Bennet Calls Wrong Radio Station

What the hell is wrong with Bennet’s campaign folks?  Apparently this morning they had him call into Peter Boyles’ radio show.

As everyone who knows Denver Radio knows, Peter Boyles has had it in for Bennet, Ritter, Hickenlooper and virtually anyone who has a “D” after their name for the past several years.  Bennet has successfully avoided Boyles’ radio show since he was appointed US Senator, so why, one may reasonably ask, did he call in this morning?

Whatever the reason, he did call in and the “interview” went exactly as one may have guessed it would have.

Here is a link to the story on PoliticalWire which has a link to the audio:…


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  1. jW says:

    But I actually think Peter Boyles screwed that one up as well.

    Why go straight to talking about Gov. Ritter quitting? I don’t listen to his show, so maybe it was in reference to an earlier discussion, but after attempting to get Bennet on his show “hundreds of times” wouldn’t you expect he’d have more appropriate questions that didn’t focus on Ritter?

    He seemed as ill-prepared as Bennet did and missed a great opportunity to ask some tough questions.

    Weird interview.

    • MADCO says:

      I think Bennet just wanted to call around and GOTV.  I didn’t sense any desire to stump or get into Boyles’s conspiracy theories.

      I was a little surprised Boyles didn’t ask the Senator abotu John Benet  or that guy in JeffCo who was charged with attempted murder. Or Obama’s birth certificate.

      • No2Dems says:

        Avoiding his show and all other non-softball media is not a conspiracy theory. It is actually a big factor why he has been unsuccessful and unpopular. Well one of the reasons at least.  

  2. VoyageurVoyageur says:

    you have a lot of cheek giving him advice on how to run his campaign!

    • MADCO says:

      Bennet called the “wrong” station to send a message.

      To someone somewhere. About something.

    • Arvadonian says:

      Christine O’Donnell either, but I sure as hell would have advised her to not start the general election campaign by declaring “I’m not a witch”.

      • VoyageurVoyageur says:

        Why, as a loyal Tory, you believe George Washington made a big mistake by crossing the Delaware…

        And how, as a loyal Confederate, you believe Robert E. Lee should not have attacked on the third day at Gettysburg…

        and…well, you get the idea 😉

         Con su permissio, we’ll take our advice from those who wish us well.

        • Arvadonian says:

          then that you think Bennet sounded great in his interview with Boyles?  Perhaps with your advice Bennet would have been booked on Sean Hannity and Rush Limbuagh also?

          • VoyageurVoyageur says:

            But I do believe that Senator Bennet should take advice from people who want the Democratic Party to win, and who want Senator Bennet and Rep. Perlmutter to win — not from “Don’t vote for Democrats because a victory for Buck and Frazier will do wonderful things to advance the gay agenda in the year 2525” shills.  There is such a thing as losing your credibility with Democrats when you start shilling for Republicans, no matter how bizarre and tortuous your reasons.  c.f. ProtestintheStreets.

            • Arvadonian says:

              voyageur, had Bennet, Perlmutter, Obama and the rest of the democratic party taken my advice over the last two years, they would have had my vote.

              As it stands, they didn’t take my advice and they didn’t get my vote.

              My life as a gay man in Arvada, Colorado hasn’t changed a bit since the election of Barack Obama—legally I still don’t count (except when it comes time to pay taxes, then I count as a whole citizen).  You are happily going along your way while gays and lesbians are still being bounced from the military (more great news for you today with the court granting Obama’s request to continue kicking out gays and lesbians while his appeal of the overturning of DADT proceeds—that should bring a smile to you and all of you who want us to vote for your issues but don’t really give a shit about equality); LGBT people are being forced to choose between their jobs and caring for their sick partners because we are not covered by FMLA; LGBT people are being canned from their jobs for being LGBT and have no recourse with the EEOC.  Is Ken Buck or Ryan Frazier going to take up our cause—no, of course not…..but, as they has shown us, neither is Michael Bennet or Ed Perlmutter….and Barack Obama doesn’t give a shit either.

              So eat, drink and be merry Voyageur….for tonight your candidates lose….and misery loves company.

              • VoyageurVoyageur says:

                Ed Perlmutter won pretty big, despite your little tantrum.  Fortunately, every other GBLT I knoiw was an adult and voted for Perlmutter and Bennet.  Too early to tell how Bennet works out, but it’s clear your vote won’t make a difference.   It’s also clear that if Buck wins, he’ll vote a solid anti-gay agenda.  You will be so proud.

              • sxp151 says:

                You already said Bennet and Perlmutter were good on gay rights, it’s just that Obama wasn’t. Fine.

                What could Bennet and Perlmutter have done differently to earn your vote?

      • DavidThi808DavidThi808 says:

        If you’re not an enthusiastic Bennet supporter then some Bennet people don’t want to hear anything from you. Personally, I think they should consider anyone who’s offering helpful suggestions.

  3. EmeraldKnight76 says:

    He could have called any station, and said all the right things. It still wouldn’t have mattered to you.

    You would still be punishing him for something the president did or didn’t do.

    But hey, thanks for the heads up. I’ll have to listen to the interview when I get a chance.

  4. FacelessVoid says:

    But I actually think Peter Boyles screwed that one up as well

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  5. PERA hopeful says:

    I bet his people dialed the wrong station and he was as surprised as Boyles when they were connected.

    And Boyles didn’t start with questions about Ritter; he started with Stephanie Villafuerte, for God’s sake.  “Why did you vote for Stephanie Villafuerte?”  Like voters in Colorado are holding off on voting until they hear Bennet’s opinion of a US Attorney nominee who withdrew before a Senate hearing.  Yeah, that’ll cost Bennet a lot of votes.

    I enjoyed the way it ended: “You’re familiar with Cory Voorhis, aren’t you?”  “I gotta go, bye.”

    I used to listen to Boyles.  What on earth was I thinking?

  6. Ray SpringfieldRay Springfield says:

    He’s just finsihed a bus tour around the state.

    He sounded like he’s losing his voice.

    That’s not surprising.

    • No2Dems says:

      It was more i don’t know what to say I have no answers or I am an idiot than anything else. However, I thought his style of speech sounded a little different possibly a little delayed if you will. You can tell that he has never honestly had to answer those questions before. What a joke. I am sure “it is of little concern to him!”

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