Words Mean Things, Wayne New Edition

Denver City Councilman Wayne New.

Denverite reports on another race-related faceplant by another conservative figure in always-entertaining Denver politics, this time Councilman Wayne New’s self-proclaimed ignorance of things he…well, calls himself:

City Councilman Wayne New said he was once a Dixiecrat, aligning himself with a racist splinter group of the Democratic party that opposed integration, during a District 10 forum Thursday night.

After challenger Chris Hinds questioned New’s politics, the incumbent responded, “This is a nonpartisan race and politics don’t enter into it and I don’t know why you’re bringing it into it so strongly. I’ve been a Republican, I’ve been a Democrat, I’ve been a Dixiecrat, I’ve been an independent now for six or seven years.”

On Friday, New, who is from Georgia, apologized in a statement. He told Denverite that he would not have used the term had he known what it meant.

“I feel like an idiot,” he said in an interview. “The only thing I ever knew about Dixiecrats is what my parents told me — that a Dixiecrat is conservative fiscally and cared about social issues. [Pols emphasis] I always thought it was so positive.”

Okay so, that’s not what a “Dixiecrat” actually is–or was, we say hopefully while unfortunately aware that the term and type are not completely extinct in Wayne New’s native state of Georgia. But for those who weren’t paying attention during this part of 20th Century American history class, the “Dixiecrats” weren’t really concerned with fiscal policy at all. What motivated the Dixiecrats was the single “social issue” of preserving racial segregation, and the desire by Southern states to fend off federal intervention in the Jim Crow legal framework that systematically oppressed African Americans.

If you didn’t already know the history of the Dixiecrats and the peak of their segregationist movement in the 1948 presidential elections, click here and let Google do the educating! It should be noted that Wayne New has changed his political stripes over the years the way most people change socks, switching from Republican to independent just months before his 2015 City Council campaign. But that only reinforces the moral of the story, which is that you really, really need to know what these terms mean before you use them.

Especially to describe yourself.

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  1. Voyageur says:

    Wayne New is my councilman.  He has worked hard and effectively on local issues.   Our biggest problem is that we live close to the shuttered Whole Foods at 9th and Ogden, which ha s become a magnet for homeless campers.   Wayne has met with homeowners including me numerous times to try to redevelop the property in the face of a dog-in-the-manger attitude by whole foods, which would rather continue paying its lease while running down the neighborhood just to avoid competition.

    chris hinds, in contrast , has never met with us for anything and has hurled money into calls from a Fort Lupton based telemarketing firm in an attempt to buy this seat.  

    He doesn't know or care dip squat about the neighborhood Wayne has served so well.  And his claim that as a hard-line leftist, he will serve us better than a “Dixiecrat” is an insult to our intelligence.

    The National States Rights Party, to give it its real name, died in 1948.   Wayne wasn't even alive then.  I was — at age three.

    Even then, I could have probably seen through a main-chance politician like Chris Hinds.  

    My family voted 4-0 for Wayne New, a hard-working moderate running for a non-partisan office.

    We will again in the runoff.

    On the other hand, Chris should win a seat in Fort Lupton.  God knows, he's spent enough money there.

    • Karinthy says:

        So I have questions.

          Firstly, When you say Chris Hinds has poured his money into a telemarketing firm in Ft. Lupton, do you have proof of that? That's quite an accusation. It's funny, Chris's own personal telephone number, the one he's called me from and the on his flyers, identifies him as being in Ft. Lupton. You can actually look it up in White Pages if you doubt this. What the phone company does when they issue personal phone numbers doesn't always make sense.

         Secondly, the Whole Foods project, the one Wayne has worked so hard on, is that the same one they had a community meeting on last fall and hasn't moved a bit since? Because I've heard from at least one person that the reason nothing has really happened was partly due due to a lack of enthusiasm of the current councilman.

         Look, the thing I love about Wayne is if you don't like a position Wayne has, you can just wait a day. I sat in a room at the meeting of the Congress Park RNO just a few months ago, and he told the entire room that he was going to vote against Blue Print when it came up at City Council in a few weeks, probably precisely because that's what most people in the room wanted to hear. Of course he voted for it when it came up for a vote. Blueprint is the same document Chris worked on that will set the priorities for land use, development, and transportation in Denver's neighborhoods in the coming years, the same one Wayne voted for. Does it allow for 80 story sky scrapers in Cap Hill and Congress Park? No, and Wayne should know that considering he voted for it. But that didn't stop Wayne from putting that lie in a flyer attacking Chris suggesting Chris wants to rezone the neighborhood. According to the flyer, Wayne is going to protect "current zoning", by voting for the exact same document that Chris actually did the work on. Incredible.

