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November 04, 2010 10:05 pm MST

Frank McNulty's House of Pain

  • by: Colorado Pols

The AP reports, bring the noise:

The Republican caucus elected Rep. Frank McNulty of Highlands Ranch to lead the House, where the GOP appears poised to win a razor-thin, 33-32 majority.

House Democrats said some votes still haven’t been counted, but acknowledged they would probably lose the majority.

State Bill Colorado adds:

Amy Stephens, R-Monument, as expected, was voted as the Republicans’ House majority leader.

In another important vote, Sen. Kent Lambert was voted by his caucus to the Joint Budget Committee. Al White, who previously served, wasn’t renominated.

Replacing the eminently reasonable Sen. Al White on the Joint Budget Committee with firebrand conservative Kent Lambert…isn’t going to make their work any easier, folks. We’ll soon learn just what an understatement that probably is. It looks like White has joined Don Marostica on the “RINO” bench, which is objectively bad for everybody who prefers grownup solutions.

In the meantime, check out the big title on McNulty! From what we know of some of the friends he brought with him to the new House majority, people will be reminding McNulty of his new title a lot.


23 thoughts on “Frank McNulty’s House of Pain

  1. As usual, here’s a prime opportunity for a party to show leadership. Over the last years with the Dems controlling the legislature, Republicans have relied on stonewalling and introducing partisan bills they knew would not survive. They made few, if any, attempts to work these bills into actual legislation.

    Will the Republicans take this opportunity to try and actually solve problems, or will they rely on reaching into the rubbish bin and reintroduce the radical agenda?

    Lambert?! Fuggetaboutit!

    IMHO, the choices made for House leadership and the JBC show that the Republican party continues to nurture their partisanship instead of recognizing the opportunity they now hold.

    Waller and Murray are reasonable folks, but Stephens and Nikkel are firebrands with little or no interest in governance.

    On a personal note, it is very, very sad to see Al White off the JBC and relegated to the sidelines. He is one of their best members, as was Marostica.

    1. I don’t like the idea that the Party of No keeps at it to the extent that they stall government at a state and national level, so I won’t assume they’ll do it.  Not like I have a say at this point anyway, right?  Here’s naively hoping.

      Spot on for the whole post though.  (Sighs for White)

          1. Al has been on JBC for four years (the longest serving member) but two of those years were from his days in the House. He’s up again in 2012.

            JBC now has four freshmen on it and Lambert with just one year – and the next chair (from the Senate) will be a novice member. This has NEVER happened in the JBC’s history, and it comes at a time when the committee is dealing with one of the worst budgets in history – as the governor-elect put it this morning – “the budget sucks.”

  2. the Republican leadership (such as it is) has effectively pushed and shoved every reasonable Republican I have had the privilege of working with out of the way save Ellen Roberts.  I hope she survives the onslaught.  

    1. Of course I’d rather have a Dem in that seat, but I actually love all the reasonable Republicans, so many of whom are women, who have been purged from the party ranks.

      Dotty Wham

      Lola Spradley

      Mark Larson

      Al White

      Don Marostica

      Etc., etc.

      I don’t like politicians of any stripe who are closed-minded. And that’s most elected Republicans these days.

    2. If she maintains rationality, Dems may be happy to have her to possibly attempt to get some bipartisanship.  However, the pressure to tow what will probably be a far right party line will be pretty heavy, I suppose.  

  3. he’ll hire Al White, a good guy more interested in solving problems than destructive politics. Plus, putting him on the cabinet would give Dems a chance to win that seat.

    1. Speaker of the House is technically elected by the whole body.  And in fact, the new majority isn’t even seated until January.  But I’m not sure you could find a House R ready to switch and Al White switching would only buttress the existing Dem majority in the Senate.

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