Buck is a Lying Liar Who Cannot be Trusted

Perhaps he has been a good prosecutor. (Though certainly his performance and attention to his gov’t job the past 12 months has been negatively impacted by his campaigning.)

Perhaps he is a good husband and father. Maybe he gave a hungry family some elk meat.

But he has demonstrated that he is a lying liar.  

And even the Denver news paper that shall not be named has realized it and written about it today.

Recently, in response to another diary about Buck making some wacky claims to a veteran’s group, I wrote that either was lying or he’s stoopid. Or both.

I am not convinced about his relative intelligence, but I am convinced he is lying.

from Merriam Webster

1 to make an untrue statement with intent to deceive

2 to create a false or misleading impression

Buck not long ago: I support the Personhood Amendment

Buck now: What I meant to say was, no I don’t.

Buck not long ago: I will introduce a Constituional Amendment to ban abortion.

Buck now: Well, not really, though if I could support one I might.

Buck not long ago: I would never vote to confirm pro-choice judges.

Buck now: Uhhh, I have no litmus test. Really.

Buck not long ago: I think the FAIR tax is a good idea, and a consumption tax would be better than our income tax.

Buck now: Uh, well, I never said that.

Buck not long ago: We should repeal healthcare reform

Buck now: Well, except for the part about pre-existing conditions and kids. And that exchange thingy.  But we should definitely repeal the death panels and the armed IRS agents.

Buck not long ago: “I support all your issues” (to a CO vets group with a long and important list of specific positions on vets’ issues)

Buck now: ???

Does he support concurrent receipt?  (yeah, sure he does)

Does he support the new GI bill?  (uh-huh)

I could go on, but it’s your turn.

Buck not long ago:

Buck now

Buck not long ago:

Buck now

Buck not long ago:

Buck now

What would be awesome is if the CO R’s were executing the biggest, most complicated prank in the history of Colorado.  See we nominated Amaesin’ Dan Maes to be gov, and Mr. Opposite Man, Mr I Never Said What I Said, or if I DId I Meant Something Exactly The Opposite,.

But what we really meant was …. D’s Win!!

I would acknowledge the quality of such a prank.

But I feel confident predicting there’s nothing funny about it. Nothing at all.  

In fact, the biggest problem is not  that Buck said one thing not long ago, and said the exact opposite even more recently. Politically it’s not all that uncommon as a campaign strategy.

The biggest problem is that I left the key component of the then/now diagram out.

Buck not long ago:   Yes!

Buck now:  No!

Buck as a Senator:  ??

– reproductive rights: should be up to the government

– health care is a privilege not a right

– Dept of Education – buh-bye

– Burn more Coal!!!

– Solar and WInd? Pffft – drill, baby.

– AGW/CO2 emissions: it’s cold outside, no problem

– President – sure, let’s investigate and impeach over something made up

– Taxes: who needs ’em? Cut cut cut

– National Security: Safe, ’cause my son is manning up

– Federal Budget: Austerity Now!  A Great Depression  Was Good Enough for Our Grandparents, It’s Good Enough for You.  

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  1. protestinthestreet@yahoo.com says:

    It is a tough year to be a Democrat

    • Ralphie says:

      But then, you’re not a Democrat.

      Neither am I, for that matter, but at least I don’t pretend.

      • jpsandscl says:

        if so, can you explain the “I” discontent with everything “D” this year in Colorado? I was listening to the news yesterday, and they were doing one of those man/woman in the street things. And the self-proclaimed independents they interviewed said “voters” this year were tired of the Ds for running up the deficit.

        (It always strikes me as funny that when you put a mic in front of someone, all of a sudden they represent all independent voters…)

        Of course the economy is still struggling, but there is relatively good news to speak about, such as private sector employment gains (still weak, but better than the past few years of losses), the deficit is actually down from the high of last year and the Dow is up almost 10% this year.

        A Republican win will reverse every one of these stats as they work with even more power to derail every positive initiative Obama might put forth to move the country forward.

        Thanks for “representing” the independent thought for me.


        • MADCO says:

          In Colorado voters cannot register I, unless they choose to register with the Independent Party (which I believe is now defunct).

          We can register “U.”

          And “active voter” Colorado U’s lean R.

          Looking at 20 years of elections, 2008 was an outlier.

          Obama won counties last carried by a D in 1964 when the nation was still mourning JFK.  Said another way, Obama won in places where Nixon won twice, Ford won in 76, and BushSr won in 88 and 92. Places Clinton never carried- where BushJr won twice.

          In those counties where Obama broke ice, Udall won by much narrower margins than Obama.  Coattails, but thin. That’s why 2010 statewide  is all about GOTV.

          Get the BIg Dog, get the President get PeeWee Herman – get whomever it takes to get the D’s and D leaning U’s to vote.  But you gotta do it without alienating many R leaning U’s.  Whoops- leave the big dog on the porch, let the President stay in DC (or the midwest) and that leaves….Bono? Robert Redford?

          Hopefully Rove, Palin, Maes and the other offensive R’s will alienate some R leaning U’s.  Can we get them to show up over and over?

          • jpsandscl says:

            U rather than I. Got it.

            I used to register U myself for the first few years I was in Colorado, until I realized I was depriving myself of a say in the nominee of the only party with which I most completely identified.

            Maybe if we challenge their masculinity (especially Palin’s…) maybe that will get them riled up enough to blow their load all over Colorado? Sure worth a try…

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