Beware of Future Poll “Results”

The Romanoff campaign is in the field with a push poll.

Yes, a push poll.

My wife, who is a registered D, got one tonight.

It started out by asking who she favored in the Senate primary, Bennet or Romanoff.  When she answered the question “Bennet,” the caller went on with the “would you still vote for Bennet if you knew…” that is diagnostic of a push poll.  The call lasted for 10 minutes, with the caller pushing all the way.

As a guy who used to do real polls for a living, I find push polls abhorrent.  

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  1. JeffcoBlue says:

    Thanks for sounding the alarm! A very gross tactic.

  2. MADCO says:

    Was it live or robo?

    Did they have the little tag- this poll paid for by etc.?

    It’s cheap. Perhaps all they can afford- because even the negative media attention this could draw is in fact free media.


  3. MikeD1970 says:

    A female friend of mine (I’d give her age for statistical purposes but she would be mad) got something that sounded similar last night, except that she’s a Romanoff supporter.  When she told the caller (live call) that she supported Romanoff, there were a series of harsh negatives.

    My favorite was something to the effect of “would you be less inclined to vote for Andrew Romanoff is you knew he was one of seven democrats to support Bush’s plan to privatize social security.”

    As far as I know, Romanoff wasn’t in favor of any effort to privatize SS…so I thought that was really odd.

    Sounds like someone was testing negatives against the candidates.  The Bennet supporters on here seemed to get Romanoff talking points — in other words testing how effective Romanoff’s message is.  The Romanoff supporters (at least the one I know who got this), got serious negatives that I hadn’t heard before.

    It’s hard to say given that I didn’t take the poll myself but rather heard it 2nd hand (as it seems everyone on here did), but I would actually guess that it’s the Bennet campaign testing the effectiveness of Romanoff’s “Casino” TV ad, the messages on the blogs from supporters like Wade Norris, and other standard Romanoff messaging.  

    The anti Romanoff talking points were either simple push polling or the Bennet campaign testing new talking points.

    Based on everything I’m reading and what my friend who took the survey said, I would say this sounds a lot like a Bennet poll.

    Also, to be frank, I doubt Romanoff has the $10,000+ it would take to do something this large right now.  I’m a supporter, but I have no illusions about his bank account right now.  Bennet has it to spend.

    • Ralphie says:

      When you’re testing themes.  Not after the ballots have been mailed.

      If it wasn’t a Romanoff push, why not a Republican push?

      • MikeD1970 says:

        you could be right, but it seems like the talking points on both sides were geared toward the the democratic primary.  The timing would make sense for Bennet because Romanoff recently went up on TV.  They want to see how it’s affecting the field.

        If it were a Republican poll testing negatives on both candidates (so they are ready to go for the general), I would expect talking points the republicans would actually use.  Norton and Buck wouldn’t attack democrats for wanting to privatize social security…because they probably want to privatize social security.

        This has the feel of democrat on democrat.

        I recommended your diary because I think this is an interesting conversation by the way.  These are the types of stories you don’t read and discuss other places.

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