Worst Week in Colorado #3

It’s time for another edition of “Worst Week in Colorado,” where we ask Colorado Pols readers who it is who had the worst week in Colorado politics.

Previous winners (or losers) include Republican Party Chair Dick Wadhams and former GOP Gubernatorial candidate Scott McInnis. Our nominee this week is the Colorado Republican Party and Establishment in general, for its shamelessly apparent attempts to discredit Gubernatorial nominee Dan Maes and force him out of the race so that they can appoint someone else.

We had no problem with the GOP trying to get Maes out of the race prior to the Primary, or even soon afterwards, but this week the process took on a whole new level of desperate absurdity. If they can’t get Maes to agree to any sort of plan to bow out of the race, they could at least try to do it a little quieter while not openly poking in the eye the hundreds of thousands of Republicans who, for whatever reason, did vote for him in the Primary.

Who, or what, else would you nominate for “Worst Week in Colorado” this week?

Who Had the Worst Week in Colorado This Week?

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  1. jW says:

    This has not been a good week for him. Add the recent news that Ken Buck and Mike Coffman have retracted their support fom him to the endless list of other shit being piled on; in November, looking back, this will be the “told you so” week.  

    • Voyageur says:

      Andrews and Hank Brown started the stampede.  At last report, Maes’ dog was spotted sending his resume to the Dumb Friends League.

    • BlueCat says:

      In fact even a losing campaign may be his brightest temporary employment op right now. He was clearly already hanging on by his fingernails or we wouldn’t  have been begging for cash to pay the mortgage or trying to live on “mileage”.  

      I’d hate to be Wadhams, trying to explain what the hell happened here at a time when the GOP is supposed to be set for big wins in the purple state world. It’s more than just possible that the Colorado GOP won’t make any gains in the congressional delegation. Besides the gubernatorial fiasco, this could be the only purple state that sends every incumbent Dem back to DC and replaces an outgoing Dem governor with another Dem in an atmosphere made for challengers. Not going to look good on those resumes.

      • H-man says:

        He could have survived the Republican establishment turning on him, but once the Tea Party leadership turned, he has no base.  The question is can they find a semi-graceful way for him to go without further embarassment to him and his family.

        • This is politics – for GOP KingMakers, if they don’t win, they don’t eat

          Running against them is gonna be a turmoil on one’s family, with or without skeletons in the closet

          Dan needs to buckle his seatbelt and hold on….

        • BlueCat says:

          But since it’s almost 4PM Friday and it’s not breaking yet, I’m guessing that rumor was just to add more pressure. Funny thing is the GOP candidates usually just act crazy and say crazy things to pander to the crazies they need to win. The miscalculation here is that Maes, and McInnis too for that matter, really is crazy, so crazy he still thinks he’s in it to win it or at least get his meals on the campaign circuit for a couple of months. Maybe, all things considered, not completely crazy after all.

        • Colorado Pols says:

          If Republicans throw out more damaging stuff about Maes, it only moves him from “very unlikely to win” to “even more unlikely to win.” So what?

    • Looking ahead, I think this was a bad week for John Hickenlooper.

      He’s now in what can only be seen as a two-way race against Tom Tancredo.

      Most conservatives will back Tancredo, not Maes nor Hickenlooper.

      In Friday’s debate on Channel 12, Tom showed how to quietly and deftly attack Hick on illegal immigration, ObamaCare, spending and taxes.

      In addition, Tancredo raised more than $200,000 in only a month, and there is more where that came from.

      Tanc has name recognition and high unfavorables. In the latest polls, the high unfavorables have hurt him, but his performance in Friday’s debate, I think, probably helped reduce his unfavorables and increase Hick’s.

      Tancredo is a smart politician. He knows state issues and how state government works better than Hickenlooper, and he talks straight. Tancredo takes difficult positions and shows he is willing to be held accountable. Hickenlooper double talks, avoids committing to anything and has shown over the last seven years that he doesn’t like to be held accountable for anything.

      The differences between Tancredo and Hickenlooper are stark-to Tancredo’s advantage, I think.

      Feel free to disagreee. 🙂

  2. BlueCat says:

    they got stuck with 2 such awful gubernatorial candidates to choose from in their primary. At this point the Establishment leaders look like a bunch of helpless, desperate, impotent morons.  In the GOP When the big boys tell you to get lost for the good of the party, you’re supposed to salute and get lost. Wadhams and Co have completely lost control in a party built on top down control and obedience.  It’s the end of an era for the Colorado GOP.

    • Nothing good comes from listening to Colorado KingMakers – their only tool in the shed is intimidation – someone finally figured them out and called their bluff… and the worst part?

      The worst part isn’t that their candidate won’t be serving as Governor or Senator

      The worst part is that they’ve been exposed – Colorado KingMakers ain’t hidden-dragons – they’re paper-tigers – and we all know it now

      Worst Year Ever? Colorado GOP KingMakers – your era is OVER

      • BlueCat says:

        Not looking so swift either. Up until the most recent story, they were supporting Maes as the David who beat Goliath. Top down or bottom up,  Rs don’t have much to brag about in all this. I’d say better luck next time but I am a Democrat.  

      • RedGreen says:

        I’m not trying to stir anything up here, but weren’t your parents among those KingMakers at one point?  

        • When the KingMakers were telling Coffman to sit down for Wil Armstrong, my parents were with Coffman – other cases also confirm it, but I can’t recall now

          Nonetheless – no – my family has never been part of the KingMaking – had we been part of that, I never would’ve flirted running for SD8 back in 2007

          Lastly – my family members also give to Democrats (Jared Polis and Cindy Lowery are great examples) – and GOP KingMakers have a strict rule that no money go to Dems

  3. ScottP says:

    He was playing the Conservative Game and winning. Then suddenly, sometime around the primaries, the rules of the Conservative Game changed.

    Maes is still rolling the dice like it’s July, but the rest of the conservatives have changed the rules of the game.

  4. When I watched that Gov. Jan in AZ do the “doooh moment” on TV, and then to follow up after that with a “lost my head” moment, I fell back to long lost memories, myself.

    I remember that Mayor of Phoenix Terry was a shoe-in for the Gov job, and some city-slicker from NY City, got the job(the Fife-Ster Symington. So, anything, can happen, before now and November.

    That was a story to be told. I think Symington avoided a conviction that would hold for jail time, and those FED charges because of a technicality involving a juror on appeal.

  5. H-man says:

    When the polls came out, they had one sort of right.

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