Dear Leader Trump Threatens Armed Soldiers in Streets

Via CNN (6/1/20)

On Monday evening, President Trump at last addressed a nation reeling from nationwide protests. It went worse than you even could have guessed.

As The New York Times reports:

In his first remarks from the White House since massive protests have swept the country, President Trump said Monday evening that the looting and violent demonstrations in reaction to the death of George Floyd in police custody were “acts of domestic terror.”

Speaking in the Rose Garden as protesters and law enforcement held a tense standoff outside, Mr. Trump said he planned for a police and law enforcement presence to “dominate the streets” and said he would respond with an “overwhelming law enforcement presence until the violence has been quelled.”

If governors were unable to end the violence, he said, he would send in the military “to do the job for them.”

As NPR notes:

The president’s Rose Garden remarks came as just across the street, law enforcement officers deployed tear gas and shot rubber bullets at peaceful protesters.

Trump’s remarks came amid reports that the president may try to enact the Insurrection Act in response to protests. Earlier in the day, Trump berated the nation’s governors during a conference call for a “weak” response to the protests.

After delivering his remarks, Trump was scheduled to walk to St. John’s church in Washington D.C., but not before crowds were cleared out of the way:

This is America?


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    • harrydoby says:

      The short-fingered vulgarian, failing to intimidate any of the governors to accept US military support, has only been able to play banana republic dictator in DC

      Trump orders the Army to deploy a military police battalion in Washington.

      Governor Tim Walz of Minnesota had declined Mr. Trump’s offer of military police to respond to protests in his state, and other governors have followed his lead as well, instead choosing to rely on their own national guard troops. But in Washington, the decision to deploy military police falls into the jurisdiction of Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy, and Mr. Trump made clear, Defense officials said, that he wanted the Pentagon to push back forcefully against protests in the nation’s capital.

      The decision is “all Potus,” one Defense Department official said using the acronym for president of the United States.

      In other words, they have to do whatever the malevolent buffoon orders.

    • JohnInDenver says:

      Because every other news agency thinks it is polite for something to happen before they report?  Sputnik has an agenda of wanting to push authoritarianism in the US?


      • kickshot says:

        Monday morning, President Trump had a friendly chat with campaign supporter and Russian strongman Vladimir Putin. Shortly after, he held a call with governors in his own country, where he sternly lectured that Minnesota had become “a laughingstock all over the world.”

        Trump Goes Authoritarian on the George Floyd Protests By Jonathan Chait

        Indeed, history may one day record that when Trump was seized with paralysis over his response to the demonstrations against the murder of George Floyd, it was Putin who either inspired or goaded him to surrender fully to his authoritarian impulses.

  1. Conserv. Head Banger says:

    Of course he is a "law and order" president, especially with his fellow far right wing provocateurs out stirring the pot.

  2. MADCO says:

    I saw video of the 82nd Airborne, Fort Bragg saddling up
    Could be B-roll

    but it looked real time.


  3. JohnInDenver says:

    And I'm impressed —

    Rev. Robert W. Fisher, the church rector, said he felt blindsided by the visit. Usually, the White House gives the church at least 30 minutes notice before the president comes by.

    “We want St. John’s to be a space for grace, as a place where you can breathe,” he said. “Being used as a prop, it really takes away from what we’re trying to do.”

    The Bishop of Washington said she

    “was not given even a courtesy call, that they would be clearing [the area] with tear gas so they could use one of our churches as a prop,” Budde said.

    She excoriated the president for standing in front of the church — its windows boarded up with plywood — holding up a Bible, which Budde said “declares that God is love.”

    “Everything he has said and done is to inflame violence,” Budde of the president. “We need moral leadership, and he’s done everything to divide us.”

    Yahoo says "The presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church, Michael Curry, issued his own statement saying that Trump had

    “used a church building and the Holy Bible for partisan political purposes…. Trump did not enter St. John’s on Monday evening. No one associated with the church was present for his visit."


  4. Duke Cox says:

    This is just absurd…

    Fox News urges viewers to make citizen’s arrests: Take "zip ties and subdue some of these people"


    Fox News host Kennedy Montgomery on Monday encouraged viewers to take the law into their own hands when it comes to the protests that have broken out over the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

    On Fox News' Outnumbered program, Montgomery said that "peaceful protesters" had a responsibility to weed out violent actors.

    "You're seeing [protest group Antifa] really capitalize on this," Montgomery said of the nationwide protests. "They may not make up the majority but they're hellbent on doing so much damage. And it is heartening to see other protesters sort of shovel them to the police."

    "So if you're going out and protest and you're a peaceful protester, take some zip ties and subdue some of these people and [make] a citizen's arrest if they are hurting people, if they're lobbying Molotov cocktails, if they're setting things on fire, if they're breaking things and committing crimes then go ahead help them find what they ultimately want, which is apparently arrest."

    "If you see an Antifa person and they have a backpack, go ahead and take it because they don't believe in private property," she added. "So what's theirs is yours."

    I guess I should point out to the Fox newslady that not all the "antifa" folks are college girls. Some of them are big, scary, men. So I would say to Kennedy Montgomery…You first.

    • JohnInDenver says:

      And I'm always impressed by someone suggesting violating the law is fine, as long as "they don't believe in private property…. So what's theirs is yours."

      Granted, they have been taught by the example of federal government endorsement of civil forfeiture, but still … they might remember one of their parents saying "two wrongs don't make a right." 

  5. skeptical citizen says:

    Time to review Masha Gessen's piece from 2016

    And to read Fascism: A Warning, by Madeline Albright.

    We had the chance to remove Trump in the impeachment process. Cowardly Senators failed their Constitutional duties. This only emboldens the autocrat.


    • kickshot says:

      I enjoy Gessen every time that I see her interviewed but haven’t read her yet.

      I’ve recently enjoyed ‘On Tyranny’ by Timothy Snyder.

      Quick read, more of a pamphlet. Very timely and local. He says in half a page what many pundits can’t accomplish in a day and a half. He’s an academic.

      There’s a good chance that he will be (if he hasn’t already been) quoted on the Pols banner page.

  6. JohnInDenver says:

    Trump & the rest of the gang managed a trifecta before his stroll to the church property.

     * denial of the right to "peaceably assemble" — as numerous reports and videos pointed out, there was no obvious illegality by the protesters in Lafayette Park, and especially those sitting on the curb of H Street.

     * limiting the freedom of the press — in this case, violently shoving some away (Australian reporter and camera man) and denying others access to public property (sidewalk in front of the church) in order to report the news.

    * limiting the freedom of religion — a member of the Cathedral's clergy and a seminarian were among those on church property, handing out water to thirsty protesters.  They were among those who were tear gassed and forced away from where Trump was going to stand, Bible in hand, for his picture.

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