Ex-GOP Minority Leader Mike May Dumps Cory Gardner

Former House Minority Leader Mike May (R).

We do our best to keep abreast of the latest political scuttlebutt as compiled by our various political newsrooms into weekly newsletter offerings, but like an unfortunate number of news consumers out there we sometimes don’t always make it all the way through every single such roundup every single week–particularly when there’s nothing in the headline to suggest something juicy “below the fold.”

As such, we missed this significant yet buried bit of news from the Denver Post’s Justin Wingerter, two entries from the bottom of the May 30th edition of the Post’s The Spot political news agglomeration–a former GOP Colorado House Minority Leader, Mike May of Parker, is endorsing Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Andrew Romanoff over incumbent Republican Sen. Cory Gardner:

During an interview with The Post last week, Romanoff talked about the support of Mike May, a Parker Republican and former House minority leader.

“He reached out to me not long after I announced my candidacy. He said, ‘My wife and I want to support you.’ I said, ‘I appreciate that, but just to remind you, I’m a Democrat.’ He said, ‘I remember that, but my country means more than my party and we would be honored to call you our senator.’” [Pols emphasis]

Romanoff says he had a similar conversation with Mary Estill Buchanan, a former Republican secretary of state who endorsed him Tuesday. She narrowly lost a Senate race of her own to Gary Hart in 1980.

Talk about burying the lede! The truth is, we might have missed this news entirely had a correction in this week’s The Spot referring to the original story not caught our eye. It’s not for us to tell the Post’s headline writers what’s most important, and in a lot of cases the reporters don’t get much of a say in the headline wording either–but a former GOP House Minority Leader abandoning Cory Gardner ahead of the nation’s hottest Senate race really is big news. It’s big news for Romanoff, sure, but potentially a huge blow to Gardner regardless of which Democrat he faces in 2020.

We expect that there is a lot more to this story that bears telling. Minority Leader May served with Cory Gardner for years in the Colorado House, and in 2010 lavished praise on Gardner’s state house service during Gardner’s first run for Congress. May’s collegial relationship with former House Speaker Andrew Romanoff doesn’t fully explain May taking such a dramatic step. What specifically did Gardner do, or fail to do, to persuade a former top GOP leader to deliver the unkindest cut of all?

The follow-up story, and we’re excited to see it, will definitely merit its own headline.


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  1. RepealAndReplace says:

    Dangerous move, Andy….

    advertising your ability to work across the aisle will infuriate the LWNJs who will never trust you. 

    • Curmudgeon says:

      Funny, you keep bleating about Democrats' ideological intolerance, but how is your own party doing, pal?  

      • RepealAndReplace says:

        Considering I've been a Democrat for last 35 years, my party went through its left wing phase in the 1970s and 1980s, got tied of losing with McGovern and Mondale, the Democratic Leadership Council detoxified the party after the Dukakis Debacle of '88, Bill Clinton and Al Gore showed how to win elections, Obama continued that, and now we are trying to figure out do we want to win or do we want to be pure.

        • Curmudgeon says:

          Purity isn't the question for me, but I'm not willing to lose certain core values.  I'm all for working across the aisle, but some aspects of "centrism" have lost their appeal to me.  But that's just me. 

    • Duke CoxDuke Cox says:

      I am one of those LWNJs who trusts Andrew completely. If our Congress and our state houses across the country were populated with thousands of Andrew Romanoffs, our people and government would never have gotten to the point of insanity they currently occupy.

      Andrew Romanoff, if elected, will become one of Colorados' most accomplished, beloved, and venerated Senators. 

      • Curmudgeon says:

        I wonder, what is the criteria for LWNJ around here, anyway? 

        Is it just "not a closet Republican"?

        • kwtreemamajama55 says:

          R&R throws around the term LWNJ whenever he’s feeling smug and self righteous.( so, every day).  It doesn’t  mean much policy -wise -he’s never defined a policy he actually likes, so “LWNJ” is just a term for “someone who has different opinions than myself, and is therefore wrong and fair game for mockery.” He cannot tolerate dissent or disagreement, and mercilessly harangues dissenters to be more tolerant and less divisive…like himself.

          If Republicans were more inclusive on gay issues, R&R would still be Republican. He admitted as much recently. Meanwhile, he tries to keep only people who agree with him inside the Dem Big Tent, although he also will never forgive or forget those who seek a warmer welcome elsewhere. 

          • VoyageurVoyageur says:

            Congratulations mj, you win a prize.  This is your 10,000th bitter, venomous, attack on R&R for daring to disagree with you!

            You can pick up your prize, a MAGA hat knitted by Sarah Suckabee Handers, at Bernie Sanders headquarters.

            Power to the correct people!

