Racist Pundit Michelle Malkin Headlines Anti-Vaccine Rally at Colorado Capitol Sunday

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Michelle Malkin speaks as Republican Caucus Chair Sen. Vicki Marble looks on.

UPDATE: Photos from rally.

Pundit Michelle Malkin is headlining an anti-vaccination rally at the Colorado Capitol on Sunday, in advance of a rare weekend committee hearing.

Conservative activist group Concerned Colorado, which calls itself “a voice for families,” invited Malkin, along with anti-vaccine activist Robert Kennedy, Jr. to speak at the event.


Malkin, a Colorado resident who once authored a book in defense of the Japanese-American internment camps, has been a regular speaker at right-wing events. However her recent support of white nationalist and Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes led at least one major conservative group, Young America’s Foundation (YAF), to cut ties with her. 

In an opinion piece for the Washington Examiner published just after YAF’s disavowal, conservative columnist Ben Palumbo called Malkin flat-out racist.

“Malkin is just as bad as those reprehensible alt-right actors who openly peddle white nationalism…If you consistently push racist ideas and associate yourself with viciously racist white nationalists, you’re racist too.”

Malkin appearing on a June 1 video podcast with Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes.

In February, despite many years as a featured speaker, the Conservative Political Action Conference declined to invite Malkin back for its 2020 event. Instead she headlined a competing white nationalist conference also held in the D.C. area during the same weekend.

Louie Huey and other Proud Boys huddle together at the rally.

Reached for comment, Concerned Colorado spokeswoman Denice Dirks said the group asked Malkin to speak because she is a well-known opponent of mandatory vaccines. “The focus should be on the legislature bringing up such a controversial bill on a Sunday,” Dirks said, “especially when so many of our churches our opening up for the first time in months. It’s discrimination.”

She later provided this statement via email:

“Concerned Colorado and all Health Freedom groups in Colorado are grassroots movements of Moms, Dads, and concerned caregivers who simply want the right to make medical decisions for our children without undue government or Big Pharma influence.

We are Health Freedom Advocates who recognize that medicine is not now and has never been one-size-fits-all and therefore every parent/child/practitioner relationship should remain a private relationship with no government interference.

SB20-163 has been misrepresented in the press. This bill will do nothing to address the vaccine uptake in kindergarten because the vaccines are not due by the CDC until first grade. This bill puts Private Identifying Information on healthy children into a state tracking database that has already been breached three times. It includes homeschoolers, limits medical exemptions, removes religious exemptions, and forces parents into pharma-promoted “re-education.” It gives all future vaccine requirements to the health department, bypassing the legislature and stakeholder process, thereby removing all future citizen input.”

Dirks noted that in addition to Malkin and RFK, Jr. the event features numerous other speakers: Former Colorado Gubernatorial Candidate Erik Underwood, statehouse candidate Rupert Parchment II, Congressional Candidate Casper Stockholm, Colorado Gubernatorial Candidate Greg Lopez, and Kevin Jenkins of the Urban Global Health Alliance.

The bipartisan “School Entry Immunization” bill creates standardized forms for parents who, for religious or personal reasons, choose to opt their school-age children out of state-required vaccines. The House Health & Human Services committee is expected to pass the bipartisan legislation. The hearing is scheduled to take place at noon in the Old State Library, a room reserved for hearings on bills expected to generate substantial public comment.


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  1. MichaelBowman says:

    Let me fix that headline for you Alva: 

    Racist Pundit Anchor Baby Michelle Malkin Headlines Anti-Vaccine Rally at Colorado Capitol Sunday

    But as it turns out, while Malkin automatically became a citizen under the Fourteenth Amendment when she was born in Pennsylvania forty years ago to parents who were Philippine citizens — her parents (a physician and a teacher) were also here legally on an employer-sponsored visa.


  2. Diogenesdemar says:

    The Reich scientists at FOXNews and elsewhere have just recently announced their latest breakthrough discovery, an inoculation against against the scourge of racism: . . .

