If I Pretend I Don’t Remember, It Will Go Away

The conservative blog RedState, which is backing Republican Ken Buck for Senate, takes a look at the same “I’ve never been a lobbyist” claims from Jane Norton  that have long since been debunked:

Recently Jane Norton gave an interview to the Colorado Statesman. There is this curious exchange in it:

   CS: Did you used to work for AARP?

   JN: I did, I did.

   CS: What did you do for them?

   JN: I was – gosh, what was my title? Oh, that was so long ago. I’m sorry, can I get back with you on that? I can’t even remember what it was.

   CS: I don’t think it’s on your bio. Is there any reason for that?

   JN: No, no.

Curious, ain’t it. She doesn’t remember and it is not in her bio.

Well, how about we go through the wayback time machine and see what we can uncover.

Redstate goes on to cite numerous past news articles, which we’ve also noted before, that show Norton was indeed a lobbyist for AARP. This ol’ horse has been out of the barn for so long that you couldn’t even find it to put it back; Norton would be better off just telling people that she worked for AARP and use it to get support from senior citizen voters rather than comically pretending that she can’t remember.

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  1. 20th Maine says:

    Was it her first job out of college?  Assistant to the assistants’s assistant type of position?  Or…. not?

  2. Half Glass Full says:

    Jane you’re playin a game you never can win girl

    You’re stayin away just so I’ll ask you where you’ve been baby

    Like a cat and a mouse (cat and a mouse)

    From door to door and house to house

    Don’t you pretend you don’t know what I’m talkin about  

  3. allyncooper says:

    It’s been well established most Republican candidates suffer from “selective amnesia”, Like McInnis on abortion.

    Obviously she’ll have to check with Cinnamon to refresh her memory.  

  4. Go Raiders* says:

    another “Unity” diary telling Ken Buck to bow out now, because Jane has this one in the bag….

  5. marilou says:

    What does Cinamon say?  Does Josh have anything to add?

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