Just Impeachie: White House Puts Up Roadblocks

UPDATE: Here’s the letter sent to Congress by the White House in which the Trump administration explains that it will not cooperate with impeachment investigations.

There is a LOT of impeachment news to digest these days. If it is hard for us to keep up with all of this impeachment news, it’s probably difficult for our readers as well. So, as a public service, we decided to roundup some of the top impeachment stories floating around the Internet tubes and condense them in one location.

We’re tentatively calling this roundup “Just Impeachie.” Enjoy…


“The White House all but declared war on the House impeachment inquiry on Tuesday,” writes the New York Times. President Trump is blocking Congressional testimony from a key witness, EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland. As the Washington Post reports, Democrats will subpoena Sondland.


As the Washington Post reports, President Trump’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani, said Tuesday that he “can’t imagine” anyone from the Trump administration would appear before a Congressional panel looking into impeachment.


A new poll from NBC News/Wall Street Journal shows support for impeachment continues to rise. “Most Americans – including one in five Republicans – now back an impeachment inquiry or already believe Congress should remove President Donald Trump from office.” The Hill rounds up similar poll findings.


“Crazy,” “frightening,” and “completely lacking in substance related to national security.” That’s how a whistleblower described a phone call between President Trump and the President of Ukraine in late July. (New York Times)


As Politico reports, network news anchors are growing increasingly open with viewers about their trouble finding elected Republicans to come on their show as guests to discuss impeachment news.


Rep. Adam Schiff, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, vows that Democrats will “get to the bottom” of Trump’s corruption and misconduct, “no matter how hard the president fights us.” (Washington Post)


As Vox.com explains, some Congressional Democrats think White House stonewalling on impeachment proceedings will backfire and end up helping the House of Representatives in making its case for Trump’s removal from office.


Axios reports that President Trump is privately telling confidants that he is concerned that impeachment will stain his legacy. Up to this point, Trump has been doing a pretty good job staining his legacy all by himself.


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  1. harrydobyharrydoby says:

    I guess Trump used his black Sharpie to "update" his copy of the Constitution to scratch out the part about the House's responsibility to oversee the Executive Branch.

  2. kwtreekwtree says:

    Great idea for a regular feature, Pols. It is hard to keep up with impeachment news.

    Daily Special Flavor: Impeachment with nuts.

  3. harrydobyharrydoby says:

    New York Times' David Leonhardt relays this opinion about the White House plan to stonewall forever:

    There is no legal or logical basis to President Trump’s claim that the impeachment inquiry is illegitimate.

    “Wow. This letter is bananas,” Gregg Nunziata, a lawyer and former Republican staff member on the Senate Judiciary Committee, wrote yesterday, referring to the White House letter announcing it would not cooperate with the inquiry. “A barely-lawyered temper tantrum. A middle finger to Congress and its oversight responsibilities. No Member of Congress should accept it, no matter his or her view on the behavior of Pelosi, Schiff, or Trump.”

    The Constitution gives Congress the right to pursue impeachment. And a president inviting foreign interference in American affairs — for personal gain — clearly qualifies as a potential “high crime.”

    By pretending otherwise, Trump is making a bet.

    He’s betting that he can bend the Republican Party to his will and get congressional Republicans and administration officials to parrot his fictions. He’s betting that the media won’t be able to resist framing this story as “Both sides have a legitimate argument.” He’s betting that Democrats won’t be willing to engage in as tough a brand of politics as he is.

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