          • Curmudgeon says:

            Thanks for the clarification, MJ.

          • RepealAndReplace says:


            I used the term LWNJ to describe the mirror opposite to the RWNJs. Let's face it – they are ideological bookends falling off the bookcase. One wants no government and rule of the jungle. The other wants to government to regulate and dispense everything and anything. Simply put, neither is acceptable to me. 

            You ridicule people like Hickenlooper and Bennet because they are not pure enough for you and they speak with members of the other party. They do know how to win elections and have spared us from the likes of Bob Beauprez, Dan Maes, Daryl Glenn and Ken Buck. 

            Tony Blair once said that anytime you get a hard right candidate going up against a hard left candidate, the hard right candidate wins.  I got to thinking about that in our country and the only except to that was Johnson's win over Goldwater in 1964. That was 55 years ago. Other than that, the hard left candidate always loses.

            I know, MJ, this time will be different because you've told us that all the millennials you know in Morgan County are democratic socialist and that is the future. Unfortunately, many – although fortunately not all – of the millennials I know voted for Donald Trump.

            I'm a big believer in Einstein's definition of insanity. And having Bernie or Warren or DiBlasio run that same type of platform that took down McGovern, Mondale, and Dukakis is not a winning strategy.

            You grossly oversimplify things in saying that if the GOP were better on LGBT issues, I would become a Republican. That is certainly a sine qua non to me becoming a Republican but I have other issues with them as well. Many, if not most, of them are racists and xenophobes. They are climate change deniers. They are anti-science. Yesterday, we were told that the Moon was part of Mars by Donald Trump.  

            And contrary to your belief, I do not believe that the government has no role in helping its citizens. The difference is that I think the government has some limited roles in helping people – primarily those through no fault of their own need help (i.e., the young, the old, the disabled). 

            This country got to where it is because it has traditionally had a strong work ethic. What you advocate – the free stuff – runs contrary to that. 

            • kwtreemamajama55 says:

              You just go right on with your calling me and fellow Democrats “LWNJ”s. Call me and other progressive females “nasty women”, while you’re at it. Copy and paste Vs insults, as well. Float that boat.

              After all, the Big O tweets insults like these all day long, and he’s President of the United States. 

              Just don't pretend that your hobby has some high political purpose, or that you think it will help your favorite moderates to get elected. It won’t.

              You’re much more likely to drive young people away from the party. If you really do care about Democrats being elected,  you would try to reach out rather than ridicule and insult. But I’m sure you could care less what a LWNJ nasty woman thinks.

              I didn’t say that you left the GOP because of LGBT issues – you said that, not that long ago. If it’s oversimplifying and you have other beef with the racist, xenophobic, anti-science GOP, that’s good news.

              while we’re clarifying and being all adult and discursive instead of just flinging poo, free tuition at state universities , free all day kindergarten, free clinics, all are proposed to allow working people to work. College degrees are still required for most decent jobs. Only the very rich can afford daycare to accommodate work schedules. You want the workers at the fast food place to get checked out for infections without sacrificing a weeks pay to do it.

              so that’s your work ethic.  People generally want to work, want to better their lives, want to contribute to society. I just spent an hour with a ver active 6 month old. He’ll want to contribute, to be valuable and valued,  even though his mama gets food stamps and TANF now, even though she works a minimum wage job, and will undoubtedly enroll him in All day K as soon as he’s old enough. Because that’s what good societies do…. they care for their more vulnerable members so that those cared for an in turn care for others. 

              Whatever. You don’t care what I think. You like insulting half the people on this blog, go on and do it til you’re satisfied. Just expect that what you dish out will come back at you. Good or bad.

              • PseudonymousPseudonymous says:

                You’re much more likely to drive young people away from the party. If you really do care about Democrats being elected,  you would try to reach out rather than ridicule and insult. But I’m sure you could care less what a LWNJ nasty woman thinks.

                In Colorado, at least, that's a fait accompli:

                • kwtreemamajama55 says:

                  What year were those stats, Psuedo? And are they registered voters or polled voters?

                  It fits with what I’ve seen – younger folks are just not that into any political party – it’s like, “ Show me why I should vote for ———“

                  So R&R’s group of Republican millennials is a rare bunch indeed🌝

      • RepealAndReplace says:

        What a coincidence, Duke. I too like Romanoff. (In fact, I voted for him in 2010 primary against Bennet. You're welcome, Zappy.)  Anyone who can get a raging moderate like me and a LWNJ like you should be the standard bearer for the Democratic Party.

  2. Diogenesdemar says:

    Gratuitous non-sequiter from some mindless -eratus bot to follow . . .

  3. davebarnesdavebarnes says:

    "ex" makes it meaningless.

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