           Of course he did the same exact thing to his opponent from four years ago, Anna Jones, suggesting she would rezone the neighborhood and build high rises in Cheeseman Park. This is what you do when you don't have any accomplishments, you lie. For instance, you might tell people you "saved" the Congress Park Pool, when it was really a group of neighbors that put together a petition to make the councilman to take action, which amounted to a phone call.

         Wayne is great, just wait a day. He'll tell you exactly what you want to hear. Democrat, Republican, or Dixiecrat, he's really just a hard working "moderate", which I can only assume is the same type of hard working "moderate" that the Denver Post said Cory Gardner was. Maybe Wayne would have some insight into that, he did donate to Cory's campaign after all.

       As for Chris, I'm not sure how you can say he isn't in the neighborhood, when in my experience, he's been fucking everywhere. But I guess we've already established your level of honesty, haven't we?

      Finally, if you want to say that Wayne isn't a racist and more of just an idiot because he didn't know what "Dixiecrat" meant, I'll accept that explanation.


      • Duke Cox says:

        Interesting post.

        I don't recall having seen you post before so …welcome to pols. Your writing is good .

        I am a western slope rat, so I don't know the players in this little drama…however, I hope you will not take offense if I suggest a minor edit.

        Your next to last paragraph contains a sentence that could be construed to indicate Mr. Hinds is having sex throughout his district, at the very least. While that may, in fact, be the case, it might be good to address that.😉

        Seriously though, always good to see a new Polster…if you are one. 😁


        • Karinthy says:

          Thanks. Does the "fucking" need quotes? I'm technically not a new poster, but a really old one. It's been a while. But when I saw this post I had to say something rather than let this bullshit stand.

      • Voyageur says:

        I assume, Duke, that “Karinthy” is an Hinds apparatchik, not a true newbie. But her boast of her man’s relentless sexual prowess is noted.

        1–I've had the same home in Capitol Hill for 47 years and never met Chris Hinds.  If he's done such heroic work in my behalf, why have I never heard of him until he ran for office?

        2–I have caller ID.  I have been contacted twice by the hinds campaign.  Each time, it was the same Fort Lupton number that I have seen many times for various telemarketing pests.  The pitchmen are professionals, not volunteers.  I have made thousands of calls for Democratic GOTV efforts.  So, yes, he's using paid pitchmen, not volunteers.  They are slick but if you ask them about a local problem, like the Whole Foods issue, they just try to go back to their prepared script.

        3.  The whole foods hangup is mostly the dog in the manger attitude of whole foods, which has so far preferred to just pay its lease to avoid competition.  But there are redevelopment plans that might include a multi-story mix ofvretail and residential.  It takes time to resolve these things.  But Wayne has been on it from the beginning.   As far as I know, Chris has done absolutely nothing to solve the problem.  My house is on the same block, btw, so I think I know a lot more about the problem than you do.

        4.  Are you a paid member of the Hinds's campaign or just a volunteer.   In either case, don't you think it's pretty pathetic to say ""Anybody who doesn't vote for my guy is a racist? "

        5.  After living here for 47 years I don't think my "level of honesty" is really in doubt, your Skankiness.  I never met Wayne before I went to see him about the whole foods problem and have no stake in his career.   You obviously have some tie to Chris, as evidenced by your shrill, venomous, attacks on anyone who questions the tremendous achievements of a guy who I've managed to live here 47 years without ever hearing from until his hired telemarketers started calling me.

        6.  Have a nice day!  Then, go soak your head in a toilet bowl, shill girl.

        • gertie97 says:

          What a shill! She heard about the Whole Foods problem “from at least one person'' !

          With sourcing like that, she has a long career ahead wasting electrons.

