Buck: ‘A Few’ Democrats ‘Seriously Considering Voting to Aquit’

U.S. Rep. Ken Buck, the leader of Colorado’s Republican Party, says he knows  there are “a few Democrat senators who are seriously considering voting to acquit in this situation.”

A call to Buck’s office seeking the names of these Democrats was not returned.

Buck made the comment this week on KFTM 1400-AM (at 9 min 30 sec).

As for his own view, Buck slammed the door on any possibility that more witnesses would offer sufficient evidence to justify impeaching Trump.

“I think no matter what the witnesses say, the president’s conduct does not rise to the level of impeachable conduct,” said Buck on air. “So the Senate can very easily make the determination that they are not going to call witnesses, and have their vote, and be done with this. And we can get back to doing business here, and hopefully, even in an election year, be able to get some positive things done.”

Buck has been a fierce critic of the impeachment process from the get-go, saying in December that he would exact revenge by taking a “very hard” look at pay raises and other benefits for federal employees and “job security” of “senior bureaucrats” in the executive branch.

He said the “really scary part” about the impeachment process is that “there really is a deep state.”

He’s also insisted that the debunked theory that Ukraine meddled in the 2016 U.S. presidential election was, in fact, real.

Also in the KFTM interview, Buck offered his opinion that Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren “would relish the opportunity to see Vice President Biden embarrassed by his son testifying.”

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  1. JohnInDenver says:

    Right … Rep. (and State Chair) Ken Buck is wired into the consideration process of Democratic Senators.  And the secret delights of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, too.

    Is it just the atmosphere of talk radio which brings on such blather?  Or does Buck claim to possess such knowledge while he is on the House floor and when he is at a public meeting, too? And I have a hard time believing that ANY of the Democrats of the Colorado delegation would claim they know the thoughts and what “serious consideration” is in the minds of Republican Senators.

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