James Carville Knows Something You Don’t*

The Hill reports:

James Carville.

Veteran Democratic strategist James Carville has formally endorsed Sen. Michael Bennet’s (D) long-shot presidential campaign, saying he thinks that the Colorado senator is the best candidate to face President Trump due to what he calls stark differences between the two men.

“The best way to beat Donald Trump is to show you’re not him in any way, shape or form,” Carville said in a statement released by the Bennet campaign Monday…

Carville predicted that Bennet will “surprise people,” specifically predicting the senator will do well in the New Hampshire primary next month.

“I think Sen. Bennet is uniquely suited for New Hampshire,” Carville said. “It’s a historical fact that people like him do well there.”

* Legendary Democratic strategy man James Carville knows a lot of things that other people don’t. As for when or where Carville proves accurate in the long run, of course, nobody who has been in politics as long as he has can claim a 100% perfect prognostication record. While most of the political class in America has written off Sen. Michael Bennet’s resolute but persistently second-tier presidential campaign, Bennet has vowed to stay in the race in hopes of achieving exactly what Carville is forecasting–a surprisingly strong showing in the New Hampshire primary that rockets Bennet back from the nether reaches of the pack.

In that event, James Carville will be here to say he told you so.

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  1. RepealAndReplace says:

    I’ve always been a big James Carville, but……..

    In this case, he’s gotten out beyond his skis. What possessed him to endorse the candidate polling at 0% pretty much everywhere? 

    PS That’s not a slam against Mike Bennet. In a better world with a different political system, Bennet would be a very serious candidate. But we don’t live in that world. We live in a cross between realty TV and game show. Bennet isn’t made for that.

  2. itlduso says:

    We've had some interesting endorsements from several Dem professionals this campaign:  Jeff Berman, Obama's delegate guru went for Beto;  Ray Rivera, Obama's CO state director is with Bloomberg; and now Carville is for Bennet.  It's all good with me, but I'd like what their smoking!


  3. DENependent says:

    Being able to said “told you so” is like a long shot bet. Sure, it won’t pay off 99% of the time, but because it is such a long shot it has almost no risk either.

    Unlike endorsing Amy Klobuchar as the better moderate no one in a hypothetical Biden administration is going to be angry about going with someone who was never a threat. It also gets the endorser’s name in the paper where a safer one would not. And in the quite possible realm of Trump triumphing or the Biden administration being a disaster for Democrats then he has the insurance of being able to say, “Oh, well if we’d nominated Bennet this would not have happened.”

    The liberal version of this would be to have endorsed Julián Castro before he dropped out.

    • MADCO says:

      $100 says Biden doesn't win.

      What you say?

      • DENependent says:

        $25 says that Biden wins the Democratic nomination.

        To be on the “Biden wins Democratic nomination” side of the bet I’d want it to be 4 to 1, otherwise it is a sucker’s bet. He’s not an even money favorite yet.

        If I were betting on the other candidates to take the nomination I’d risk $20 on Warren, $20 on Sanders, $10 on Klobuchar… I might put $15 on divided convention right now. Anyone else no more than a dollar or two.

  4. JohnInDenver says:

    Bennet is still there, one of the last 12 from a field of (at some point) 26 (27 if you count Gravel).  His status, mainly from Ballotpedia:

    — Money:  fundraising; thru Q3, raised $5.6m, spent $3.8m, COH $1.9m, and no satellite spending organizations.  Campaign webpage says " We need to raise $700,000 by January 16th to have the resources to compete in New Hampshire." — doesn't have an update since the appeal was first posted.

    — staff — I don't recognize ANY of his staff or their experience.  a couple of former DCCC directors.

    — endorsements — ballotpedia lists 3 — Hickenlooper, Romer and Weiser

    — debates — did not make the September debate or any afterwards. With tonights', he will have been in 2 of 6.

    — campaign time — 68 days of 2019 in the first 4 states.

    — RCP aggregate national average is 0.8%;  New Hampshire average is 0.7%

    — at 1 cent in PredictIt market.

    — and last but not least, will be off the campaign for the most part during any impeachment trial.  [so will Sanders, Warren, Klobuchar

    • RepealAndReplace says:

      Didn't Bennet raise a lot more a lot faster for his senate races than for this?

      (BTW, is Mike Gravel still alive? Or did you include that as a joke? He's the guy who lost his senate seat to Lisa Murkowski's father 40 YEARS AGO!)

      • MADCO says:

        The 2020 presidential campaign of Mike Gravel, former U.S. senator from Alaska, began on March 19, 2019 with the formation of an exploratory committee,[2] followed on April 2, 2019 with his campaign filing with the Federal Elections Commission to officially run for the presidency.[3][4] Gravel's initial intention was not to win the nomination, but rather to inject his platform into the conversation so that his ideas become part of the mainstream[5], though he announced that he was "running to win" on April 29.[6]

        5 seconds on the google

        Just say  i don't understand.
        No one will think less of you



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