        • Karinthy says:

              First of all Voyageur, you are my new favorite. Rather then admit you were caught in a couple of easily verifiable lies, you just double the fuck down. Honestly, well done. Your evidence that Chris's personal cell phone is a sophisticated telemarketing campaign is quite overwhelming. I lived at 13th and Ogden for 5 years before moving to Congress Park for the last 5, so I know the neighborhood pretty well. I first met Chris because I kept running into at all the same meetings. If he wasn't running for office, I would have assumed he was following me. It's funny that your main complaint is that you've never heard from him when you just refuse to call him back. That sort of sounds like your fault.

          Secondly, I don't know why exactly you assumed I'm a woman, but I have some guesses! You really wanted to establish your misogyny with that post and I have to say, mission accomplished. Hats off to you sir. But it makes sense, because a common complaint I've heard from many of the retired women who basically run this district is that Wayne is more likely to get back to you if you're a man. I can see why you might like Wayne.

          Finally, I just want to say your desperateness is delicious. It gives me warm feelings all over. 


          "Your Skankiness".

          • Voyageur says:

            Hi there, Skank!

            As to your female state, "Karin" is a pretty good clue.

            Moving on to your shill claims:

            I never said I didn't return Hinds' calls.  His campaign called me twice — from a Ft Lupton number I've long been beset with telemarketing from.  I answered both.  An obvious professional pitchman came on both times.  When I asked about the whole foods issue, he mumbled and went back to his script.

            The season you feel warm all over is that when I caught you in your shill lies, you pissed in your pants!

            Happy skanking, your skankiness!

            Now, go back to soaking your head in a toilet bowl!

            • Karinthy says:

              I mean, considering your blatant misogyny and already established issue with truthiness, how could anyone possibly doubt your story?!  I'm going to have to screenshot some of this, it's thoroughly good.


              • Voyageur says:

                Liar, liar, pants on fire!  So you pissed in them!


                Skank is an insult I often use on men, btw. Especially the skank in chief, Trump   But you, shill boy or shill girl, are my lawful prey!



                Skan k!

                tee hee


              • mamajama55 says:

                Re: the 2019 Denver City Council runoff elections, they're coming up fast! June 4. 5280 has a good rundown.

                I wouldn't be able to vote in it even if I knew for sure which city I'll be living in!  I think it's Lakewood and Jeffco, but could be wrong.

                Karinthy, hope you stick around and don't let yourself be gaslighted into leaving, as so many have. Abandon the "dialogue" with V – it's just going to get stupider and more inane from here, and we'll all be sick of it and have forgotten whatever the original issue was.

                • Karinthy says:

                  I mean, is that normal behavior from him? I just regret that I don't know who he is. I'd like to invite him to my poker game. He has a huge tell.

                  • mamajama55 says:

                    Yup. Nuff said.

                    • Voyageur says:

                      Just remember, if a tree falls in the forest and there is no one there to hear it, it's still all about MJ!

                      cue "Ride of the Valkyries!"

                  • Duke Cox says:

                    Yes…V. is V.

                    He is a walking profundity and generally a good spirit, but he has his issues. Your first skirmish with our beloved Voyageur can easily turn into a full blown flame war…it depends on how much oxygen you give it.

                    Consider your first encounter with him a baptism of sorts…

                    Welcome to Pols.


                • Voyageur says:

                  Actually, MJ, the 2019 elections aren't just coming up fast.  They are mostly over.  These are just runoffs.

    • Joe Colorado says:

      Chris' phone number is a Denver one.  Follow this link for more.

      For some reason, when I–a Denver resident–got a 720 number (which was originally a google voice number that I had changed to my permanent number) in 2012 or so, it showed up on some people's caller IDs as being from Fort Lupton.  There's likely some voice-over-internet-protocol (VOIP) center or other telephonic relay out there.

      • Voyageur says:

        That pestiferous telemarketing firm uses that same 717 prefix and CenturyLink caller ID i variably labels it Fort Lupton.   Thats why when I got calls from Chris supporters that said "Fort Lupton," I assumed he had simply hired them to telemarket, as a lot of politicians do.  But your explanation makes sense and Chris was probably just victimised by the same caller ID quirk others have reported.   If that's the case, I apologize for the misunderstanding.

  2. Pseudonymous says:

    How ignorant do you have to be of the history of southern racism to think that anything with "dixie" in front of it would be "positive?"

    • Voyageur says:

      Dixie Cups are racist?  Winn Dixie is racist?  Dixieland jazz is racist? God, political incorrectness is everywhere!

