Denver Councilman Hancock Will Run for Mayor

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Denver City Councilman and former Council President Michael Hancock (District 11) will seek to succeed Hickenlooper as the City’s Mayor, he announced Monday.

Denver’s District 11 includes Northeast Park Hill, Stapleton, Gateway, Montbello, Green Valley Ranch, Parkfield, and Denver International Airport.

According to his website, he is currently serving as Chairman of the Bond Implementation Committee, Vice Chairman of the Economic Development and a member of the Finance Committee.  He has served in numerous leadership posts since joining the Council, which include one term as President Pro Tem, and chairman of the Economic Development Committee.

Councilman Hancock is a Denver native and he and his twin sister are the youngest of 10 children.  He was educated in public schools, graduating from Denver’s historic Manual High School.  He attended Hastings College in Nebraska graduating with honors and a degree in Political Science.  He completed his graduate studies at the University Of Colorado Graduate School Of Public Affairs, earning a Masters of Arts degree in Public Administration Management.

Other official candidates are Councilman Doug Linkhart, city employee Danny Lopez and James Mejia, executive director of the Denver Preschool Program.

And of course, let’s not forget State Senator Chris Romer, who seems to be taking his time announcing, even though pretty much everybody knows its coming.

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  1. Laughing Boy says:

    Michael is brilliant, fair, super hard-working. and a very nice guy.  

    I’m one Republican that’s going to do what I can to help him.  Please, God – don’t let Chris Romer win this election.

  2. coloradowahine says:

    Wow LB.  Michael is a great guy, well-connected, well-spoken, capable, a consensus-builder.  He’s also politically savvy.  He’s a strong contender.

  3. Fidel's dirt nap says:

    Great candidate, has an early start, and has a good background.  Just curious as to all of your thoughts.

  4. coloradowahine says:

    You like Michael Hancock and James Mejia.

    Plus – “fargging icehole,” I’m using that one.  What did you do with the real LB?

  5. Voyageur says:

    I think she may be a strong contender between A-women’s groups

    B-Labor support

    C-good fund-raising and organization so far.

  6. WitnessProtectionForGeeks says:

    Who get’s to the runoff is the real question.

    I have not picked my candidate.  I know a few of them, but I don’t have strong feelings so I don’t know how much energy I’ll put in to the first round of the election.

    I know Romer best, have worked with Hancock a little, my friends seem to like Meija, and I personally like Linkhart the best (but that doesn’t mean he is the best choice and Carol is really solid.

    We’ll see what emerges for the runoff.

    My biggest fear is a self funded R business man getting to the runoff.

  7. Ray Springfield says:

    It will be a tough race. Mejia, Romer, Hancock, Linkhart and most assuredly Boigon from what I’m hearing.  

  8. coloradowahine says:

    … and that’s after 30 years in the C&C of Denver.  (I live in District 1).  She ran 8 years ago, strongly touted IIRC, but didn’t make the runoff.  Michael, James, Chris Romer, Doug Linkhart I know about. Come to think of it, I’m more familiar with Charlie Brown, Chris Nevitt, the Jeannes and Carla Madison than I am with Carol.  Wonder why that is.  Is she particularly low-profile?    

    • Dan Willis says:

      She ran for city council at-large and won (along with Linkhart) and is still there.

      Boigon was particularly involved with the successful effort to dismantle the Election Commission in early 2007.

    • RedGreen says:

      You’re probably thinking of Sue Casey, who ran in 2003 and was “strongly touted,” but didn’t finish well (she had 7 percent of the vote, behind Tate, Zavaras, Mares and Hickenlooper, in ascending order). Boigon and Linkhart both won at-large seats that year without a run-off.

      • coloradowahine says:

        I do know Carol’s name, and that she’s at-large city council.  Like I said, I’ve lived here and followed local politics for 3 decades.  I know much about many city council members, I know much about Chris Romer and James Mejia, and I know very little about Boigon.  

        • Voyageur says:

          I have super respect for her and we met last week to discuss the race.  Right now, she’s on my top two list (with Chris Romer) because they both understand the importance of education to the city’s future and economy.  The mayor doesn’t run the schools, of course, but we do have the identical set of taxpayers and borders, so it’s much easier to coordinate policy than, say, Aurora, where you have three school districts servicing a city that’s also divided in three counties.

          Boigon also is the only candidate in the race with a disability.  She is post polio and her right arm is paralyzed.  That means, like Bob Dole, she has to shake hands with her left hand.  She has actually been sniped at for that by people who don’t understand that she can’t use the right hand.

           But there is nothing wrong with the lady’s mind, that’s for sure. A woman chief executive is one mountain we’ve never climbed in Denver, and Carol just might do it.

  9. jpsandscl says:

    This is a difficult decision for me. I like Michael a lot. I think he has been a great councilperson for District 11. He has always been very responsive, he runs an efficient office and has been extraordinarily effective for our district and the city at large I believe.

    But I am most politically aligned with Doug Linkhart. I am also personally very fond of him. He is engaging and truly compassionate. And he has a very sharp intellect.

    I am not nearly as familiar with all the others, although their names are familiar to me. And I definitely DO NOT support Romer. I think he seems like a gad-fly, using his name recognition and camera whoring over high profile issues to keep his name in view. I liked his father as our Governor, but I can’t say as much for the son.

    So for me it is right now a hard choice between Michael and Doug. Any help?

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