    . . . It can now be perfectly safe to be a freakin’ racist, just as long as you’re an idiot anti-vaxxer, too.

  3. unnamed says:

    So, these are some of the Revolting Republicans.

  4. joejoe says:

    I definitely must not be keeping up with such things, but is the anti-vaxxer in the story, Robt. F. Kennedy Jr., really THE RFK of the Kennedy family?

    Wasn't he years ago on Air America radio, and with his own shows, and always left wing and liberal?  Thanks for educating me.

    • Conserv. Head Banger says:

      @joejoe: I don't know about an Air America show as I don't listen to talk radio. However, there does seem to be a good number of left leaning individuals in the anti-vaxxer movement, including Mr. Kennedy.

      And many of these same persons who oppose basic vaccinations have also announced their opposition to taking any COVID vaccine. Which is OK with me as I will then get my shot quicker.



      • joejoe says:

        hehe, that's very true…….

        It boggles my mind – but then some of us boggle their minds indecision.

        Two links I found about Air America radio (2004-2010), this from 2009…… the beginning of the end for it:  


        which is a short article and has good explanations for its demise, both because of the economy back then, but mostly because of the perceived differences in lib vs. cons. listeners' frame of mind, and habits.

        Some of the hosts of shows on it went on to have their own programs, including Rachel Maddow and Thom Hartman; Al Franken went to the Senate.

        and of course, always wikipedia details……….

        Thank you!  

      • notaskinnycook says:

        It's true, C.H.B. There are anti-vaxxers who yaw left. They're the crunchy granola types and believe vaccines are unnatural and that it's better to build up natural immunity by getting sick and recovering.


        • PKolbenschlag says:

          Something I think progressives on the Front Range forget about their rural counterparts around the state is how ‘small l’ libertarian-minded most are. Part of it is adaptation – we live out here and have to get along with our near neighbors, who might still be a ways away… some of it is sense, as much as I detested even at the time Reagan’s misappropriation of Lao Tzu, a light hand in managing the state (“like you cook a fish”) is not bad as the default, and that is easier to maintain (or at least seemingly so) in sparsely populated areas… 

          We live in the sticks for a reason. We want to be left alone and to leave folks alone. That runs across the spectrum, left and right, although there are differences (rural progressives also want funding for health care, and to hold polluters accountable, to address climate change, to challenge police brutality, etc. like the rest).  

          Sometimes, I think from my 20 years as a rural progressive Coloradan, the strategy, statewide about rural Colorado, has been: Who cares? We have the numbers on the Front Range. Since I prefer good policy over bad, or over needed policy that is lacking, that works for me when necessary. But it is not a substitute for actually building capacity and power. 

          Because, I also am here because I believe in building capacity up, overtime- that rural organizing can have big dividends, jokes aside about empty land not voting, we also have lots of the water, resources, farms, and playgrounds that make urban-living possible. So justice and fairness and all the values we care about as progressives, need to apply to folk in rural areas too, even those that see progressivism as a Soros-Hillary plot to take  their guns and cows away. 

          Not sure where all this is going, other than in rural Colorado progressives hang together and know each other – And we know our conservative neighbors too.  We may work with or be married to them. 

          Trying to understand your opponent by shoving them into a “crunchy granola type lefty” or the “infested, unwashed ignorant conservative” meme might play out in blogs and base-organizing, but it doesn’t  help anything out here. IMO. 

          • gertie97 says:

            Good points, all, Pete. You'll remember that the original motivation for Club 20 being formed was to get at least some funding for highways west of the Divide. Back then, there were a whopping six (6) miles of paved road between Grand Junction and Denver.


  5. JohnInDenver says:

    it must be the camera angles … cause I don't see any masks among the crowd scene photos for the article.  As passionate and evidence based as these folks are supposed to be, I was sure some would be protecting themselves and their families.

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