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October 19, 2010 08:24 AM UTC

What Happens in Washington Stays in Washington!

  • by: colawman

Ken Buck has proven to be an accessible candidate, consenting to appearances on talk shows and television. Many of these appearances could best be described as entering a lion’s den.  Buck has certainly acquired the scars of a candidate willing to run the gauntlet of a lengthy campaign that has garnered national attention.

As a result of his most recent foray into the lion’s den he is being excoriated by the liberal blogosphere and the main stream media. His appearance on Meet the Press with David Gregory was a well scripted partisan attack.  Gregory unashamedly set aside journalistic ethics to pursue an agenda designed to benefit Buck’s opponent in the Colorado senate race.

Ken Buck will most assuredly continue to be amenable to requests from media regardless of the pitfalls.  That is a good thing as voters have a predilection toward a candidate who avails themselves to close scrutiny.  So how has Buck’s opponent responded to requests for access and scrutiny?

Michael Bennet, the appointed junior senator from Colorado, refuses to appear on popular conservative radio talk shows in Colorado such as Mike Rosen, Caplis and Silverman, and Peter Boyle.  Senator Bennet understands the danger of entering the lion’s den and does not possess the courage or confidence to take on the lions.  Bennet’s weakness stands in stark contrast to Buck who enters all arenas undaunted by the challenges.

Bennet understands the cost benefit ratio of such transparency.  He has determined nothing is to be gained by subjecting himself to pointed questions on his controversial voting record.  Case in point; Bennet previously stated he would be willing to lose his job for his vote for Health Care legislation.  His actions during the campaign belie his previous statement.   Bennet has chosen to run from his record in an attempt to hold on to the very job he boastfully offered to sacrifice.

While in Washington Bennet is proud of his loyalty to President Obama and Harry Reid. In Colorado he presents a different persona.  Like an unfaithful husband who returns home to his wife, indiscretions are hidden to avoid the discovery of one’s infidelity.  Since the primary Bennet has forestalled a visit by the person who is responsible for his betrayal to his constituents, President Obama.

Bennet recognizes that his infidelity and violation of a trust bestowed upon him by the people of Colorado would result in certain dissolution.  As in any affair, actions not only hint at the unfaithfulness they allow for a proper conclusion that overwhelms the ubiquitous lies and deception accompanying such unfaithfulness.

Bennet’s actions appear to be symptoms of a much larger problem.  His cynical belief that he knows what is best for the citizens of Colorado mirrors the flawed thought process of one of history’s infamous characters:

“Love to my country actuates my present conduct, however it may appear inconsistent to the world, who very seldom judge right of any man’s actions.” Benedict Arnold  c. 1780

While Bennet is certainly no traitor, his actions suggest that he serves an ideal rather than the people of Colorado.  There can be no other explanation for his duplicitous actions.

Bennet’s entire campaign has been defined by his need to conceal what the Denver Post called a “spineless” record in Washington DC.  His recent “endorsement” by the Denver Post was more of a reprimand than a validation of his fitness to serve as a senator.

Ken Buck undoubtedly will continue to be accessible and transparent while we continue to be reminded by Michael Bennet that; what happens in Washington stays in Washington.


23 thoughts on “What Happens in Washington Stays in Washington!

  1. In some ways how they have run their campaigns is an insight into how they view the world.

    Buck thinks he is right in the focus of his campaign, going back to DC to put the country’s fiscal house in order.  He believes that if he communicates that truth, even in the home of one who would have him as his enemy, it is the price to be paid for what is more important than their love, communicating that message.  The willingness to pay that price is consistent with his background and who he is as a person. A football player pays a heavy price in time, injury and missing out on other things to make it to the field on Saturday.

    Bennet did not earn the title of Senator.  It was given to him.  He has a privileged past and a sense of entitlement.  How many kid do you know went to college where his father was the President of the College?  He believes based on his experience that he can buy things and they will be his. By being privilged Bennet has gone through life without having to learn some of its more humbling lessons.

