New American Crossroads Ads Targeting Bennet

As “The Fix” reports:

The conservative outside group American Crossroads is launching new ads in the Missouri and Colorado Senate races today…

…The Colorado commercial, which hits Sen. Michael Bennet (D) for remarking that “we have nothing to show for” the amount of debt the country has racked up, will air for one week in the Denver, Colorado Springs and Grand Junction media markets and is part of a $550,000 buy.

To date, American Crossroads, which was formed by former Republican National Committee Chairman Ed Gillespie and Bush White House senior adviser Karl Rove, has raised better than $17 million — the bulk of which has been spent on television ads targeting Democrats running for the Senate.

American Crossroads’ ads had been pulled in Missouri amid allegations of illegal coordination, but apparently that issue has been cleared up (or at least the investigation delayed). As we wrote in that story, Buck must continue to see these ads in Colorado if he is going to defeat Bennet, because he hasn’t raised enough money on his own to match the incumbent on TV.

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  1. H-man says:

    Or is that reserved for ads bashing Republicans? Here a link to the ad.  

    It is called Colorado Outrage and captures Senator Bennet’s outrage at the bills which he helped pass.

    It is pretty effective in my opinion.

  2. BlueCat says:

    courtesy of the AR scorched earth campaign: He won’t hesitate to jump in with counter ads for a second. And he’s got the money to fight fire with fire as hard and as long as needed.  He won’t be bringing a knife to a gun fight. I’m betting Bennet pulls through no matter what they throw at him.  

  3. Laughing Boy says:

    Is more accurate than Thurston’s, and much more effective.

    Nice work.  Good riddance, Lovie.

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