Gov. Polis To Veep Pence: Cover Your Damn Piehole, Please

UPDATE: Vice President Mike Pence’s wife, Karen (er, “Mother”) says that the guy in charge of the White House coronavirus task force didn’t know that he was supposed to wear a mask

Sure, maybe Pence never noticed at any point that he was the only person in the room without a mask. Or maybe they were short one mask and Pence lost the coin flip.


Vice President Mike Pence’s ongoing refusal to wear a non-medical mask to slow his potentially COVID-19 contaminated droplets as they exit his orifices became a national point of controversy earlier this week, when Pence flouted the policy of the world famous Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, greeting patients and doctors all clad in masks conspicuously without one of his own.

But a week before, as readers will recall, Pence previewed his au naturale babyface on a trip to Colorado to speak at the Air Force Academy commencement ceremony–where he was greeted, some say confronted, by a mask wearing Gov. Jared Polis:

Gov. Jared Pols and Vice President Mike Pence (4/18/20)

Yesterday, CBS4 asked Gov. Polis about Pence’s mask resistance, and Polis once again was as diplomatic as he could be in tiptoeing around an obviously frustrating situation. After all, public expressions of displeasure with the Trump administration can have unfortunate consequences for mouthy state governors:

When asked about the behavior, Polis said “As elected officials I think we have an additional responsibility, with the soapbox we have, to practice what we preach.”

“I’m trying to be an ambassador for wearing masks. I walk to all my press conferences wearing a mask, take it off when I speak and I’m at the podium,” Polis said.

“I think elected officials should be role models and wear masks because they can save lives and help us return to economic normalcy sooner rather than later.” [Pols emphasis]

What’s the opposite of a role model? A cautionary tale. Hopefully the vice president doesn’t become one.


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  1. JohnInDenverJohnInDenver says:

    What’s the opposite of a role model? suggests Antonyms for role model

    bugger, stinker, clown, jerk, bounder, beast, crud, dog, blighter, lout, rat fink, hound, heel, snake, reptile, bleeder, varmint, joker, churl, slob, sleaze, skunk, creep, cad, scum, swine, Stinkard, rat, crumb, louse, buzzard, rotter, boor, vermin, fink, toad, cur, schmuck, chuff, so-and-so, cretin.

    I can see several of those which fit better for Pence than considering him even a “cautionary tale.”

  2. harrydobyharrydoby says:

    Apparently, Pence, dense as he may be, finally got the message:

    Vice President Pence visited a facility in Indiana that makes ventilators — and, unlike on his visit to the Mayo Clinic earlier this week, he wore a face mask during his tour of the plant.

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