    Loyalty is not bought, it is earned.  Respect is not bought, it is earned.  This election will not be bought, both parties are eqaually well financed, it must be earned.  Bennet believes he does not have to earn anything, for it can be bought.  By refusing to show up on what he perceives to be unfriendly media  he has done one thing which I would have thought impossible, putting David in the same league as Fox.

    Bennet apparantly believes if he can paint Buck as extreme, if can say all of the things that the people of Colorado want to hear they will send him back to DC.  What Bennet has failed to learn is that while people would prefer candidates that agree with them on all issues, they will only vote for people who on a basic level they like.

    People don’t like disloyalty.  If Bennet really thought that the healthcare he voted for was good, not defending it now is not loyal.  If he really thinks Obama has it right, not defending him now is not loyal. Running from Obama now is cowardly.  What this really means is Bennet never learned you go home with the girl you brought to the dance.  When you come from a privileged background maybe you don’t need to.  If you are the girl being courted by Bennet, you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

    Colorado voters don’t like people with a sense of entitlement and they do like people who have to earn everything they get. On a gut level, that is why Buck will win this election.  If you look at all of the polls and study the cross tabs, Buck has been, and remains, the better liked of the two candidates.

    1. Roe v. Wade is not up to a vote, so “Buyer’s Remorse” Buck’s troglodyte views on choice are irrelevant, as Buck would be just one Senator.

      Oh, wait:

      Sen. Roger Wicker (R-Miss.) has placed a hold on President Obama’s nominee for the Pentagon’s top health policy position in objection to the nominee’s responses to questions regarding a provision in the 2011 Defense authorization bill (S 3454) that would allow some abortion services to be performed at military facilities, CQ Today reports.

  2. is not the “liberal blogosphere” or the “main stream media”. His problem is he keeps opening his mouth and his own words come tumbling out. If he could just stop doing that, he’d have fewer problems.

    Gregory was hardly playing gotcha journalism to question Buck’s positions (although one might wonder why anyone would think Buck actually has ANY positions at this point). It is legitimate to ask a candidate to either clarify, support or refute his earlier positions. I’d say Buck has been busy doing the latter mostly as he scrambles to appear more moderate than he really is to win the unaffiliated vote.

  3. I think that about sums up, but then you add in the fact he has been a rubberstamp for the most radical left wing president in our nation’s history and I think we all understand what is going on.

    Lets look at a calculation to explain this further.

    Alfred E. Neuman looks+Speech Impediment resembling marbles in his mouth+rubberstamp for Obamacare,Stimulus, other radical votes+potential support of energy tax= being appointed to unemployment.

  4. If Bennet is elected to the senate and the Democrats retain power, will Bennet support Harry Reid for majority leader if he is able to win re-election?

    How can he pretend to be moderate and than support Reid?  How many people in Colorado would vote for Harry Reid as majority leader?  Well probably the same amount of drones that will vote for Bennet because all they care about is the “D” not that they remind me of 1960 radicals.

  5. and violation of trust generally result in dissolution of the relationship?  If Bennet will be unfaithful to those who put him into that appointed office, who else will be be unfaithful to?

        1. he didn’t want to get it wrong and fumble his initial overture to you, but now he is ready.  Plus, he is really into the whole “crazy stalker” thing – kind of a turn on for him.

            1. it bears a lot of truth though.  

              If Ken Buck just screamed socialism at every debate he’d never be required to know what a donut hole is.  

              Burying your head in the sand has become the baggers official mantra and national strategy to “take back the government” and put us back on the road to prosperity.  How sad.

    1. How does Colorado Right to Life feel about Buck’s promise to introduce a Constitutional Amendment banning abortion?

      Only one candidate lied about his stance on income taxes vs. sales taxes.

      Only one candidate lied about his position on the 17th amendment.

      Only one candidate lied about his view on privatizing the Veterans Administration.

      Only one candidate lied about wanting to eliminate federal student loans and defund the department of education.

      Buck will lie about everything to anyone. Buck’s like the guy who cheats on his fiancee with her sister two months before the wedding and tells her, “At least with me you won’t have any expectations to disappoint you later!”

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