Buck: Lose Your House if You Don’t Have Health Insurance

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Time and again, Ken Buck has sided with big business over Colorado families. Now, Buck argues that healthcare reform should be repealed and he has provided only vague details on keeping healthcare affordable for working families.  

During the October 15 ABC/Chamber of Commerce debate, ABC news correspondent Jake Tapper pushed Buck to provide real details of his healthcare proposal.  His response? Scary at best.

Buck’s campaign claims that healthcare reform is a system that, “Infringes on personal freedom, violates states’ rights, will ration medical care and could potentially bankrupt our country.”  Although his critique is baseless, it seems that Ken Buck envisions a system where private, profit-earning insurance companies can violate personal freedom and bankrupt American families.

Hasn’t big business already done enough harm to America’s working families?  Wall Street has destroyed retirement funds, big banks have torn communities apart with foreclosures and now Ken Buck wants to give health insurance companies the power to come after our homes, cars and bank accounts.

Colorado families cannot afford Ken Buck. Literally.

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  1. H-man says:

    Bank bailouts? Sure thing.

    13 Trillion in debt? You bet.

    Cash from banks to bankroll his campaign after he voted for weak bank regulation? Coming right up.

    That is what we love about our appointed Senator.  Always looking out for the little guy.

    • droll says:

      A word about health insurance.

    • sxp151 says:

      and Buck would have voted to filibuster it, like all other Republicans in the Senate did.

      The way Buck tries to be on both sides of every issue is kind of funny, unless you actually care about something besides winning elections.

    • SSG_Dan says:

      …the truth of matter is//the real thing we need to talk about//what about the record on//etc etc etc.

      You’d make a damn outstanding propaganda minister in a communist country, they way you change the subject and try and deflect criticism.

      Buck is a swivel-mounted dickhead con-man who will say anything to get elected. Thinking beforehand is not necessary…

    • raymond1 says:

      Bank bailouts? Sure thing.

      13 Trillion in debt? You bet.

      Right, when Bush rang up most of that debt, and pushed for TARP, that sure was an outrage!

      That is what we love about our appointed Senator.  Always looking out for the little guy.

      Um, Bennet arrived only after Bush rang up most of that debt and passed TARP. Setting aside the oddity of blaming Bennet for Bush’s bads: do you actually think that if Buck were in the Senate in 2001-08 he, alone among Republicans, would’ve stood up to the Bush tax cuts and Bush war spending that are responsible for most of the debt?

    • MADCO says:

      In fact, the bank bailouts and TARP  were Bush’s farewell gift. And Tancredo voted for TARP.

    • Gilpin Guy says:

      It was my understanding that the TARP bill passed in the previous Congress when Michael Bennet wasn’t in the Senate.  Are you so addled by the polls not showing Kenny Boy Buck with an insurmountable lead that you have sunk down to being a regular Republican shill lying about the facts.

      You should have been doing more GOTV and less chest thumping.  Kenny Boy could pull it out but he could also flame out.  He has run a stinker of a campaign since he had to start courting non-crazy people.

  2. ajb says:

    When interviewed on KCFR (cpr.org) Buck said that if you don’t have health insurance, you should have serious assets at risk, like your house.

    That’s so 2008, don’t ya know… Those were the days. Get sick, go bankrupt.

  3. State Line says:

    (as we all will at one point or another)

    what do you expect, under the current health care system?

    Your medical providers are going to come after you to pay for the medical services they’ve provided to you. Docs don’t work for free, and neither do hospitals – Duh!

    That’s the whole point of a single payer system: eveyone pays in, every shares in the risk pool, everyone gets medical care. Pretty simple, really.

    I’m pretty much a libertarian guy – but I’m smart enough to know I need to be prepared for medical contingencies. And if I’m not, someone’s going to come after my assets.

    The problem with Buck is he views it all as a Darwinian system, in which the poor and vulnerable get screwed.

    That’s not my America.

  4. Aristotle says:

    I’d say that’s a successful troll. Nice job H.

    • Gilpin Guy says:

      so how can one pass up the chance to rub his nose in his own shit?

      The pressure is getting to him and the mask is starting to slip.  After all these weeks and weeks of boasting about what a beating Kenny Boy was going to administer to Bennet, Shill-man is starting to doubt his own propaganda.

      The last laugh comes Tuesday night.  Shill-man or the Polsprogressives.  It is the best race in the country.  Cranky amatuer John McCain impersonator versus a rational Democrat.  Only in America can this be a close race.

  5. ColoDem Di says:

    78% of those people DID HAVE health insurance.  What else should the medical providers and insurance companies go after?  Sell the kids’ organs to the highest bidders?

    Isn’t that the very reason people wanted SOME SORT of health care reform?


    And he calls himself a Christian?  What a dickweed.

  6. Gilpin Guy says:

    Nobody seems to want to poll or talk about Amendment 63.

    There has been absolutely no propaganda for or against this amendment.  It will be interesting to see the outcome when there has been no energy by either side regarding this issue.  If it passes then it is more ammo for the lawsuit.  If it fails then Republicans won’t be able to claim that it is unpopular.  

    I don’t think Republicans put much time or money into it because they know that it could backfire. They are just hoping that the voters really are angry that insurance companies can’t deny them coverage and will vote based on anger.

  7. Froward69 says:

    in 2008 I had Health Insurance… the insurer then told me i needed to buy a different policy as my current policy would not cover Work related injury. (Self employed small business owner here.)

    So I skipped a payment and scheduled a Medical exam the very next month to purchase from a different company that was 1) less expensive  and 2) WOULD cover work related injury.

    Don’t ya know my appendix burst two days before that medical exam!

    So I was not covered for emergency Medical Surgery. much less Work related injury. SO I got stuck with my very own bill. $27,000 I have been making payments. yet the Surgeon double billed me the Anesthesiologist did also.  While arguing about the double bills they both sued me and placed leans on my house.

    So you Mr Buck feel this is appropriate?

    I almost died for fear of the goddamn bill. I am not in fear of losing my house but I also have the megar means to pay it off slowly.

    you mr Buck would let your fellow countrymen suffer and lose the American dream just for getting sick! you make me sick Mr Buck. How selfish does one have to be, to be so flippant towards the plight of others.

    unborn babies you are all for protecting… once We are born? we are on our own.

    BTW “OBAMACARE” Guarantees prenatal medical for expectant Mothers. You would place the Unborn at risk with repeal too?

    FUCK BUCK!!!

    If Buck Wins we will be truly screwed!!!  

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