Ken Buck: Top Conservative

A lot has been made about our senate race being the top race this cycle in terms of money spent. The media and this site would have you believe that the big money has been spent in our state simply because it is a “dead heat.” Well I am here to say two things. This race is not a dead heat and they are wrong why the big “bucks” are rolling in.

The left is afraid of Ken Buck because they, like the conservatives in our state, recognize the political potential possessed by Ken. The left, rightfully so, are intimidated by the potential displayed by Buck and are hoping to thwart him before he is able to really gain momentum. Imagine how hard of a time the left is going to have of trying to beat Buck in six years when he has a solid voting record and has shown us all that he is not the “radical” the left has paid millions to portray him as.

I cannot think of a more solid conservative for the left to try and take down this year other than Marco Rubio in Florida. The reason they have not spent as much money in that race is because they would have to give it to an independant for them to have a chance to defeat Rubio.

I also believe there is another factor at play here as well though. Bennet is known as Obama’s rubber stamp and there is a lot of money to support a guy who will vote to support Obama at any cost. How bad does it look for the Democrats if they lose a race involving a major Obama supporter in a state they have loudly bragged about switching from red to blue in no time. I think it is really bad and Obama and Udall will be working hard to avoid similar fates in our great state.

With all these factors at play I think it is easy to see why we were the financial battleground this election and the democrats will be disappointed to have spent big money on a five point loss.  On November 3rd Colorado can be proud that they have elected a strong politician who will be a leader of our federal government for years to come.  

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  1. bjwilson83 says:

    Ken is here to stay.

  2. No2Dems says:

    We are electing a soon to be powerful leader to represent our great state and our party! I wish all republicans could be Ken Buck!

    • Car 31 says:

      in your fantasy world, how, if Buck wins, he becomes a powerful leader? He’ll be a junior Senator who most likely will be in the Senate minority.

      He/you may think he’s powerful, but in reality, he’s just another minority Senator in the party of no.

      • No2Dems says:

        Grid iron lock the Obama administration down for two years and start repairing the damage after we take the presidency in two years.

        Think of Obama as a flood in your basement. A pipe breaks and starts flooding yiur basement. (last two years of Obama) First you shut off the leak. (today’s election) make sure it is sealed and the pipe will hold. (the next two years of preventing Obama’s agenda) Clean up all the stinky water (holding republicans accountable) Finally we start fixing the drywall and carpet of the basement. (republican president leading the way to cut spending and repealing obamacare)

        Yes, but all senators start off as junior senators. Buck will have an impact as a junior senator, and then will slowly rise up the chain of power based off of his solid conservative values.  

        • Car 31 says:

          Didn’t answer my question, but whatever.

          How about this?

          Think of the Republicans as a giant shit in your toilet.

          You want to get the shit flushed (the Bush legacy), but the shit amazingly gets bigger (today’s election). You want the shit to go away, but this turd isn’t letting you do anything (the party of no). For two years you battle with this shit, and because you’ve got this shit on your mind (politics), on your hands (economy) and in your house (financial markets), nothing gets done (Republican Congress).

          Your mortgage suffers, your health suffers and your mental health suffers (American people) because nothing is getting done because of this giant, smelly turd (Republicans)!

          Finally, after two years of nothing but battling shit, a big strong plumber (the American voters) comes in and flushes that shit away (2012 elections) and you’re able, once again, to start rebuilding your life (American economy).

  3. IndyNinja says:

    Do you have anything to back up this assertion? Or is it just more hot air?

  4. IndyNinja says:

    On November 3rd Colorado can be proud that they have elected a strong politician who will be a leader of our federal government for years to come.  

    For once, I agree with you.

  5. GalapagoLarry says:

    by a pitiful Colorado TeaPublican.

    Agreed: Bennet has a long career ahead of him as our elected Senator.

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