onerous, modes of transportation. You could always take the train or car where the groping is limited.

      But I guess there isn’t enough protesting and whining involved.

  3. Car 31 says:

    A mountain out of a molehill.

    A tempest in a teapot.

    Another example that Americans are the strangest birds in the nest.

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