      • Mr. L. Prosser says:

        I graduated from Denver South in the mid-Sixties. At that time all things dixie and the confederacy were integral to the school culture. Team mascot? Johnny Reb, Team name? Rebels. Fight song? Dixie. The Key Club, sponsored by Kiwanis, had an annual dance called the Key Klub Klomp. I doubt any of that is still around, at least I hope not. I never went back or stayed in Denver which was racist as hell then. Don't be complaining about political correctness when that kind of stain is still in memory. 

        • Duke Cox says:

          My father was a proud possesser of a “Lester Maddox Axe Handle”. It was given to him by one of his Klan friends.

          Anyone who trivializes Jim Crow, or segregation, or in any way tries to minimalize that ugly stain deserves nothing but contempt. Bigotry gets NO respect.

        • MADCO says:

          When we bought our first house not far from South, I paid extra to get the long title search.

          The house was built in 1903, and the plumbing moved indoor and electric added during the 20's.

          Several restrictions – and I forget the exact wording and I'm too tired to look it up, but no alcohol sales on th site, and no non-white or Jewish people allowed. I wasn't exactly shocked – where I grew up red lining only legally ended in 1967. It de facto ended about 15-20 years after that.

          But Denver dog whistles are still dog whistles.
          Find a better candidate cause this guy is either too dumb or too something else. 

  3. UglyAmerican says:

    Either Mr. New is willfully ignorant or casually racist. Neither trait recommends him for a second term. 


    • Voyageur says:

      Well, when a challenger for a first term is so utterly out of touch with local issues that his only chance is to scream "racism!  Racism!" without a shred of evidence, I think I will exercise my right as an actual voter to support the guy who has worked his butt off for four years on the districts real problems.

       That's Wayne New, not the Fort Lupton kid!

    • UglyAmerican says:

      So I have lived in Congress Park for 15 years and have not seen much of Mr. New since he was elected, and certainly little on the way of demonstrating leadership on issues of interest to the community (although I like the fact that he got sued). So I would probably not be likely to support him anyway, but calling himself a Dixiecrat was immediately disqualifying.

      Now that I am paying attention I realize I can't find his campaign website, and his LinkedIn profile has not been updated since 2015. So how exactly does he get his message out, or does he just not care to? Why is he running?

  4. mamajama55 says:

    What are his policies? What were his votes? Did he vote, for example, for affordable housing? What about homeless ordinances? Police accountability? Those are more meaningful to me than a casual, admittedly tone-deaf, reference to being a "Dixiecrat".

    Chances are, if he identifies with the Glory of the Old South, those beliefs will be reflected in his votes.

    He may be willfully blowing that dog whistle, too, to let the Good Ol Boys know that he's on their side.

    • Voyageur says:

      I think you have a lot more Good Ole Boys in Brush than we do in Capitol Hill, MJ.  But you can't vote in this race any more than Sudafed can.

      • mamajama55 says:

        Well, Duh! Morgan is still one of the reddest counties around. There is a very active Recall Polis chapter here.  But even Brush is changing, slowly….the 40% of Latino voters and young people are starting to make their voices heard. Democrats are coming out of the woodwork and starting to speak up in meetings.

        I brought up the vote questions for the Denver City Council race because I think it would be a smart thing for someone to do who can vote for Mr. New. I'm not volunteering to do the research this time.

        I'm going to be moving to the unincorporated Lakewood / Denver area this summer. Perlmutter and the 2 Senators will represent me at the Federal level, but It's going to be a real challenge trying to figure out who my local reps are.

        ED: Not much of a challenge. The info is easily found here. https://leg.colorado.gov/find-my-legislator

        My reps are Kerry Tipper (HD28) and Brittany Pettersen SD22.

        It will be nice to be represented by Democrats for a change.

        • Duke Cox says:

          I'll bet…it has been a looooong time..

          • gertie97 says:

            Right you are, Duke. I fear that we'll both be long dead before Mesa County elects another Democrat to the legislature.

            • Duke Cox says:

              That is likely. It seems the Schwenkster @ CMO&GU, Inc.and Club 19 (it is still 19, isn't it?) are working hard to enable the Tim Foster Worker/Student Exploitation Project, sponsored by the Colorado Republican Corporate Consortium.

