Good Poll Numbers for Biden, Less Good for Hick & Bennet

According to poll numbers released today by CNN, former Vice President Joe Biden is doing very well in his first week as an official candidate for President. Former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper and Sen. Michael Bennet (D-Denver) have less reason to be enthused:

You don’t ever want to be listed lower than somebody who is at “<1%.”


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  1. Diogenesdemar says:

    Good news for Frackenquencher, actually. . . .

    . . . The poll numbers above total 92+%.  

    So, perhaps, there’s up to about 8% of voters who might actually favor him, but they just aren’t willing to admit it???

    • MADCO says:


      Polls are bs. And CoPols TheBigLine are f'd.

      April 2007- HRC 39% +, Obama (Who?  less than 39%)
      So what?
      He won Iowa, and Super Tuesday and other places and then PUMA and Denver in August.

      Polls are meaningless this far out.

      • Diogenesdemar says:

        Agreed . . . 

        . . . but, zero’s still a lot closer to zero than thirty-nine, or “less than thirty-nine”???

        And, btw, sorry you didn’t get counted . . . 

        PS. Last anyone checked, Floopenhicker ain’t Obama.

        • Duke CoxDuke Cox says:

          Time to start maneuvering for cabinet positions and such…

          I think it would be great if they would all sit down together and decide how to best run as a team against this threat to our democracy. It would save a lot of bullshit, time, and money. Who says we have to continue to do it the way we always have?

          My hope is the Democratic candidates will continue to be civil to and honest about each other. The primaries could lead to a united party which, I confidently predict, would completely defeat the Trumplican© crime syndicate. 

          Sadly, internecine warfare over how much the Democratic party represents the interests of the Captains of Industry and their allies, the High Priests of Evangelism, (who, it will eventually be uncovered, are running one of the worlds' largest money laundering schemes.) could let the Free Market Experiment come to fruition.

          Naomi Klein said she does not believe it can happen in a democracy? This is still a democracy…isn't it?


      • Independent Voter says:

        Obama was on Hillary's heals in the polls from the word go in 07 and 08. No one is going to come from single digit polling to take out Biden.

        • MADCO says:

          I know it;s legal or about to be in Denver, but seriously.
          This can be looked up. Books, live people who were there, oh, and that internet thingy.


          • Gallup poll, November 2006: Clinton 31, Obama 19
          • CNN/Opinion Research, November 2006: Clinton 35, Obama 15
          • Gallup, December 2006: Clinton 33, Obama 20
          • Gallup, January 2007: Clinton 29, Obama 18
          • WaPo/ABC, January 2007: Clinton 41, Obama 17
          • Time, January 2007: Clinton 40, Obama 21


          I agree those under 3% should adjust the stump to signal where in the cabinet or judiciary branch they think they'll fit.

          • Independent Voter says:

            Now look at this same point in 07 which is comparing apples to apples. Clinton 33 Obama 21 Gallup. There was no one in that race that came from single digits to be a factor and I don't think it will happen in this one either.

  2. Gilpin Guy says:

    What a great lineup of talented and trusted politicians.  Wow.  I'm glad I get to cast a vote of conscience for one of these worthy people.  I'm leaning towards Inslee while my wife has donated to Castro.  If the media starts reporting their policies and positions it is going to suck oxygen out of the tweetster big time.

  3. JohnInDenverJohnInDenver says:

    Well, I think the poll points out there is a 5% margin of error.  So Hick COULD be up in the 6% range And previous contest polling says anyone over 3% or 4% has SOME chance to catch fire.  And in 5 of 100 cases, the entire poll could be wrong and Hick could be leading!!! 

    In a different poll, where a list was NOT provided, Biden led the field with 13%. 54% said "don't know who" they were backing.  Even throwing in the "lean" votes, Biden only bumped up to 17%, which is a LONG way from a convention majority.

    In the real world, we are 8 weeks away from the first debate, and just over that before the end of the second quarter and the "competitive" financial reporting kicks in.  In the meantime, everyone probably has enough to buy some airline tickets and hotel rooms, nearly everyone has enough to hire a good communication advisor or two, and some actually have staff in the field already working on rounding up voters or caucus goers for contests in just over 7 months. 

    Stacey Abrams has some sort of theory that someone could get in the race as late as September and move the needles around.  So who knows … and in the meantime, we get to hear some better than average talk among the candidates and their supporters, have a chance to hash out some priorities, and (hopefully) watch the Republicans decay a bit more.

  4. Independent Voter says:

    Hick should get out now, wait a month or more and announce his bid for the Senate. 

    When you look at the top 6 on that list one of them will become our next president and it's very doubtful for anyone in the 5-7% range to move up to win a single state in the primaries. When Obama came from behind in 08 he was never that far behind Hillary. I only hope that some on the far left don't get all butt hurt again like they did in 16 when Sanders lost and I hope they've regretted the consequences of their actions by not voting for Hillary. Get out and vote in the final election for the person most likely to beat the traitor Trump and don't waste your vote on a 3rd party in this one, too much is at stake.

    • DENependent says:

      The problem with that is that Hickenlooper judges himself to be a bad fit for the Senate. I happen to agree with his self assessment. He’s always been in “in charge” type positions rather than ones where the goal was to work with co-equals. Some people have both sets of skills, I think we should take Hickenloopers word that he would not be a good Senator instead of trying to force the round peg into the square hole.

      • MADCO says:

        DHS, ala Napolitano

        • JohnInDenverJohnInDenver says:

          I see Hickenlooper as more of the Cecil Andrus-style Secretary of the Interior.  The position is MADE for someone who wants to find "the middle way." He could get sage advice from Ken Salazar.  Heck, if he wanted to be all bi-partisany, he could reach out to Gale Norton, too.

      • Independent Voter says:

        I would be a little surprised if Hick runs for the senate but it's his best chance to be relevant in politics going forward. As far as I'm concerned anyone who takes out Gardner is a good fit for the senate. 

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