9News poll shows all numbered amendments big FAIL

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According to http://www.9news.com/news/arti…

None of the amendments – 60, 61, 101, 62 or 63 – show more than 15 percent support

The poll does show a lot of people undecided, but every measure would need almost every undecided voter in order to pass.

Amendment 60: 10% support, 48% oppose, 42% und

Amendment 61: 10% support, 49% oppose, 40% und

Prop 101: 12% support, 44% oppose, 44% und

Amendment 62: 15% support, 35% oppose, 50% und

Amendment 63: 10% support, 19% oppose, 71% und

The large number of undecided, especially for the last two amendments, seems odd. Most people have fairly firm views regarding abortion, and 62’s predecessor, Amendment 48 in 2008, lost on a 2-1 margin the last time.

It’s also interesting just how many undecided there were with 63 – I’m wondering if people just don’t know what it does, or if the Independence Institute is way-overestimating its chances.

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  1. davebarnes says:

    is waiting for Glenn Beck to tell him how to vote.

    I find it sad that with voting starting next week, 40% of voters are undecided.

    Does this portend a very low turnout election?

  2. H-man says:

    except for Hick.

  3. bringonthemountain says:

    9 news should ask for heir money back on this poll.  There aren’t 40%+ undecided.  This is a badly worded question on a poorly constructed robopoll.  This is like please tell me are you going to have a sandwich for lunch today — yes, no, or undecided?  Wow 40% are undecided about their lunch choice.  

    Let’s not just take as fact every crappy poll that comes down the pipe…

  4. ohwilleke says:

    This is the only numbered ballot initiative that I could see winning this year, but given its late start and the fact that there is a price tag attached to it, it is hard to tell how it will be seen by voters.

      • GalapagoLarry says:

        How is someone waiting for their hearing, not to mention their trial, who can’t afford bail, going to keep their job?

        And a home breaker. How is someone without a job going to pay the rent/mortgage?

        And patently antithetical to “innocent until proven….”

        And if the incarcerated is untimately found innocent or the case is dismissed? What the fuck were we doing, making them rot in jail for weeks, perhaps months?

        It’s an odious subsidy for (out-of-state headquartered) Allegheny Casualty International Fidelity Associated Bond and for Bail USA, and it’s the work of Americans for the Preservation of Bail, lobbyists and PR hacks for the industry.

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