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“Americans detest all lies except lies spoken in public or printed lies.”

–E. W. Howe


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  1. ParkHill says:

    WOTD from the Atlantic: "The History of the “Riot” Report"

    "And you may find yourself,
    Living in a big white house.
    And you might ask yourself,
    How the F did I get here."

    The Kerner Report was published on March 1, 1968, but first it was leaked (probably by Ginsburg) to the Washington Post, which ran a story with the headline “chief blame for riots put on white racism.” It became an overnight best-seller. It sold more copies than the Warren Commission report, three-quarters of a million copies in the first two weeks alone.

    Civil-rights activists, expecting a whitewash, were stunned. “It’s the first time whites have said, ‘We’re racists,’ ” the head of core declared. Republicans rejected it. “One of the major weaknesses of the President’s commission is that it, in effect, blames everybody for the riots except the perpetrators of the riots,” Nixon said from the campaign trail. “I think this talk . . . tends to divide people, to build a wall in between people.” Conservatives deemed it absurd. “What caused the riots,” William F. Buckley, Jr., wrote, “isn’t segregation or poverty or frustration. What caused them is a psychological disorder which is tearing at the ethos of our society as a result of boredom, self-hatred, and the arrogant contention that all our shortcomings are the result of other people’s aggressions upon us.”

    In 1969, Harry McPherson, Johnson’s chief speechwriter, tried to explain what had so bothered Johnson about the Kerner Report. “It hurt his pride,” McPherson said, because it made it clear that Johnson had not, somehow, saved the Negro. But there was a bigger, sounder reason, he believed: “The only thing that held any hope for the Negro was the continuation of the coalition between labor, Negroes, intellectuals, . . . big city bosses and political machines and some of the urban poor. . . . In other words, it required keeping the Polacks who work on the line at River Rouge in the ball park and supporting Walter Reuther and the government as they try to spend money on blacks.” Middle-class whites didn’t give a damn, he thought, but blacks needed poor and working-class whites on their side. “Then a Presidential commission is formed and goes out and comes back, and what does it say? Who’s responsible for the riots? ‘The other members of the coalition. They did it. Those racists.’ And thereupon, the coalition says . . . ‘we’ll go out and find ourselves a guy like George Wallace, or Richard Nixon.’ ”

    That spring, Martin Luther King, Jr., was killed, and then Robert F. Kennedy. 


  2. davebarnesdavebarnes says:

    Are there any data showing how many people vote by mail and how many vote by dropping their ballot in the big steel box?

    • Duke CoxDuke Cox says:

      Data? Here's some…We (2) drop ours in the box.

      …it's a start.😁

    • The realistThe realist says:

      One more piece of data – dropbox wins every time. Eliminates brain damage of trying to figure out how much postage is needed. And if you live where I do, you avoid standing in line at the Post Box like the plague. 

      • Duke CoxDuke Cox says:

        I see what you did there…☺


      • DENependent says:

        I vote in the box as well. At least in Denver they are all over and I can *walk* to one in ten minutes instead of driving or biking to the post office.

        Also cheap. I won’t give up my meaningless protest vote, but darned if I’ll pay to do it.

        By the by: 538 reports that we are up 21% over 2016 in our primary voting. They attribute it mostly to opening things up to the independents.

        • kwtreekwtree says:

          Latest piece of deliberate voter misinformation: “ If you didn’t vote in the primary, you can’t vote in the general”. 

          That whopper is apparently all over social media, consumed by the same folks who follow chem trails, ancient aliens, and other c Ts.

          I heard this yesterday from a long lost family member, one of the many friend’s and neighborhood kids I “adopted” in the 80s. (I was one of those neighborhood moms). Needless to say, I’ll visit and get her and her entire voting age family registered ASAP. 

          Check the ideas of your extended social circle- and correct the lies when you can.

    • JohnInDenverJohnInDenver says:

      Sec of State had a release comparing in-person and "not" in-person:

      With a record-breaking 1,577,347 ballots returned to county election officials as of 11:30 p.m. Tuesday night, the 2020 state primary turnout is easily the largest of any state primary in Colorado’s history. Of all voted ballots, 99.3% were returned via mail or ballot drop box,

      I can't find a split between mail or drop box in a fast search of the Sec of State website.

      I did see one thing that surprised me …

      The State will reimburse counties for 100% of the costs, up to $10,000 per drop box, directly related to the purchase or installation of a drop box made after January 20, 2020 and beforeAugust 1st, 2020, including:

      • The cost of the box;
      • The cost of labor and supplies for installing the box;
      • The cost of video surveillance and associated equipment; and
      • The cost of labor and supplies for installing the video surveillance


    • davebarnesdavebarnes says:

      Drop box ballots and mail ballots get recorded the same way in the statewide voter registration system, so the Secretary of State does not have a ratio to provide you. Counties retrieve ballots, and some of them may track this information, but they are not required to report it to the Secretary of State. If you’d like to contact your county with your question, you can find contact information here:

      Thank you,

      Steven Ward
      Colorado Department of State
      Elections Division

      • JohnInDenverJohnInDenver says:

        The only other gimmick I could think of is in some counties, they pay the return postage, so that line item would give a rough approximation of how many ballots came by mail.

