The Buck Campaign is Offensive (edited*)

Of course, so are  the 2010 CO R top of the line up.

Maes, Buck and Tancredo: This is the Colorado Republican 2010 all star team?  Really?

Maes is a delusional psychotic with narcissistic tendencies and reoccurring paranoia.  Tancredo is running to save the R party by destroying it.

So Buck cannot compete with these two in some ways.  But in others, he’s the clear champ.

Buck has changed more claimed positions since the primary than any candidate I’ve ever seen.  Until recently I thought he would at least to stick to tax cuts, tax cuts, tax cuts, and never raise taxes.  But we now know even that was only temporary.

I have no idea what the guy believes except that he should be a US Senator, he should not have been disciplined for blowing the prosecution’s case when he was an AUSA, and that he has real no shit, bullshit on his boots.

I was not a George W Bush fan. But at least he was who he was almost all the time.  Likewise, I was not a huge Bill Clinton fan. But he was who he was.

Obama is governing as he ran, a left leaning moderate.  Bennet is a running as who he is – his answers are too long, he has not even attempted the kolaraaduh accent, and his hair cuts and open collars are questionable.  But it’s 100% Bennet.

Who is Ken Buck?  What are his most firmly held policy positions?  

Does he really want to privatize Social Security? Medicare?  VA heath care?

Will he sponsor a Constitutional amendment to prohibit abortion?  

Will he sponsor a Constitutional amendment to impose term limits?

Does he really want to repeal the 17th Amendment?

Does he propose to fix the deficit by cutting spending or raising taxes or both?   Which spending? Which taxes?

Does he support a progressive income tax? a regressive consumption tax?  The FAIR tax?  The flat tax?  Elimination of all federal tax deductions?

Does he really want to eliminate federal guaranteed student loans? Or just go back to privatized gains and socialized losses?

Which part of health care reform does he want to repeal? The Medicare fix that added ten (10) years to Medicare’s actuarial solvency? The requirement to insure kids with pre-existing conditions? The insurance exchange?  Or is it just the fake but still alarming death panels and 16,500 new IRS agents?

Does he stlll agree with Tancredo that President Obama is the greatest risk to the USA?

Speaking of Tom Tancredo, he once advocated for the elimination of all publicly funded education (as has  John Andrews).  Does Buck agree?

Is there a single significant policy position, stated in the positive, (i.e, what Buck is for, not as something he’s against) that has not changed from the primary to the general election?  Bonus for finding one hat won’t change again after Nov 3.

Does he really believe we’ll believe it’s all nuance and gotcha politics and not just him pandering to whomever he thinks is in the room and whatever he thinks they want to hear?

Of course, it may be the most brilliant political strategery executed in recent memory.  Tell the camera man that the teapartiers are idiots who need to shut up, tell the teapartiers that they are right.    Everyone hears what they want to hear, and ignores the dissonant statements.  It’s even better than dog whistle politics in that it relies on the fact that when faced with conflicting information voters rely on emotion, allowing themselves to forget that their favorite R “conservative” raised taxes, or fought a war of foreign intervention and nation building.  

Either way, dishonest pandering or brilliant political tactic, Ken Buck’s 2010 campaign is offensive.

*I first posted this several days ago but it was threadjacked into oblivion and foolishness about something unrelated to Buck’s campaign strategy of relying on voters’ cognitive dissonance.

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  1. H-man says:

    He is the candidate for Senate who is leading your candidate in the four most recent polls by 5%,8%,8% and 5% respectively and will be elected on November 2nd.

    An appointed Senator who bought the primary and supported an unpopular President’s agenda which has brought our country to its knees, is what I find offensive.

    • Libertad says:

      The decision is clear.

      In 2009 106,000 Coloradans lost their jobs and the economists are predicting another 30,000-40,000 job losses.

      Some recovery summer.

    • Middle of the Road says:

      let’s review how your candidate took out Norton in his primary, since he was incapable of raising sufficient funds of his own.

      And keep in mind, this article was written back June 2010, long before the heavy saturation of tv ads that occurred in July.

      All told, the three groups-Declaration Alliance, Campaign for Liberty and AJS-spent upwards of $781,000, that is, over three-quarters of a million dollars, on ad buys intended to benefit Buck and the Buck Committee.

      The Tea Party, Jim DeMint and 527’s own your candidate, H-Man. Try to be grateful and remember that folks in glass houses should refrain from tossing boulders, H-Man.  

      • H-man says:

        The Republican primary was basically an equal fight, albeit from differing sources.  Bennet outspent and had other spend on his behalf Romanoff by about 10 to 1.  Not exactly a fair fight.

      • MADCO says:

        And why would we want to elect them?

        DA: Right wing PAC that has endorsed most of the teaparty candidates this cycle, questioned President Obama’s eligibility to be President, has filed to have Justice  Kagan disbarred.  I could go on – but you get the picture.

        Campaign for Liberty: Congressman Ron Paul’s PAC, as in Ron Paul for President 08 > CFL PAC: return to the gold standard, rename MLK Day “Hate Whitey Day”; Citizens (white men, and everyone else.  That Ron Pual.

        Americans for JS: Strangely well funded 501 (c) 60 that makes anonymous donations, not always on their donor’s behalf.   Because they are no trequired to report donations or other contributions – they don’t.  They do share offices with Crossrads America, Karl Rove’s PAC.

  2. botw says:

    I did some canvassing over the weekend.

    Real voters perk up when they understand that the would-be Senator from Weld County does not believe in a woman’s right to choose after she is raped.

    • MADCO says:

      Nor that SS is even Constitutional.

      That medical insurance for those with pre-existing conditions is socialism.

      That he talks tough about bullshit and the Taliban but he has zero military experience and the bullshit he’s got on him is exactly right.

  3. Rainidog says:

    comes from none other than Sharon Angle of Nev.

       “There may be five or six of us,” she says, listing the Tea Party candidates. “Possibly Marco Rubio is real, but that’s a stretch for me.”

    So who was it that she listed as being real? Well:

       “Joe Miller (Alaska), Ken Buck (Colorado), Christine O’Donnell (Delaware).”

    What a fine TP duo for him to be in the middle of.

  4. DaftPunk says:

    Not about social issues, but the flip-fopping.

    And the selling out the prosecution case.

    • sxp151 says:

      It’s easy and has universal appeal. “Buck is against abortion” resonates with a few people. “Buck will say anything his audience wants to hear about abortion” resonates with everyone.

    • gertie97 says:

      about the raid on a tax preparer in Greeley during his illegal immigrant witch hunt that was tossed out by the courts?

      You’d think Bennet’s campaign would realize that real people don’t like the idea that their tax returns could be subject to seizure by an ambitious DA.

      I haven’t a clue why Bennet’s people haven’t done something with it.

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