Who’s It Gonna Be for VP?

We’re one week away from Democrat Joe Biden’s self-imposed deadline for choosing a running mate this fall. Readers of Colorado Pols have had California Sen. Kamala Harris as the frontrunner in each of our two previous polls. Will Biden pick Harris, who seems to be the “safe” choice, or will he go with someone who is less of a national name (say, Rep. Karen Bass?)

Professional oddsmakers still have Harris and former National Security Adviser Susan Rice as the favorites, with Sen. Tammy Duckworth and Bass closing fast. But what do YOU think?

As always, we want to know what you believe will happen here — not what you want to happen or who you personally might support. If you had to place a bet — right now — on who will be selected to be Biden’s running mate, where would you put your money?

*Note: Biden has already promised to choose a woman as the Democratic Vice Presidential nominee.

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Who Will Joe Biden Choose as His Running Mate?
Kamala Harris
Susan Rice
Karen Bass
Tammy Duckworth
Michelle Obama
Elizabeth Warren
Stacey Abrams
Gretchen Witmer
Tammy Baldwin
Keisha Lance Bottoms
Michelle Lujan Grisham
Val Demings
Gina Raimondo
Someone Else
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  1. harrydoby says:

    I think Karen Bass is a great congresswoman, but I think this is not what we need right now as VP.  While Kamala Harris may seem too ambitious, I think she'd be ready in four years should Biden win, but decide not to seek a second term.

    Here is the main knock, as it were, on Bass:

    Bass lacks the political operation and national network of top rivals for the job. But she’s also made clear that, like Biden, she could be viewed as a transitional figure in the Democratic Party who currently harbors little interest in seeking the White House herself when he leaves office.

  2. RepealAndReplace says:

    Who should be his VEEP?   Susan Rice

    Who will be his VEEP?    Kamala Harris

  3. davebarnes says:

    I want Tammy Duckworth so Fat Donnie™ can say: I like soldiers who have both of their legs.

  4. Voyageur says:

    Val Demings on the ticket locks up Florida.  And Florida locks up the election!


  5. CDW says:

    I'll be very disappointed if he chooses Harris.  Would like to see Rice or Duckworth.

    • RepealAndReplace says:

      Duckworth would do a number on Cadet Bone Spurs.

      And she would probably "out" the incumbent VEEP, Miss Thing.

      Duckworth is definitely in my top three.

  6. Meiner49er says:

    Whoever gets the nod should have the executive experience necessary to take over the job long before January 2025. That narrows the list considerably, and is probably why Harris gets the nod (that, and she was the one the Clintons always wanted to be POTUS).

  7. OpenSpace says:

    Rice – never run for office before, entire experience is  in foreign relations and she will revive Benghazi. More likely to be next Secy of State

    Duckworth – compelling hero story but politically centrist and not dynamic on stump. More likely to be Secy of VA

    Bass- liberal and effective legislator but wont run for prez in 24, denying Dems incumbency power. No reason to select her.

    Bottoms – dynamic speaker, compelling story but as 2 yr mayor will people buy that she is qualified on day 1?

    lujan Grisham – former Health Secy, congresswoman and now governor. Could help Latino vote where Biden is weak. Dark horse ?

    Harris – vetted in national campaign , compelling story/speaker, trailblazer. Liberal. Would not be seen as an objective AG now.  Still strongest candidate who can be ready to run in 24

  8. CDW says:

    @openspace. What makes you think Harris is a trailblazing liberal?  She never defined herself during the primary. In fact she seemed to have her finger to the wind testing which way it was blowing, which is one reason, but certainly not the only reason she didn't make it to the end of the trail.  

    • Conserv. Head Banger says:

      Semantically speaking, you may be mis-reading openspace's post…..

      "vetted in national campaign (comma) compelling story/speaker (comma) trailblazer (period)"   then……"Liberal (period)"

      • OpenSpace says:

        Yes to commas

        Trailblazer in that she was the first woman and first AA as California attorney general (might be the same for her DA position) and presently only AA woman senator.

        Her voting record is very liberal but I agree she stumbled in the presidential race as she seemed less prepared on health care than she should have been. I think that experience though will help her perform better in 2024

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