    • notaskinnycooknotaskinnycook says:

      Ours go in the box at Broadway Station.

  3. 2Jung2Die2Jung2Die says:

    Two more here. That almost gets us to statistical reliability or validity, or something like that.

  4. VoyageurVoyageur says:

    Ninety two days of this fascist swine

    And we  can hear him whine.

    Live this day in a loving way

    Then ninety one days 'til the sun will shine.

  5. VoyageurVoyageur says:

    Eastern Colorado lost a mainstay over the weekend.  My wife’s aunt, Margaret Faye Bunting, a Baca County rancher, succumbed to cancer.  She was 88, and never lost her love for the land and her family.

    Drought and dust can make Baca County a hard place to live.  But while it is no place for the weak, it is a place where the strong can find peace.

    We will miss her greatly.  Her daughter Judy and husband Arthur still carry on at the ranch, where once again the drought constrains the land.

    Life is hard.  And then you die.

    Pax vobiscum.

  6. JohnInDenverJohnInDenver says:

    Sorry to hear of the loss… for the good people, even 88 years is too short.

  7. DENependent says:

    More Democrats promoting Trumpers.

    Democrats are trying to help Kris Kobach get the Republican Senate nomination in Kansas. They betting that it is better for them to potentially help elect an outright nut than to have a harder campaign facing off a normally bad Republican. Wonderful.

    • JohnInDenverJohnInDenver says:

      Kobach has demonstrated he knows how to campaign and lose statewide in Kansas.  He may be slightly worse than the other Republican on policy and manners, but not enough to make a difference.  Horrible more likely to lose is better than Horrible with nice enough manners to not scare people.

  8. harrydobyharrydoby says:

    Crunch time for Trump and his lawyers fighting NY's Manhattan DA subpoena:

    "Plaintiff’s argument that the Mazars Subpoena is overbroad fails for the additional reason that it rests on the false premise that the grand jury’s investigation is limited to so-called 'hush-money' payments made by Michael Cohen on behalf of Plaintiff in 2016,” Vance wrote. “This Court is already aware that this assertion is fatally undermined by undisputed information in the public record.”

    At a telephone hearing last month, Marrero said he was inclined to move the court fight along even faster than the two sides had agreed to. However, he eventually agreed to that schedule, which contemplates another submission from Trump’s attorneys on Aug. 14. The judge could rule soon after that time based on the parties’ written arguments, or he could call a hearing to discuss the issues further.

  9. kwtreekwtree says:

    Diane Mitsch Bush is getting some good press.

    From RealVail “Mitsch Bush blasts Boebert for ties to far-right militia, white supremacists”

    from Montrose Press, a Letter to the Editor from Yvette Roberts – also in Aspen Daily News

    She also has a robust Twitter and Facebook presence.

    Two recent articles in Colorado Politics – one on her outraising Boebert ~ 4-1, The second is on her campaign staff, but most of it is behind a paywall.

    All this is making me feel better after her informative, but visually uninspiring, TREX interview. Then there’s the bad- to-neutral news. Most mainstream media outlets appear to be focusing on the mediagenic Boebert. Cute and crazy sells papers, apparently.

    Denver Post appears to be smitten with Boebert. A search for Diane Mitsch Bush on the Post website yields seven articles about Boebert, or the CD3 race.

    The Pueblo Chieftain is also not giving DMB any good press. She met with editorial board last February, but they did not endorse her.

    The Gazette also is focusing on the headline grabbing candidate, Boebert.

    Puebloans need to pressure the Chieftain to give DMB fair coverage.


    • The realistThe realist says:

      Well, Puebloans should try – but the Chieftain only likes Republicans – and customer-gouging investor-owned utilities (i.e. Black Hills Energy). I have been doing some phonebanking for DMB (and I don't live in CD3). I'm impressed with how organized the volunteer effort is, and how motivated Dems are in CD3. Until this past weekend we had been calling solely to recruit additional volunteers, and getting tons of new vols. The next round of calls will be to inactive Dems to get them on the road to voting this fall. Click the "Volunteer" link on her website, and pick your volunteer shifts!!

      • gertie97 says:

        The Chieftain would like her a lot more if she'd set up shop in Pueblo and get visible. The landscape is littered with 3rd CD Democratic candidates who took Pueblo for granted.


      • kwtreekwtree says:

        Thanks, realist. I’ve kind of soured on working within Dem party structure since they foisted Hick on us, but I’ll work on G O TV with individual candidates such as DMB. 

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