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“What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly; it is dearness only that gives everything its value.”

–Thomas Paine

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  1. Voyageur says:

    Trump has not been exonerated of stinking.

    Great God Almighty, 

    Trump stinks!

    Stay upwind, America.

  2. Duke Cox says:

    Be prepared for a T***pian jihad against those he considers his enemies. He and his people have apparently decided they can use the Mueller report as a springboard to engage in an unholy war against any and all who defy him.

    He may already be uncontrollable…


    • MADCO says:

      – demand a US Representative resign?

      – restart the nothing found investigations of Hillary
      (careful – Bush/Cheney/Rove et al- lost millions of gov't emails from private servers ; Ivanka, Jared and the rest use private servers for their gov't work)


      I am prepared- and I voted.
      I read Fifth Risk (holy hell- should be required reading for every American over 16) What else?

      • Duke Cox says:

        I haven't read that, but, upon your recommendation, I will do so right away.

        It seems that the T***p crime syndicate has subdued Washington DC.  The former Republican party has done nothing to stop this fascist menace. They enabled him…they continue to let him run.


        • The realist says:

          Totally agree. And of course one of the greatest risks in all this is the widespread apathy of voters. Unless something bad happens directly to them, they just don't get it (willfully uninformed in many cases).

          So many (including in the media) are "trained" to listen to #TrumpsterFire's words rather than to watch his contradictory actions. All frogs in a pot of water that is becoming just a bit warm.

          • MADCO says:

            What we should do is require voters to opt out of ACA plans in red states.  And volunteer for military service. And agree to pay HUGE fines when they are the non-eligible to work, and … and … and .


        • MADCO says:

          none of the Trmp "base" will care. Many of them will cheer- and point out stupib libtards don't get it.

          But if it's even 1/2 right on the tone of the admin – yikes.

    • ParkHill says:

      Well, Trump now informs us that the FBI committed treason by investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election.

      Mitch McConnell wants to investigate Obama for failing to stop Russian interference in the 2016 election. Hypocrisy is IOKIYAR: remember that McConnell and other Congressional leaders were briefed by Obama about Russian interference and he demanded that the report be kept under wraps.

      Lindsay Graham wants to start an investigation on Hillary Clinton for using email. That's another IOKIYAR as everybody in the Trump's circle uses personal phones and unsecured devices. I guess they also have some secured devices supplied by the Russians.

  3. mamajama55 says:

    This video shows the debate on the Green New Deal. What do Democrats have? A plea for future generations, facts, statistics about climate change. What do the Republicans have? Ronald Reagan on a f*cking velociraptor.

  4. mamajama55 says:

    Call your state legislators (contact info here) and let them know how you feel about SB19-181, Protect Public Welfare Oil and Gas Operations,  HB1177, Extreme Risk Protection Orders, HB 19-1032, Comprehensive Human Sexuality Education, or any other bills you feel strongly about.

    These bills are under consideration today. The gunheads, oily boyz lobbyists, and evangelical ignorance-peddlers are out in force talking to legislators. They need to hear from their normal constituents, as well.

  5. Pseudonymous says:

    A quick reminder to the Colorado legislative Dems.  You're there to do the work people sent you to do.  Your new Republican friends will tell you, "Go slow. Don't overreach," but they won't hesitate to go full bore when they have the baton.  You're not there to get re-elected, you're there to exercise the power you've been given to make society better, and, when you're in power, to make it better in the ways you know it needs to be.  And all this sweet sentiment from the right about compromise and moderation will be, again, like so much dust on the wind when they have their turn.

    Nuclear Option Alert — McConnell says plans to change Senate rules to cut debate time on district court nominees from 30 hours to 2 hours.

    This would clear the way for Republicans to speedily confirm a boatload of Trump judges.

    "This is a change the institution needs."

    — Sahil Kapur (@sahilkapur) March 28, 2019

  6. Davie says:

    *rump's Quackenomics is a funny thing.  Predictable results, just not by his own people

    Mexico comes up a winner in trade war

    The Trump administration’s trade war with China has turned out to be a windfall for another country the president frequently berates: Mexico.

    Consider Fuling Global Inc., a Chinese maker of plastic utensils that developed a lucrative business making paper cups and straws for U.S. restaurants. But President Donald Trump upended all that with tariffs on $250 billion worth of Chinese imports, including paper products.


    So the company found an alternative, opening a $4 million factory in Monterrey, Mexico, that will soon begin shipping millions of paper straws across the border.

    “We had to look for other ways to do business,” said Fuling chief financial officer Gilbert Lee.

    The move means the Wenling, China-based company will avoid the tariffs and make up for pricier Mexican labor with lower shipping costs. “Mexico is a very logical and advantageous location for us,” Lee said.

    Mexico’s bonanza underscores the difficulty in trying to win a trade war where companies can shift production or find new sources to avoid tariffs. Despite Trump’s vow to reduce it, the U.S. trade deficit for goods globally hit a record $891 billion last year as tax cuts boosted demand for imports and retaliatory tariffs weighed on American exports. Given Trump’s early attacks on Mexico for taking U.S. jobs, it’s an ironic turn to observers such as factory consultant Alan Russell.

  7. Davie says:

    Republicans are still using the same playbook against the Mueller Report as they did to protect Reagan's criminal acts

    Oliver North Showed Republicans the Way Out

    Belligerence, shamelessness and partisanship can take you far.

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