Larimer County Folks ain’t “shaking in our boots” – or – what’s up with the Republican Shoe Fetish?

(I’d like to see a diary from the Republicans up there too – promoted by DavidThi808)

I’ve been quiet for a good long while of late, because there’s work to do up here in Larimer County.  

Still, it was good to take a moment away from my county map long enough to see that 1) Cory Gardner seems to have forgotten the Republican aversion to the New York Times…

and 2) that even folks in New York are starting to grasp the urgency of what’s going on “about an hour north of Denver.”   Quoth the Times:

“This state represents a major swing region – the Rocky Mountain West – coveted by both Republicans and Democrats; the political and ideological counterpoint to the industrial Midwest, another major swing region. And Larimer County, about an hour north of Denver, is – in its diversity of interests and allegiances – representative of Colorado.”

Whether it’s a well-known candidate like Rep. Betsy Markey (D-CD4) or some lesser-known candidates like Jay Harrison (first Democratic Sheriff candidate since 1962), Commissioner candidate Adam Bowen, or HD 49 challenger Karen Stockley (who’s looking to be the first Democrat to win the rural parts of the county since the mid-70s), the county’s Democrats are working hard to consolidate our 2008 gains.

More importantly, we’re working to consolidate a vision for the future of Northern Colorado; one the Times rightly recognizes

“as increasingly linked to the high-tech and renewable-energy economy, which leans Democratic…a microcosm of Colorado’s future.  

Maybe that’s what’s got Cory Gardner “shaking in his boots.”

That’s right, Gardner claims we’re all “shaking in our boots” up here, “desperately afraid of what happens next week.”  It’s true that our local economy is a little shaky, but not so much that I meet folks who are “desperately afraid” while I’m out knocking doors.  Maybe Mr. Gardner wants us to be afraid, but we here in Larimer County are proud Americans, and we tend to see the bright side of a future we can work for together.

According to the Times,

the “Brookings Institution…ranked the Fort Collins area as having the second-best-performing small city economy in the Intermountain West.”

That’s because we Larimer County folks have a clear vision to grow a new energy economy that will capitalize on our open spaces, strong winds, and unending days of sunshine.

“Shaking in our boots?”  I don’t think so.  Larimer’s Democrats are out walking in them, and walking tall! I heard a lot more cheers than jeers for the Democrats at the County Fair parade last night.  By contrast, all I saw from the Republicans was a bunch of old men and boys dressed as militia from the original 13 colonies.  That may make for easy earned media, but it doesn’t really have much to do with Colorado’s past, let alone it’s future.

If Larimer County is a bell-weather for the nation, so be it.  For all the bluster from our opposition, we know sunnier days are ALWAYS ahead “about an hour north of Denver.”  If you feel the same way in your part of the state, or in your part of the country, why not jump on our bandwagons and help us make a difference?

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  1. Middle of the Road says:

    in your title. May have been misleading but it would have gotten people to this diary which I wish more people would read. Moreover, I wish they would remember that we have other races in this state that matter.

    Oh and someone should tell Cory that we are having the best summer tourist wise that we’ve had in years. And we rarely shake in our boots up here–then again, we’re used to the wind and the snow and busting our asses to make enough in 3 months to get us through the rest of the year. Maybe he needs to toughen up a little.

  2. Half Glass Full says:

    Just don’t ask ’em to jump on a bicycle.

  3. Gilpin Guy says:

    if you are a Republican.  Fear, double fear and triple fear are the only things they can talk about.  FDR wouldn’t be able to relate to Cory and his fear of progress.

    Thanks for the cheery post Meiner49er.  It is a refreshing reminder that once the primary is over we will be focused on helping Betsy Markey and down ticket Democrats help swing the pendulum further back to the middle.

  4. morebetter says:

    It’s costumes, and colonial instruments! The GOP fears the future (and Larimer’s visionary Democratic candidates) so much that they are thinking about bringing back powdered wigs and corsets too. And if you’ve seen the great big drummer boy, now sans drum, you’d understand why.  

  5. NoCo_Indy says:

    I was surprised at how low-key Betsy was while walking in the parade. She was in the middle of a group of people wearing Markey T-shirts but was staying very close to the yellow line. Cory, on the other hand, was weaving back and forth across the street shaking hands and introducing himself.

    Several of my friends didn’t even realize Betsy was walking the route until she had passed by.

    Don’t know what it means, but I think it’s telling about the two personalities involved.

    • Gilpin Guy says:

      by an aggressive Tea Party adherent.  The conservatives who post at Pols are the nice variety that can say sarcastic things but aren’t violent by nature.  Ms. Markey has a target on her back for being a Democratic politician who is hated by some folks for her votes so it is possible that she could be attacked by some of the nut jobs who hate her and her party.  Mr. Gardner has little to worry about because Democrat radicals usually tend to vent their ire at Democratic politicians too.  

  6. bjwilson83 says:

    Fort Collins has a good economy because we have CSU, HP, Intel, and other good tech companies, but I haven’t noticed a lot of renewables in the area. And I resent your implication about the Republicans – I was wearing my finest Ken Buck t-shirt! 🙂 Buck, Maes, and Gardner had a lot of people in the parade; Norton and McInnis had two supporters each.

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