Buck, Gardner ‘Wanting to Come Here and Campaign with Us,’ Says Boebert

Photo via Colo GOP

UPDATE 7/8: Gardner appeared with Boebert July 7 at a campaign stop in Colorado, with Boebert wearing her gun and no mask, and Gardner with a mask and no gun. (first reported by Jesse Paul of the Colorado Sun)



Lauren Boebert’s unorthodox splash into Colorado politics, with no mask on her face and a gun on her hip, has sparked chatter among political experts about whether respectable Republicans, who must win over Colorado’s left-leaning independent voters in November, will campaign with Boebert.

Boebert shed one ray of bright light on the question when she told KNUS host Steffan Tubbs last week that Colorado Congressman Ken Buck and Colorado Sen. Cory Gardner, both Republicans, want to hit the campaign trail with her.

Boebert’s is running to represent a sprawling district, mostly in southwestern Colorado, parts of which are clearly Trump country, as well as gun-friendly.

But those issues, combined with Boebert’s eye-furrowing openness to QAnon conspiracy theories, defiance of pandemic-related public health orders and mask-wearing recommendations, hardline pro-gun positions, and more put her at odds with the sensibility of the dense bloks of independent front-range voters Gardner must win over if he’s to prevail over Democrat John Hickenlooper in November.

Trump liked Boebert so much that, upon hearing of her victory over Tipton, the president reportedly told an aid, “You know, with her winning, I think it’s safe to say we just won Colorado.”

Asked by KNUS’ Tubbs about her campaign plan, Boebert said she’s got a “strong ground game,” which she is “going to ramp up.”

“We already have Ken Buck wanting to come here and campaign with us, Senator Cory Gardner,” she said on air. “I am scheduled to speak with Senator Ted Cruz today. And I spoke with Jim Jordan and Thomas Massie, all of these great Congressmen with the Freedom Caucus. They are excited and want me to join and be a member of the Freedom Caucus with them. And they want to help us! “They want to help us with this ground game, do some fundraising, come to our district, see our people. And you know it’s really exciting that there is so much support from all over the country wanting to come and help us in the Third Congressional District.” https://soundcloud.com/bigmedia-org/boebert-gop-nominee-for-co-03-discusses-her-campaign-support-from-gardner-buck-et-al

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  1. JohnInDenver says:

    Seems like an INTERESTING campaign… appeal to the right-est wing-iest portion of the Republican party — Gym Jordan, Thomas Massie, Ted Cruz.  Add the RMGO &Neville clan.  Make ambiguous remarks about QAnon.  Go to South Dakota to mix with the Bikers for Trump chapter there.  Mix in a "team" approach to running the campaign, with Kristi Burton Brown and two others from out of the district. 


  2. Barron X says:

    On 7 July, Ms. Boebert believes that not wearing a mask is a sign of defiance of government health officials who exceed their authority and infringe on constitutionally guaranteed freedoms.  She figures that she can’t get sick, and maybe figures she already has antibodies from a past symptom-free infection. 

    I predict that, on 6 October, not wearing a mask will mean something completely different, even to her.  That is based on my unsupported assumption that, in 13 weeks, someone she is close to will have gotten very sick.  With regret I confess that, by that time, I believe almost everyone who is not following CDC guidelines will know someone close to them who got very sick. 

    More than 35% of the US population is in a high-risk situation, due to age, co-morbidities or other risk factors (i.e., first responders.)  The 16% of Americans who are 65 or older account for 80% of the COVID deaths.  But the other 20% who have died are younger than 65. 

    Going out on a limb, I further predict that at least 1% of candidates at every level will be forced to drop out this cycle due to illness.  I think the days when a comatose US Senator rolls to reelection are gone.  It’s hard to find projections going out that far, but from what I’ve found, I think it’s realistic to assume 200,000 deaths by then, the better part of 1 Million cumulative hospitalizations, and approaching 4 Million serious illnesses treated at home, due to COVID.  1% of the entire population.  Based on current data, I predict that half of these victims are in skilled nursing facilities, and half are not. If, God forbid, evil actors intentionally spread the disease, which is probably easy to do, then it could be worse. 

    For those folks who view this as a community problem, to be dealt with as a community of individuals who look out for the welfare of other community members, it’s not so bleak.  But for those lone wolf, self-reliant go-it-alone-ers, this is going to look like the end of the world.  Which, for certain religious groups, is exactly what they have been looking forward to. 

    There may even be gang-style raids and shoot-outs over therapeutics.  Facing this, it really, really matters who our leaders are.

    • Duke Cox says:

      It is good to have you back, Barron. A very important and thoughtful comment. 

      The Republican party you once knew is gone. The same can be said of the Democratic party, but they are still marginally functional, without obstruction. Both establishments are slow to face it.

      War is imminent. The size and scope of the battleground remains to be seen.I think compromise on racial matters is practically impossible without, as you suggest, some seriously good leadership. I think it still exists in the the Democratic party, but I should rather say, “capable”, than good. If the Democrats can focus on the BIG social issue…the disparity of wealth in society… they can get a crack at voting sanctity, campaign honesty, business integrity, and the rest of the many ailments in our country.

      For whatever reason, the money brokers and powerful decision makers in the Republican party have given themselves over to leadership by the malleable, rather than leadership by the competent.




    • JohnInDenver says:

      Thanks for your sense of what seems likely….

      For what it is worth … IMHE, the Bill Gates supported group at U of W, has one of the most consistently cited set of stats.  They say COVID-19 deaths based on scenario by November 1, 2020…  Scenarios spelled out …

      Current projection -208,255

      Universal Masks – 162,807

      Mandates Easing – 215,431

      [and IMHE numbers are in a range, and their "announced" numbers have thus far been consistently low]


  3. Diogenesdemar says:

    At this point, Gardner is so much toast that, “whadaya’ got to lose?” . . .

    (. . . plus he might pick up a couple of useful pointers on how to pose, just so, with his hands on the hips. And, tighter jeans.)

    . . . And, just the latest in a long line of gun-huggin’ fluffy pretties for Ken’s collection . . .

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