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September 15, 2010 7:41 pm MST

New American Crossroads Ads Targeting Bennet

  • by: Colorado Pols

As “The Fix” reports:

The conservative outside group American Crossroads is launching new ads in the Missouri and Colorado Senate races today…

…The Colorado commercial, which hits Sen. Michael Bennet (D) for remarking that “we have nothing to show for” the amount of debt the country has racked up, will air for one week in the Denver, Colorado Springs and Grand Junction media markets and is part of a $550,000 buy.

To date, American Crossroads, which was formed by former Republican National Committee Chairman Ed Gillespie and Bush White House senior adviser Karl Rove, has raised better than $17 million — the bulk of which has been spent on television ads targeting Democrats running for the Senate.

American Crossroads’ ads had been pulled in Missouri amid allegations of illegal coordination, but apparently that issue has been cleared up (or at least the investigation delayed). As we wrote in that story, Buck must continue to see these ads in Colorado if he is going to defeat Bennet, because he hasn’t raised enough money on his own to match the incumbent on TV.


43 thoughts on “New American Crossroads Ads Targeting Bennet

      1. Bennet spent $2 million dollars on the ads all major Colorado news outlets found to be false.  For his efforts his gain in the Rasmussen Polls was zero! Nothing. Nada. Buck was up the same amount in August as he was in Today’s poll.  

        And now it appears the Buck offense is taking the field.  Let’s see what the poll numbers do now.  If you ask me it was a great strategy to let Bennet burn money while Buck was stockpiling his.  

  1. courtesy of the AR scorched earth campaign: He won’t hesitate to jump in with counter ads for a second. And he’s got the money to fight fire with fire as hard and as long as needed.  He won’t be bringing a knife to a gun fight. I’m betting Bennet pulls through no matter what they throw at him.  

    1. The ad spending will be roughly equal.  The last fight Romanoff had no resources.  This fight will end differently.

      BTW I can’t wait for the ad where Bennet says he doesn’t care about pork.  That was priceless.

        1. Do you know how much each of them have raised in the last month?

          Mikey is going to a fundraiser in New York City next week put on by Bloomberg where the wall street guys he gave a pass to on financial reform will be handing out checks for helping them. Maybe he will run into some of his frinds from the Denver Public School days?  

              1. Denverco,

                Is it the women in your life that want the choice?  Or could it be you want them to have the choice. In case…..well you know. It just seems like this is a big issue to you. I assume you find choice personally useful.

                1. I’ll refrain.  And merely note that you are behaving as an idiot.  I support choice and it has nothing to do with me.  And it has nothing to do with you, which is the point.  

                2. I view them as having the intelligence to decide what to do with their own bodies. By the way assuming only makes an ass out of you.

                  I’m gay and my partner doesn’t have much use for an abortion, but we do respect the women in our lives a hell of a lot more than you apparently you do.  

                  1. You keep complaing about to much government control over your life, yet you would prefer to get the government involved in telling women how to use their bodies.

                    Over and over you continue to prove what a huge hypocrite you are.I can see why you support bucky boy – hypocrites need to stick together.

                    I’m sure women that are victims of rape and incest really appreciate your very sick but predictable abortion humor.

                    1. but hey being sick and pathetic is the only way hypocrites like you can post. Don’t you ever get tired of always being wrong?

        1. Buck arriving in a cloud of flies in those smelly bull shit caked boots he’s so fond of.  Kind of discourages fund raisers in swanky Cherry Hills home doesn’t it?  

        2. Denverco, I have asked you before to support your claim. Please direct us to the FEC reports that have been filed since the primary.  Your inability to back up your claims really does marginalize your comments.

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