Maes Picks Up Palin Endorsement (Not that One)

UPDATE: Click after the jump to see some of the comments on Dan Maes’s Facebook page about this endorsement. They had us laughing out loud.


We’re really going to miss Republican Dan Maes when his campaign for governor comes to a close. He’s just too much fun.

Today Maes announced via Facebook that he has the support of a Palin for his campaign. Not former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, mind you, but her father-in-law, Jim Palin, who apparently makes endorsements of his own.

You can read the endorsement letter after the jump. We’re assuming that this is the same Jim Palin from Wasilla, Alaska, who is Sarah’s father-in-law, but for all we know (and given what we all know of Dan Maes), this could just be some other dude named Jim Palin who also happens to live in Alaska.  

Check out the comments on Dan Maes’s Facebook page about this. Jim Palin is either Sarah Palin’s husband, or father, or father-in-law, or…

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  1. Middle of the Road says:

    as being endorsed by Middle of the Road.  

  2. Interlocken Loop says:

    If Dan Maes decides to drop out this is suddenly a very tight race.  Maes would not have met with Tancredo unless he was open to the idea of dropping out if his terms are met.

    • State Line says:

      Hick will win in a romp.

      (Of course, so did Bill Ritter: look how swell THAT turned out, eh?)

      • Voyageur says:

        hick head to head crushes tancredo.

        Hick head to head crushes maes

        in a three way, Hick wins by a runaway.

          Even if maes dropped out, he’s on the ballot.  At most, Secy of State wouldn’t count them — guarantieeing gop minority status.

          If Hickenlooper is caught with a live boy AND a dead girl…he wins by a runaway.

          Game, set, match.

           BJwilson owes me a C-note  (we bet even up, me taking Hick against the field.  I’d offer to settle it now for $105 — a five percent premium for sparing him the embarassment of me laughing at him on election night.


        • State Line says:

          I had the goood fortune to finally get out of florida and back to colorado for a week last week, denver and the high country.

          Nothing I read, saw on tv, or heard in multiple conversations with people of various political stripes from Capitol Hill to Maybell leads me to believe Hick can possibly lose at this juncture – heck, not even if he gets caught in bed with a live Bi(cycle, that is).

          Bennet, on the other hand is a very different kettle of trout. Am beginning to feel that he goes down.

          A real tragedy if so. Not that I give a hang about MB per se, as an appointed Senator and all….But honestly: Dan Buck representing Colorado in the U.S. Senate.

          Puh – fuckin’ – leeze!

    • Colorado Pols says:

      Why would Maes meet with anyone anymore? Maes meets with anybody who asks him to meet; a month ago, every meeting he attended was about him dropping out. Just because Maes agreed to meet doesn’t portend anything.

      • Awen says:

        I went to a Tea Party rally on the steps of the state capitol a couple of weeks ago (it was the one with Andrew Breitbart). The rally went on and on and on (a 2 1/2 hour rally is REALLY not a good idea, note to organizers) but the thing that amazed me was Maes. He.stayed.the.entire.time. I kept thinking, “doesn’t he have anything else to do?” I mean, that rally had about 250 people, tops, and a good number of them were Tancredo supporters, but he just wandered around, listening to the speakers and didn’t really talk to people that much. A top-line candidate of a major party just doesn’t spend that much time in one place, with such a small audience (he wasn’t a speaker at the rally) unless he doesn’t have somewhere else he had to be.  

  3. RedGreen says:

    Just where does Maes stand on “the trolley problem”?

  4. bjwilson83 says:

    you’ve taken to posting facebook comments as diaries in order to bury mine? All right, I give up, you win the diary battle for today. I’ll have more tomorrow. Good think I’m not friends with Dan Maes anymore so I couldn’t comment. He defriended me when I told him to drop out.

  5. Voyageur says:

    I gotta go with the father-in-law theory.  If it was her father, his name would be Jim Idiot.

  6. Sage Sam says:

    I cannot believe there is a chance that this guy could be our Governor.

    Also, thanks for sharing the Facebook page, I have the feeling that I have now found myself an endless supply of entertainment and ample evidence for a state-sponsored sterility program.

  7. sloanslake says:

    since everybody else is getting into the endorsement game I might as well too

  8. Ralphie says:

    ANYBODY endorsing Dan Maes is a big deal.

  9. Leonard Smalls says:

    He’s dead, Jim.

  10. bluto blutarsky says:

    Maybe, in the next few weeks (prior to the election), Bristol Palin will tatoo the Dan Maes name on her belly or thigh and really give him a boost during her “Hoofing with the Stars” show!  I’m sure Dan would put that on his Facebook page, too: “A Palin body part (not Todd, the dick) has endorsed me, too”!

    Will the Bristol endorsement allow Dan to sit at the ‘cool kids’ table during lunch?!  

    When does the shame finally come to the Maes campaign?  

  11. Ray Springfield says:

    At least he’s not my party’s nominee.

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