Same Vote, Different Day

Right behind you, Mr. President!

As Roll Call reports, the Senate today voted once again to reject President Trump’s “emergency declaration” for border wall money, though it is a largely symbolic move since there aren’t enough votes in the Senate to override a promised Presidential veto:

Eleven Republicans joined 43 Democrats in support of ending the emergency declaration, which allowed the administration to repurpose $3.6 billion in funds appropriated for military construction projects. That money has been diverted to border wall construction…

…Both chambers previously voted to end the Feb. 15 emergency declaration, but without sufficient majorities to override Trump’s veto, which immediately followed the Senate’s passage in March. By law, Congress has the ability to reconsider ending national emergencies every six months, which enabled Wednesday’s vote.

The resolution passed with the support of 11 Republican Senators — none of who are named Cory Gardner. For the second time this year, Sen. Gardner voted in support of President Trump’s emergency declaration for stealing money from other projects, and he’s not done yet:

Senator Gardner will apparently also support the backfill of money stolen from shovel-ready military projects, putting the proverbial cherry on the top of a pretty amazing policy waffle; you may recall that Gardner claimed he was opposed to building a border wall until literally hours before Trump made his “emergency declaration,” and now he’s ready to endorse a giant check for that exact purpose. As the Denver Post wrote earlier this month:

“It’s unfortunate Gardner can’t defend Colorado and the U.S. Constitution at the same time, or even one at a time, or just one or the other.”

Gardner voted “NO” on a similar resolution of opposition back in March, which led directly to the Denver Post’s stunning un-endorsement of the Yuma Republican. When news of this second vote on Trump’s declaration was breaking a few weeks ago, Gardner again pretended that he was undecided, which was transparently silly. In a pitch-perfect response to Gardner’s second vote, ProgressNow Colorado sent out a statement that was basically a cut-and-paste from their reaction last March:

Two can play that game.


As Democratic Party Chair Morgan Carroll said in a statement after the vote: “Senator Cory Gardner had a very clear choice with today’s vote: double down on his support for Trump’s unconstitutional power grab, or prevent Peterson Air Force Base from losing $8 million in funding. Gardner chose Trump over doing what’s right for Colorado.”

Senator Cory Gardner may hail from Colorado, but he’s always going to choose Trump over his home state.


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  1. JohnInDenverJohnInDenver says:

    I'm still awaiting a reply to my emailed request to know which 2-4 miles of border wall is more important than the building on Peterson AFB.  Gardner's staff apparently has not thought up an answer yet. 

    And, for what it is worth, here's a reminder of actions in the Democratic-led House from The Hill:

    Democrats in the House are moving immigration legislation. This includes the Dream and Promise Act to address those who are under Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals and with temporary protected status, the Fairness for High Skilled Immigrants Act to remove the per country caps for employment based visas and increase the cap for family based visas, and several bills to address the conditions in the detention centers.

    And what has the Sad!-ministration done lately, after the money grab from the DoD? 

    Updated Aug. 28 at 2:45 p.m. ET

    As a major storm heads for Puerto Rico, the Department of Homeland Security and its Federal Emergency Management Agency said Tuesday they will move $271 million in funds to support President Trump's border enforcement efforts.

    Shifting funds from one account with dire needs to another account for border enforcement needs doesn't seem like it is making progress on ALL the nation's needs.

  2. kwtreekwtree says:

    An ad against Senator Gardner should feature his mouth moving silently in double time, and smiling, while “Voted against—— “  is shown repeatedly. Ending with: 

    “Cory Gardner- Actions speak louder than words”.

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