Yes Another Big Fat Dem Prez Debate Open Thread

Prediction: they’re not all going to be President.

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  1. bullshit! says:

    It's all good I like ensemble casts. 🙂

  2. DENependent says:

    And it is already over. At least according to Joe Biden who already sent out his post debate email to supporters hours before the debate started. Tanned, rested, and ready.

  3. davebarnes says:

    I am about to watch.


    1 hour in and no one has asked Tulsi how a Hindu could be elected.
    1 hour in and no one has asked Brian Williams why we should believe anything he says.
    1 hour in and they all dodged the “lock him up” question.
    1 hour in and no mention of Nikki’s email FUBAR.

  4. kwtree says:

    Watch live on

    Honestly, they’re all doing well so far. No breakouts, no major gaffes.

    Update: I spoke too soon. Biden on how to support the #metoo movement. He references his own work on the Violence Against Women Act, as he should. Then, he’s talking about how to stop violence against women. (Paraphrased)

    “You gotta keep punching it, and punching it, and punching it again!”

    Then, when asked (Cory Booker joked that he thought that Biden was high when he said this) about his recently stated position of keeping cannabis scheduled as a dangerous drug, he backtracked: “Legalize marijuana! Expunge the criminal records {of pot prisoners} But, um…keep on studying it, because it may be a gateway drug”.

    The man is tone deaf.

    • Voyageur says:

      Kwtree is wrong.  Biden did not say legalize marijuana.  He said "decriminalize" it.  Big difference.

    • itlduso says:

      Biden, disappointingly, had a horrible night.  He completely stumbled on the very first question when he mistook the Dem nomination with the Dem presidency.  Then, he claimed he had the endorsement of the only black woman Senator (the corrupt Carol Mosely Braun) when the second black woman Senator, Kamala Harris, was standing right next to him.  And, the unfortunate punching reference noted by tree above that elicited gasps from the audience. 

      Biden turned 77 years old this week and it shows, even after enjoying a leisurely campaign schedule to date.  Imagine how he's going to be by the time the Presidential debates take place after a year of intense campaigning. 

      I firmly believe that we will lose the election if we nominate Sanders or Warren (e.g, do they really want to raise Social Security taxes on those making more than $137,000 per year?).   I was hoping (against hope?) that Biden could hang in there and be strong enough to convince Americans that he will be an effective President.  The evidence last night is staring us in the face — he is not. 

      I'm back to my recent position:  My heart's with Pete, but my head's with Amy.  God help the Democratic Party and the United States of America.

      • Voyageur says:

        My heart and head are with yours, itlduso.  Sending another check to Amy today.

      • DENependent says:

        I still think that what is most likely to happen is that Biden wins the nomination and then gaffs and stumbles to a surprisingly narrow win (with a 1/3 chance of yet another EC loss) with a Republican Senate that will then pout and say “NO!” to everything like a two year old for four years.

        But that future feels a lot less likely than it did in the summer. Warren is almost as likely a nominee (with about the same 1/3 chance of a loss due to stupid state vote math). I think she’ll be kneecapped by the Obama moderates and would also have a very narrow win as they stay home out of spite and lecture everyone about how “shrill” she is rather than generating her own gaffs.

        But Klobuchar? She’s an excellent Senator who does not have a path to the presidency. For whatever reason most moderates think that Mayor Pete is a better second choice than Senator Klobuchar.

        My cynical side suspects that a lot of moderates see women as less electable than you do. My more optimistic side thinks that the Mayor is better on the stump and voters are responding to that.

        • Voyageur says:

          A majority of three million Americans voted for Hillary Clinton.  She would have won the electoral college as well if Robbie Mook had an IQ in double digits or if diehard bernistas had voted for her instead of the jilliot.

          I've sent money to Warren, Harris and Amy this year.  But Harris has lost traction and Warren has veered so far to the left that she glibly proposes free stuff that would take ourdeficit from the already intolerable $1trillion to $3 trillion a year.  If she's nominated, I'll vote for her, then immediately convert my IRA to Japanese yen.

          Pete would be a great president.  But will we really elect a 37 Year old gay man?

          I'm hoping Iowa wounds biden and destroys Bernie.  Amy finishes third or fourth, winning the coveted "does better than expected" label.  Then Amy is at least second in New Hampshire, behind maybe Lizzie.  

          Biden slumps after claiming the support of the first black man elected president, Warren G. Harding.  (Read The Shadow of Blooming Grove.)

          Klobuchar then wins South Carolina and California.   She names Buttigieg as running mate and wins big in November, carrying the Senate with her.

          The Broncos win the SuperBowl.

          And "gaffe" is spelled with an "e."

  5. MADCO says:

    The debates should be available on Netflix or Hulu or … Youtube kinda sucks.
    PlusYouTube won't remove bot/fake accounts… but there are none on Netflix/Hulu

  6. RepealAndReplace says:

    I’m watching season three of The Crown instead of the debate.

  7. Voyageur says:

    My favorite debate moment:  Maddow said only 1percent of Americans were in the military, asked if that should b e higher.  Warren gushed yes, citing various family members who served.

    Next, Maddow said the military budget was too high, asked who would cut it.    Warren was among those whopping it up to cut military spending.

    Question: how are you going to double the number of people in the military while cutting military spending in half?

    Math is so hard for the left!

  8. Peromyscus says:

    Here's my comment about the debates:

    Season 3 of The Crown is kind of a snoozefest, despite the brilliant Olivia Colman.  In particular, casting Helena Bonham Carter as Princess Margaret is a big miss.  The age difference alone with Coleman is marked (Bonham is 53, Colman 45) and since that is a big plotline – wrong!  Plus, simply too much makeup on Tobias Menzies even though his diction flawlessly says "uptight resigned royal consort".

    • RepealAndReplace says:

      Olivia Colman is excellent as Elizabeth.

      I must confess, I was unaware that Harold Wilson was rumored to be a Russian tool. Depressing, of course, when you realize that the head of your government is a Russian stooge. At least with Wilson, it turned out to be a fake rumor.

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