              I am particularly offended by the taxpayer funded gun "education" center which now greets westbound travelers on I-70 at Cameo. Coal Canyon was a place I hiked in solitude for many years. Now it echos with gunshots. I don't go there anymore.

              Our community is a hotbed of support for the Cliven Bundy set. Our community leaders are so ignorant or corrupt they still try to sell the monumental snow job that is the Jordan Cove Project.

              Yes, Gertie…I may die before Mesa County ever elects another Democrat. But I'll be damned if I will leave it to that bunch at the Country Club.

      • MADCO says:

        It's not a competition

        This county/state/city has more than another.

        It's not about quantity neither.

        It's about him claiming it – and then denying it means what it means.

        Is he that dumb- or is it all about the good racists and the other kind?

  5. mamajama55 says:

    Chris Hinds does have a pretty compelling story, as well as impressive endorsements from pretty much anybody who is an influential Democrat.The area code on his phone # doesn’t mean much – I still have a 719 area code, though I haven’t lived in the 719 area in five years.

    I still don't know if Wayne New's votes reflect his casual "accidental" dog whistle out to the racists, nor much about Hinds other than he is obviously for making the city more accessible…. but if I lived in that district, I'd vote for Hinds, anyway.

    There. Now I've pissed V off, so I haven't lived in vain this day.


    • Voyageur says:

      Go ahead and vote for Chris, MJ.  It will b e fun watching them haul you off to jail!

      tee hee


    • UglyAmerican says:

      I don't know about the telemarketer claim, but I do know that depending on your service your caller ID may pop up and show Hudson, or Fort Lupton, or other locales, which I think has to do with where the central office is for your provider. I've had the same 303 cell number for 26 years and it shows as Hudson, CO. 

  6. Conserv. Head Banger says:

    I understand V's angst. But he does live in the district and should thus know more about it than the casual observer and/or poster from outside Denver proper. 

    Lakewood/Denver has an unincorporated area? I thought that was just in southeast Denver, where I used to live, and where there are several pockets of unincorporated Arapahoe County within Denver.

    • mamajama55 says:

      Between Wadsworth and Federal along Mississippi Ave, you can cross from one side of the street to the other and be in a different city. It's why it might be challenging to know who my councilcritter is. I love the cultures and ethnicities of the area, though…really enjoyed it when I taught at Lincoln.

      It's unincorporated Jefferson County, I guess….Not totally sure what that means, yet, though I gather it may mean there is some confusion about which water and fire districts serve.

      • notaskinnycook says:

        There are weird little unincorporated pockets all over the metro area. I once lived in the one off of W.Colfax, where it bends into Golden Road called Pleasantview (not to be confused with the one in Montezuma County). Both Golden and Lakewood have tried to annex it for decades, but it wants no part of either city.

        They have a volunteer fire Department and rely on Jeffco sheriffs for law enforcement.

  7. IOnCO says:

    I’ve lived within a block of Cheesman Park for nearly forty years and voted for Chris and will be again in the runoff. Wayne hasn’t been bad per se but also hasn’t been a strong voice for smarter development and growth as much as trying to preserve the status quo for a select few in Cherry Creek and generally not knowing what to do and going with the flow when it comes down to voting.

    I’ve only met Chris once and frankly didn’t like his affect. If that’s how I made determinations I might never go outside though. .  I was impressed with the video posted above, I didn’t know his story and am optimistic he may be a fiercer advocate for truly multimodal transit in Denver and not always simply prioritizing cars. There is still an opportunity in this City to be an inclusive place with thriving, dynamic neighborhoods. The growth we continue to see reminds us everyday that Denver is a changing place by nature. Why not bottle that energy to produce better architecture, transit design and capture diversity (ethnic, cultural, age, occupational – more than just race and also race!) instead of pricing it out? I don’t know that Chris will be a champion for all of that – Wayne has shown he certainly isn’t. 

    • mamajama55 says:

      Well said. I hope for my children and granddaughter's sakes that you're right about Denver still having a chance to be an inclusive place (not pricing out diversity).


