Friday Tunes (apocalyptic messages version)

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  1. Colorado Pols says:

    Quick note on embedding videos in comments–use the Youtube embed code provided, and toggle the comment editor to "Source" before pasting the code as a comment.

    Thanks and please continue consoling yourselves musically.

  2. JohnInDenver says:

    Here's an updated version of an older classic ….


  3. Canines says:

    How can I not participate in one of these Friday Jams again — even if I can’t find anything that matches the stated theme exactly!

  4. Duke Cox says:

    Thanks to everyone for rocking this site. It brings back memories of our beloved Ralphie.

    Rock and Roll, Ralphie. We miss you still…always will.😎🎶🎼🎸

  5. kwtree says:

    “Hell, No, we ain’t alright” by Public Enemy (no video embed available for any of these videos)

    Don’t Believe the Hype” by Public Enemy  

    MOs Def “Dollar Day / Katrina Klap”

    Rap artists have plenty to say about presidential incompetence and indifference. It killed thousands of Americans during Hurricane Katrina. (Songs linked above)
    Then there are songs about the more recent humanitarian disaster in Puerto Rico. Bad Bunny and Ile call out the corruption of the island’s governor, which caused 4,600 deaths and chaos even after Hurricane Maria passed through. This one had an embed code:

    English lyrics:
    [Intro: Residente]
    Come on, we are sharpening the knives, come on
    Razor sharpener arrived
    The sharpener has arrived at his home, at the door of his house
    The knife is sharpened, the sharpener in his own home

    [Verse 1: Residente]
    The time has come of a group of thousands in motorcycles
    Patrolling 24 hours, boricua from the heart
    With the fist up, towards victory
    We’re not going to fall for a Marist asshole
    According to this guy, my mother along with all the women
    Are just as whores as his mother
    You are not part of us, scum
    You are the son of the most corrupt bastard in history
    Forgive me for my expressions
    But like Ricky, I’m releasing tensions
    I set La Fortaleza on fire as supposed
    And the next day I go to church to be forgiven
    You don’t want to try what we’re made of
    Here in Puerto Rico we are all family
    Your apologies are drowned with rain water
    In houses that still don’t have a roof
    You didn’t inherit chest, you inherited wealth
    And you are persecuted by demons at night
    In the family you killed, you destroyed a marriage
    This goes for Lilliam and her son Juan Antonio
    This is so you wake up, this goes for the 4,645 deaths
    The hypocrisy of the country in general
    Throwing stones in Venezuela is fine, but in Puerto Rico it’s wrong
    This goes for international artists:
    And the flags of Puerto Rico on social networks?
    None of us, the supposed “thiefs”
    Are accused of fraud, theft or money laundering
    With everything that these politicians have stolen
    We coule paint the walls of the entire Caribbean
    And although some people are not going to like to hear this
    Better I tell you face to face, than in a chat
    They raid the hoods, the drug points
    Break their houses and for them nobody pleads
    We do the same without finesse
    We are raiding these criminals in Fortaleza
    If the whole town wants you to leave, you got the nerve
    And you stay, then we are in a dictatorship
    Only your wife supports you, the exmodel
    The one who thinks that One Hundred Years of Solitude was written by Coelho
    And so are the few who follow you, stupids
    But relax, sharpening knives take a minute
    All of us representing Puerto Rico
    Demand that you resign, so that no one gets hurt
    Everyone united, no matter the color of your party
    This song premiered early for you to have as breakfast
    Fury is the only party that unites us

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