DSCC’s Final Plays

From The Hill, the latest spending reports show where Democrats think they need it–as in here:

The spending included $425,000 against Republican Ken Buck in Colorado; $610,000 against former Rep. Pat Toomey (R) in Pennsylvania; $270,000 against Republican Dino Rossi in Washington state; and $163,550 against Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska).

In the first three races, polling shows they are too close to call. And Democrats sense an opportunity in Alaska: if Murkowski’s write-in bid causes her and Republican nominee Joe Miller to split the GOP vote, it could give Democrat Scott McAdams the win.

We know Pennsylvania has leveled at a tied race along with Colorado, but there are much larger media markets to cover there helping explain the somewhat larger investment. And we can tell you confidently that the Washington Senate race is not going to be as tight as ours. If there was anything more you needed to be convinced Colorado’s is the battleground race that all eyes will be on tomorrow, here you go.


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  1. Libertad says:

    But Buck takes this by 4 points is my new call. New news in from southern Colorado is the basis of this updated number.

    The GOP is out returning the Dems by 6%+ and the Indies are turning out 60-40 for the GOP. Have you killed off enough 35-45 year old station wagon driving suburban mothers? We’ll see, but I’m betting not.

  2. dwyer says:

    I predict a republican win for both senate and governor.

    The democrats don’t have a good ear for the “street.”

    1) Bennet is park hill colorado and doesn’t hear beyond that reference group.  Most straight men may well support abortion rights and gay rights, but they are a bit uneasy with these topics and to hear them constantly, is simply a turn off.  Bennet has lost the male vote, big time.

    2) Maes allowed Tancredo to slide without any criticism, a point I made weeks ago.

    3) Hickenlooper appealed to the female vote; but men don’t want a “helping hand.”  They want someone who is going to help them get the “bastards.”

    I think that Obama’s problem is different.  Obama is what is known as someone who grew up in the Third Culture. …

    American kids who were raised abroad because their parents were in the military or the diplomatic corps or worked overseas for corporations.  Third Culture kids (and as an army brat, I qualify) miss cues…because they really don’t know typical middle class culture in the US. So they (we) spend inordinate amount of time trying to understand, analysis, or reconcile what we are experiencing as adults what other people learned as kids.

    I think what Obama tried to do was consolidate his democratic party support.  He presumed that the Clintons were his natural rivals.  I think his choice of HIllary for SofS was brilliant. But, I think that he thought that he could replace the clinton party structure with his own….OFA.  Big mistake.  Because Obama needed the very states which Clinton won and those states became the foundation for the tea party.  Obama needed Carvelle in the White House, he needed Howard Dean, he needed people who had an “ear” for the party and for the American people.  The dems lost in Colorado because the party structure sat on its hands.  It was Clinton terrority and Obama did not woo, it tried to steam roll.  Ditto for Arkansas and Pennsylvania.

    The biggest mistake which Obama made was his beer party at the White House.  He alienated police all over the country. He did not “hear” nor understand how middle class was reacting to the situation.

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