  8. vertigo700 says:

    I do live in District 10 and I support Hinds. I do think the Dixiecrat stuff and the fact that New is a former Republican and someone who gave money to Cory Gardner recently is a problem. I do not want to support anyone who supports those who harm LGBTQ or reproductive rights regardless of whether a city councilman has much ability to enact change on the local level (though numerous "pro-life" council members actually have used local zoning laws in many parts of the country to close down abortion clinics and LGBTQ establishments, so I don't think that is far-fetched).

    But I also voted for Hinds because of local issues. To me New represents the Cherry Creek/Country Club part of the district (about 10,000 people, the majority who own their own homes),  who care more about their real-estate investments than what is best for the long-term health of Denver. Hinds represents the Capitol Hill/Uptown rental class, which actually makes up the majority of the district (Capitol Hill has 15,800+ people, 79 percent are renters; Uptown has 5,800 people, 83 percent are renters, Cheesman has 8,600 people with 65 percent as renters) but tends to have much less voice partially because we are not as active politically. 

    The former Whole Foods lot is a good example of the political differences. If you go to the meetings, a lot of local homeowners want it to remain a grocery store of some kind even though there are already many grocery stores in the area  (Safeway, Vitamin Cottage, King Soopers and Trader Joe's are all within or right at the border of Capitol Hill). Or otherwise want it to remain fairly low-rise. Then there are the urbanists who would like to see a huge lot be turned into a huge opportunity for a larger project that could maybe allow for more density with affordable housing or new small businesses. But the local homeowner naysayers think it will cause too much traffic or parking problems. It's a classic homeowners caring about their home values vs. renters who know that more supply longterm probably helps keep rental prices down.

    So that's what this race is about to me, and it's exactly why I voted for Hinds (and no I didn't give him any money or volunteer for him though I did get a yard sign). 



    • Voyageur says:

      I am one of those evil homeowners who actually lives on the whole foods block.  It can and should handle several stories of moderate price housing with no traffic problem.  But don't let them skimp on parking, that's a beaucoup hassle in the neighborhood.  You're unusual because most of the left is anti-developer and anti-growth which is why they hate mayor hancock.  What did you do? Take an econ class? Anyway, make the ground floor retail, housing above and have parking on the second floor.  Or a separate parking garage.

      Frankly, with your sensible views, I think you have the wrong candidate in hinds.  But at least you are thinking rationally and recognizing that artificially limiting supply automatically increases price, no matter how many cross subsidies the politicians propose.

      • vertigo700 says:

        I live only a few blocks away on Logan..so not on that block but close enough that I would like to see something good come out of that old Whole Foods space that might help with increasing rental supply in the neighborhood (yes I took two economics classes in college). I do think Hinds is much more pro-density than New, who has voted against increased density in Cherry Creek at least. 

        I do agree that any new development at the Whole Foods site should include parking. I wish Denver wasn't such a car-dependent city, but with as terrible as RTD is, it kinda has to be. Though I did live in Capitol Hill without a car for five years when I was younger and working downtown. In my current job as a teacher that is challenging. But in my opinion, Hinds is talking a lot more about how Denver should be taking more of a role in transit and connectivity. It's high time that we had things like a Colfax Streetcar or one down Speer that connects Downtown and Cherry Creek. A councilman that represents the urban core should be all about that yet New seems pretty ambivalent about transit.

        I already voted so nothing to do but see what happens. Probably New will win, but I do think Hinds represents the majority of District 10 residents though unfortunately probably not its voters.

  9. Genghis says:

    The Dixiecrat comment brings to mind that local teevee news anchor in Cleveland, Ohio who a few years back commented that she had trouble appreciating Lady Gaga's performance during that year's Academy Awards show because of all the "jigaboo music" playing in the background. There wasn't a shred of racist intent underlying the comment, as evidenced by the blissfully clueless look on the announcer's face and the breathtakingly hilarious fact that she made the comment to her co-anchor, who was black.

    However, the comment placed the anchor squarely in Too Stupid to Reproduce territory. You don't just go flapping your jaws, using words you find entertaining because you like the way they sound of some such shit.

    New may well be the mayor of Too Stupid to Reproduce. Lopping of New's nuts at this stage of his life wouldn't do much, as any procreating he may have done likely happened long ago. Even so, this guy's nuts should probably still be lopped off just for drill.

    Being careless dipshit certainly doesn't make New a bad person or disqualify him from serving his constituents well on city council. But make no mistake: old dude is in fact a clueless dipshit. 

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